So Liverpool and Manchester City each want to buy Saka. Which one will it be?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

There is one transfer story that is dominating all others it seems and that is Saka going to Manchester City.   (Or in the last couple of hours, Liverpool).   Indeed so certain do some of the “journalists” (I use the word in its broadest sense to include writers of fiction) seem that they have moved on from talking about Saka to Manchester City and are now debating who Arsenal are going to use to replace him: Marcelo Flores.  Or Charlie Patino.  Or Omari Hutchinson.  Or Folarin Balogun.

The Daily Mail scribblers are strongly suggesting that both Manchester City and Liverpool are trying to get Saka onto their books, and by and large suggesting that Arsenal will completely struggle to hold onto him.  Others are reporting this, and citing the Mail as the source, although without mentioning that the Mail’s failure rate in transfer predictions last season was 98%.

Caught Offside is saying that Manchester City aren’t interested and that it is all Liverpool, and they say that “Arsenal’s continued struggles” mean he could move, implying the player is not interested in a second rate team.

So what is the truth?

First, with Financial Fair Play regulations having more or less collapsed Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City in England could afford the player, as could a few overseas clubs such as Bayern Munich, Real Mardid and maybe a few more.

Second, Arsenal don’t have to sell the player.  His contract runs to the summer of 2024 and Arsenal are already said to be offering him a contract extension.  So even to think of selling him now Saka would have had to have said that there is no way in a million years that he will extend his contract.  That seems unlikely.  Even if that is the case the temptation would be to keep him for one more year.

Third, we know that 97% or more transfer stories turn out to be untrue, so the odds are against Saka being transferred this summer, on that basis alone.  And given that 97%+ of all transfer stories are untrue, would you trust a football journalist with a news story if you met him or her face to face?

Fourth Arsenal don’t seem to need the money.  The club is improving, and is thought to have several additional players to add to the squad this year.

Pos Year P W D L F A GD Pts
8 Arsenal 2021 38 18 7 13 55 39 16 61
5 Arsenal 2022 38 22 3 13 61 48 13 69

The club scored eight more points this season than last and another step forward like that would see the development continue.   There’s more on this theme in Arsenal on track for third next season by scoring just seven more goals

But above all, moving involves uncertainty, and the guy is only 20 years old.   He’s had the humiliation of being racially abused by England fans so he knows what the downside of life looks life and may well feel that another season with Arsenal is exactly what he does need.

However if all this is so clear and obvious where has the story come from that he might go to Liverpool or Manchester City?

Quite simply from the ceaseless search of so-called journalists who don’t have any insight of their own, and so make things up.

If you look at any of the transfer rumours doing the rounds today you will see that the in most cases the journalist is not claiming that he or she sourced the story, but rather than another paper or TV station or website is cited as the source.

Go to that source and you will find it quotes another source – sometimes even the one you have just come from.   No one admits to being the original source because if they did they would not be allowed in the press conferences any more.

No, the issues is that the media needs stories to get clicks on its websites, and this is as good a way as any to run.   There are no moral scruples about truth, or the harm that can be done to a club or a player from running a load of lies.  Once made up the story can be made to run and run for days, weeks or months.  The only time you can be sure you won’t hear about it is the day after the window closes.   Then there will be a total absence of “Why didn’t Saka go to Liverpool?” (or Man C or Real Mad) stories.

In my view, the one thing to remember is that the failure rate of transfer rumours to come true was 97% last season.   And that was their best season on record.

After all, if you had a job as a football journalist, and could write anything you like, and had no time or money to do research, what would you do…

a) Make up transfer stories

b) Spend your own money doing research

c) Resign.

d) Spend days doing some proper research, write it up and know that quite possibly when you got back the editor would spike it.

6 Replies to “So Liverpool and Manchester City each want to buy Saka. Which one will it be?”

  1. the story is gaining traction and yes we can’t deny that both Man City and Liverpool or any other top clubs will jump at the chance of signing player like Bukayo. we can deny it all we want but that’s normal circumstance in football furthermore when the player himself just has another year + 1 year option left in his contract. is all up to the player really and i’m sure Arsenal will do all they can to get Bukayo commit on a long term contract with the club but it does make you wonder if the rumor have any truth in it or just media speculation or indeed is the work of football agent as negotiation tactic. guess we have to wait and see how this drama will unfold but for sure this year Arsenal player of the season will be the biggest star for Arsenal next season

  2. My good Sir!
    You are 100% correct. The story is more made up tripe fabricated for the purpose of clicks. Completely absurd. Surely, no one could possibly believe Arsenal would lose one of their brightest stars, an Academy product and Englishman, FFS. Just more of the same from the media.

  3. I am sure Arsenal will extend his contract. Will be good for the club and player , he may leave one day, but not yet. Things are going too well for him to risk a move, he is going to go a long way.
    The only thing, perhaps his skeletal structure would be a bit more protected if he went to either of those clubs. nobody would get away with rotational fouling on a Liverpool player unless they happen to be England captain

  4. How about we get everyones hopes up , mess the so called suitors around , so they waste time trying to snare a player theyll never get (vlahovic with some variations ).Meanwhile Saka has signed a mega deal unbeknownst to all. to stay a Gunner for the rest of his playing days.

  5. Have we returned to the Wenger era summer transfer speculation anxiety now that we have a few half decent players?
    If Man City offer enough money like say £100m in cash , will Arsenal sell?
    Much would depend on the player himself.
    Who could be sure that it would not be in the player or owners interests to sell painful as that would be to those of us who have aspirations to be more than a mid table side.

    This should give rise to some serious questions about the competiveness of the Premier League when there is such a ridiculous imbalance in financial resources of clubs. If the aim of English football is to create a Bayern Munich style monopoly we should carry on as we are and sell all to the big money. But if it is to have a competitive English league we need a salary cap. The problem is the rest of Europe supports the creation of monopoly clubs.

  6. Saka has a very good agent and this summer he wants to negotiate a new deal for Bukayo and also a nice piece of commission for himself.

    Now call my a cynic but it seems that a few stories in the media linking his player to City and/or Liverpool could come in very handy when asking for the kind of finance he no doubt has in mind.

    But who put those stories out there in the firs5 place is anyone’s guess – isn’t it?

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