Why is this transfer window looking so odd?

by Sir Hardly Anyone

Thus far this is looking like a transfer window, unlike any other.  We have clubs talking about balancing the books, and clubs that we expected to be spending a lot not spending anything – or even making a profit!

Of course, it could all change by the end but for the moment Brighton, Everton and Manchester City are all showing a profit in this transfer window, while Bournemouth, Leeds, and Leicester are all in balance.  Leeds however have been doing the business (unlike the other two who have done nothing)… it is just  that they have thus far balanced the books exactly.

Now we have heard repeatedly that Leicester can’t buy anyone until they have started selling, and so far their transfer window runs out at three frees, two loans and a release with absolutely no one coming in.  Here are the details for some of the more notable clubs this window.

Club Net expenditure or profit Notes
Arsenal -£98.7m Zinchenko, Jesus, Vieira, Turner, Marquinhos
Bournemouth 0
Brighton +£13.8m
Chelsea -£83.8m Sterling £50m; Koulibaly £33.8m
Everton +30m Richarlison to Tottenham
Leeds United 0 7 out and 10 in, balances the books
Leicester City 0 Six out on loan or free, none in
Liverpool -£13.8 19 out, mostly on loan
Manchester City +£74.3m 9 players sold for a fee; 12 out on free or loan
Manchester United -£50m Martinez and M<alacia in
Newcastle United -£62.7m 5 players in for a fee
Tottenham Ho -£54m Richarlison, Bissouma, Spence
West Ham United -£84.5m Scamacca, Aguerd, Downes


West Ham’s business is interesting since the club are apparently up for sale, and given that they have a rent-free stadium that looks to be a pretty interesting investment.  But they huffed and puffed last season into seventh so just got into the conference once again.  So maybe for the price being asked it simply isn’t a deal worth doing.

The website the18.com have done a lot, lot more than the pathetic mainstream media with its deadbeat journalists and refuge in mythical supercomputers.   And they have done this by giving us some detailed predictions from their whole 15 man group of writers and researchers, including interns.  They come up with a whole variety of finishes, unlike the mainstream media including

  • Chelsea to win the league (1 vote)
  • Liverpool to drop out of the top 4 (1 vote)
  • Everton to be relegated (5 votes)
  • Arsenal to be in the top four (6 votes)

That last line is interesting in that the mainstream media have told us a unanimity that Arsenal are most certainly not going into the top four.  We shall await developments.

Last season Arsenal were two points and 16 goals, or three points away from fourth.  Tottenhqam beat us because they lost only one of their last 11 games (a home defeat to Brighton and Hove) while Arsenal lost five of those 11.   If just one of those defeats had been turned into a win (such as the 1-0 away defeat to Southampton, or the 1-2 home defeat to Brighton and Hove we would have ended up above Tottenham.

That was all there was in it – two more goals.   Which is why the improvement to the forward line is rather encouraging.

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