The most embarassing man ever in football calls AFC embarrassing!



By Tony Attwood

In January 2011,Sky Sports commentators Richard Keys and Andy Gray, who had both been in charge of commenting on Sky Premier League matches for what seemed like centuries, were sacked after recordings started to emerge in which the two were shown to be making a constant stream of abusive and sexist comments about women in football.  Even by the standards of 2011 they were disgraceful.  In today’s world the two would have been deported to Afghanistan where the Taliban would welcome them with open arms.

These men were, even in 2011, purveyors of an approach to life which was so unacceptable to anyone who believes that humans have a right to be treated equally that they ought not to have been able to get jobs emptying cat litter trays. But of course his employers are the appalling beIN Sports, who are part of the footballing empire that owns PSG and has a major foothold on Uefa.  If you missed our little piece on that you might enjoy


Now the mind-numbing misogynist has had the absolute nerve to criticise Arsenal for celebrating the victory over Fulham.on Saturday.   So while we were running How us fans took back control of the games and made football glorious fun this 19th-century throwback is criticising us for enjoying ourselves.

I presume this can only be because the only enjoyment Keys ever gets is that which involves criticising women.

On this occasion words such as “embarrassing” and “disrespectful to Fulham” were used by the “commentator” (I use the word lightly) Keys.

But of course we need context.  For not only is Keys one of the most famous misogynists outside of Afghanistan, he is also a regular buffoon.   Here are some examples of headlines about him all taken from the same newspaper

  • Richard Keys sends damning message to Gary Neville and blasts “nonsense” announcement
  • Richard Keys offers insight on Farhad Moshiri’s Everton stance with “desperate” claim
  • Richard Keys delivers X-rated Gary Neville rant
  • Richard Keys sticks the boot into “mini-me” Mikel Arteta with scathing Arsenal blast
  • Richard Keys slams 12 Man Utd stars including “waste of space” and “massively overhyped”
  • Richard Keys attacks Brooklyn Beckham’s “unacceptable” wedding plans
  • Richard Keys’ smug reaction after Marcelo Bielsa
  • Richard Keys blasts “thief” Steven Gerrard for quitting Rangers to take Aston Villa job
  • Richard Keys blasts ‘weak’ Ole Gunnar Solskjaer following Raphael Varane decision
  • Richard Keys hits out at “arrogant disaster” with Lionel Messi set for PSG transfer
  • Richard Keys takes swipe at Gary Neville in condescending blast at his punditry

This time the raging misogynist Keys claimed on the Uefa and PSG-linked ultra misogynistic beIN SPORTS channel that, Arsenal had “over-celebrated” the win over Fulham. It was you may recall the fourth straight win of the season, something which clearly the misanthrope Keys could not take.  How many clubs have actually had four straight wins at the start of the season?  He forgot to tell us.

This implies that we now have a scale of celebration that is suitable for different occasions.  Unfortunately, since this scale is only known to lunatic misogynists we are not able to pass judgement.

What makes the comment so outrageously wrong and stupid is that Keys, a man who has fallen so far in terms of sports commentary that he is reduced to working for the one-man state owned by Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.  Keys’ immediate boss is Nasser Al-Khelaifi who has led the fight against Super League, and encouraged the clubs who could take part to abandon super league in favour of his PSG dominated vision of football.  You may recall we dealt somewhat with Nasser Al-Khelaifi recently.

For this utterly disgraceful woman-hater to dare even to commentate anymore, let alone say “Arteta and his coaching staff went over the top” really is sickening.

Of course, he may be excused on the grounds that a) he’s a woman-hating idiot and b) he can’t stand the thought of Arsenal being top of the league, but really I think not.   He went on (and on – he always goes on and on and on), saying “Proper Arsenal managers like George Graham or Arsene Wenger would’ve made a dignified exit and been off down the tunnel knowing full well that they’d got away with one.”   And this from a man who wouldn’t know a “proper manager” if one came up and slapped him round the face with a wet fish.

Proper people, Mr Keys, do not throw in their lot with neo-fascist women-hating states like Qatar.

But of course others have joined in.  Graeme Souness claimed that because this Arsenal team “have won nothing” they have no right to celebrate.   Which indeed accords with the Taliban vision of the world.   You celebrate if you win.  Otherwise you stay dour, refuse equal rights to women, and be a pompous idiot and plot revenge.

Anyway the manifestation known as “Keys” has now demanded, no less, that the PGMO or the League or the FA or someone else (he is not clear) stops Mr Arteta from (and I quote) “waving his arms about like a broken windmill.”   One might say in response that the Keys entity should be banned from making misogynistic commentaries but of course it wouldn’t do any good.

His is a comment that ranks alongside his other classics like “Somebody better get down there and explain offside to Sian Massey.”   As when pathetic idiot Andy Gray said, of lineswomen in general, “they probably don’t know the offside rule,” Keys replied “Course they don’t,”

Trying to wheedle his way out of his appalling comments and lunatic behaviour Keys said,  “Prehistoric banter isn’t acceptable in the modern world.”   So he buggered off to the pre-historic land of Qatar where he now feels right at home – along with Fifa, and PSG sponsored Uefa.


5 Replies to “The most embarassing man ever in football calls AFC embarrassing!”

  1. Apparently, he cheated on his wife who had cancer? The most odious and despicable man, who I find it appalling that anyone can associate themselves with this rat.

  2. The only way to deal with that lot is to win.

    Arsenal is young and is learning how to win. Part of that is coming from behind and scraping wins when despite 70% possession we haven’t had great chances. IMO, our lot has remained humble…no one in red and white is saying that we are going to challenge for the title…so, no, our celebrations haven’t been over the top or disrespectful.

  3. Unfortunately Keys has got what he probably wanted and craved, attention, he needed to be part of the discussion even if his part was completely irrelevant and of no worth whatsoever.

    To ignore him is to really hurt him, he’s like a ugly, fat, troll, so don’t feed him…

    Nice post btw.

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