2022/3 Premier League – Matchweek 16 Referee appointments and matters arising




by Andrew Crawshaw

Who is on duty this coming weekend?  Matchweek 16 – Saturday/Sunday


Match Referee Assistant Referees 4th Official VAR referee Assistant VAR Referee
Saturday 12:30
Man City v Brentford Peter Bankes Eddie Smart

Nick Greenhalgh

Darren Bond David Coote Nick Hopton
Saturday 15:00
Bournemouth v  Everton Craig Pawson Marc Perry

Scott Ledger

Sam Allison Tony Harringtom Constantine Hatzidakis
Liverpool v Southampton Simon Hooper Adrian Holmes

Mark Scholes

Dean Whitestone Andre Marriner Timothy Wood
Nottm Forest v Crystal Palace John Brooks Wade Smith

Akil Howson

Tom Nield Darren England Matther Wilkes
Tottenham v Leeds Michael Salisbury James Mainwaring

Derek Eaton

Graham Scott Paul Tierney Natalie Aspinall
West Ham v Leicester Jarred Gillett Simon Long

Steve Meredith

Josh Smith Chris Kavanagh Dan Robathan
Saturday 17:30
Newcastle v Chelsea Robert Jones Lee Betts

Ian Hussin

Tim Robinson Andy Madley Dan Cook
Saturday 19:45
Wolverhampton v Arsenal Stuart Attwell Harry Lennard

Darren Cann

Tom Bramall Mike Dean Neil Davies
Sunday 14:00
Brighton v Aston Villa Chris Kavanagh Dan Cook

Dan Robatham

Graham Scott Jarred Gillett James Mainwaring
Fulham v Man United Paul Tierney Constantine Hatzidakis

Neil Davies

Tom Bramall Stuart Attwell Darren Cann


Having returned from holiday and updated my data files, I noticed that Robert Madley has returned to the PGMO fold and was appointed to the Brentford v Wolverhampton game on 29 October.

Looking at the number of times each club has had referees twice or more,  Liverpool are way out with all of the other clubs only having had seven referees so far for their 14 games.  Given the way their season is going, if I were them I would be demanding that they are assigned some fresh faces as the ones they keep getting clearly aren’t helping them.

Liverpool and Tottenham are alone in having had two referees officiate three times so far this season.  Bournemouth, Crystal Palace and Manchester United have seen  one referred on three occasions.

Newcastle are alone in seeing 13 different officials so far.  Manchester City and ourselves have each seen 11 different faces.

Here is the current table showing repeat referees


Team Matches No of different referees Referees whistling twice Referees whistling three times
Arsenal 14 11 Anthony Taylor, Robert Jones, Michael Oliver
Aston Villa 15 12 Anthony Taylor, Michael Oliver,  Robert Jones
Bournemouth 15 11 Anthony Taylor, David Coote Craig Pawson
Brentford 15 12 Peter Bankes, John Brookes, Jarred Gillett
Brighton 14 10 Andy Madley, Michael Salisbury, Tony Harrington, Graham Scott
Chelsea 14 10 Michael Oliver, Andy Madley, Robert Jones, Stuart Attwell
Crystal Palace 14 9 Andy Madley, Simon Hooper, Michael Salisbury Paul Tierney
Everton 15 10 Michael Oliver, Craig Pawson Andre Marriner, John Brooks, David Coote
Fulham 15 12 John Brooks, Jarred Gillett, Darren England
Leeds 14 10 Robert Jones, Stuart Attwell, Michael Salisbury, Tony Harrington
Leicester 15 12 Robert Jones, Michael Salisbury, Jarred Gillett
Liverpool 14 7 Anthony Taylor, Paul Tierney,  Stuart Attwell Michael Oliver, Andy Madley
Man City 14 11 Anthony Taylor, Michael Oliver, Darren England
Man United 14 9 Michael Oliver, Craig Pawson, Stuart Attwell Paul Tierney
Newcastle 15 13 Craig Pawson, Jarred Gillett
Notts Forest 15 11 Paul Tierney, Simon Hooper Robert Jones
Southampton 15 10 Andy Madley, Michael Salisbury, Tony Harrington, John Brooks, Andre Marriner
Tottenham 15 11 Anthony Taylor, Simon Hooper
West Ham 15 10 Paul Tierney, Michael Oliver, Peter Bankes, David Coote, Chris Kavanagh
Wolves 15 12 Anthony Taylor, Simon Hooper, John Brooks


Comment from Tony:  It has been the view of Untold since the earliest days of this site, that in order to protect against referee bias, incompetence and corruption, no referee should be involved in the matches of an individual club more than twice in a season – once at home, once away.   This is not to allege that there is incompetence or corruption among referees, but it is a simple and obvious safety precaution and one that could be implemented readily, given the wealth of the Premier League and its clubs, and thus their ability to pay PGMO to implement such a change.

I find the refusal of PGMO and the Premier League even to engage with the conversation about clubs having the same referee three times in the first 13 games, extraordinary and worrying.  I’m certainly not here to make excuses for Tottenham Hotspur, but at the current rate it is possible that they could have Taylor and Hooper five or even six times each this season, and that surely cannot be right.

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