Why, with football, it is important to ask what is not being reported

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  1. About referees… I was tuning in on the Brighton match against Liverpool. Fabinho committed an assault on Ferguson and kicked him off the field. You could see on the face of Fabinho that he was really embarrased with his own tackle and that he knew it was a red card all day and night long. But the ref only gave a yellow. I thought… oh well there will be no VAR present. But to my surprise when Brighton scored the winning goal… there suddenly was a VAR check on a possible offside…. how on earth did VAR not call over the ref to have a look at that insane tackle from Fabinho… well it is beyond me..

  2. I agree with you Walter. In fact this was the third bad challenge by Liverpool in the last 10 minutes of the game. One was given a yellow, which seemed lenient. The other, which prevented a clear scoring opportunity and should have therefore been a red card, was not even penalised.

    The Brighton winning goal was poetic justice, especially as even VAR could not invent a pretext for ruling it out.

  3. Walter

    Not sure if you get the UK commentary but even they were sure a red was to ensue as indeed we were told VAR was reviewing the assault. There was lots of sharp intakes of breath as we saw time and again quite how poor the tackle was. We heard nothing for 2 or 3minutes as the player was attended. Then as we resumed there was a cursory, ‘Oh the VAR check is complete’. Not a word of utter disbelief from the commentators, as I’m sure there would of been with everyone else who witnessed it.

    But there was 2 other diabolical refereeing decisions.

    A last man assault on a Brighton player that didn’t even warrant a free kick. Again the commentators knew it should of been a freekick and a last man red. But again no outrage at such a poor decision.

    And then another potential ankle breaker that only received a yellow. Again the commentators knew. But no outrage just the ‘On another day….’ mumbled comment.

    Three absolute nailed on red cards not given. Two should of been looked at and acted on by VAR but nothing.

    Nothing from the ref. Nothing from VAR. No outrage from the commentators.

    Liverpool totally out of the title race. Just how much did these officials want Liverpool to progress in the FA Cup?

    Well, despite the disgraceful behaviour of the Liverpool players. The contemptable performance of the Referee. The joke that is VAR. And the utter complicity of the commentators, Brighton snatched a well deserved last minute winner.

  4. Nitram
    I’m outraged that you’re outraged that the commentators were not outraged.
    Absolutely outrageous.

  5. Coote utterly pathetic. I cannot find out who the VAR stooge was. He is as much to blame as Coote. Was wondering how Mitoma’s sublime goal would be ruled out.
    Earlier Alexander-Arnold bodychecked Mitoma and the hapless Coote was completely unaware.
    Justice was ultimately done.

  6. Mick

    The officiating was dire, that goes without saying, but the commentators lack of outrage is what gets me. If we had got away with that, which is highly unlikely in the first place, the commentators would of apoplectic.

    There would of been no doubt left in anyone’s mind, especially the officials for future reference, that Arsenal had got away with it, big time, and would be due some pay back.

    Now they may of made more of it after the game? Someone could tell us?

    They may make more of it on MOTD tonight or in the media tomorrow?

    I have my doubts, but we shall see.

  7. It is utterly disgraceful that so little fuss was made by the commentators regarding the appalling officiating, both on field and VAR, during the Brighton/Liverpool game. As usual the scousers got away with murder with the full approval of the media. Compare that to the regular critical comments made by the commentators about Artetas touchline misdemeanours’ every five minutes throughout the game against Man City. I am so pleased that Liverpool got knocked out and lets hope they suffer the same fate in the Champions League.

  8. Neil Swarbrick was on VAR Scott Ledger his asssistant – leave your phone numbers – we’ll be in touch!

  9. Leonard you really have lost your ability to be provocative, even though I generally disagreed with you. Now you are (and of course this is just my opinion) just plain silly. And rather dull.

  10. Keith Hackett was less than enthusiastic about Coote’s performance on Twitter.

    Swarbrick is PGMOL’s Head of VAR implementation in the Premier League. The most recent entry on his Wikipedia page states:-
    “His use of VAR and understanding of the game of football was called into question during the all premier league FA Cup tie between Brighton and Liverpool.”

    Let that sink in.

  11. Surely another omission from the reported subjects in the media is the issue of Performance Enhancing Drugs and the testing for them?
    My only 2 memories of this issue, within the Prem, are the fella that went shopping and the other that transferred to Italy and failed a test, both United players.
    I believe it very suspicious that teams can be physically on fire for a season or two, even win titles or lose champs league finals, then totally drop off the cliff energy and aggression wise and completely lose their edge.
    This is a very dark area in the sports world generally and there is some little attention being brought to what could be conceived as a drop in life expectancy for athletes as some are dying surprisingly young.

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