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May 2022
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May 2022

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Premier League Betting and Odds

Exactly how are we going to start football again?

By Christophe Jost

As I explained in my previous article on The Last Pandemic, the end of the pandemic was just the beginning of a new set of problems. Those who survived had a whole new set of issues to face.

As different countries approach a stage in which the curve representing the number of […]

Racism: football is just packed solid with excuses, so why don’t we admit we do nothing?

By Tony Attwood

It is interesting that in following up the issue of racial abuse by some Tottenham supporters in the recent match against Chelsea there has been very little commentary in the media about the history of racial abuse and nothing much on the failure of the authorities to take any action. What […]

Gunners vs Villains: five of the best (and worst) and a new hero emerges

By Blacksheep

Today was a five star performance from the Arsenal against a Villa side that might need to readjust to life in the Championship if they can’t get their act together soon. But I’ll leave the match report to Walter when he gets back from leading Arsenal Belgium to the Emirates.

I experienced 5 […]

The Emirates: a view from the cheap(er) seats

Sometime ago Untold ran a grumbling piece about the man from row 15 who couldn’t be bothered to applaud the team even after we had despatched Fenebache (and Fulham the weekend before). He was still urging (very quietly it has to be said) M. Wenger to ‘spend some f***ing money’. Well, his wishes were answered […]

Turning a blind eye; Fifa and Uefa are racist organisations

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“Making the Arsenal” – the book of Arsenal’s rebirth


Turning a Blind Eye

Don McMahon

FIFA,EUFA, Some officials and some Turkish fans are racists, at least based on what I saw happening to Eboue in a Galatasary match recently. The former Gunner […]

Arsenal outmanoeuvred by Tottenham PR machine again

By Tony Attwood

In 2008 Hampshire police announced the investigating of racial and homophobic abuse directed by Tottenham fans towards Sol Campbell at a Portsmouth v Tottenham game.

The police said they would report the matter to the Football Association because it was not possible to make arrests due to the sheer numbers chanting.

The […]

There is something unique about Scottish Football

by Tony Attwood

A little while ago the Scottish Football Association threatened to sue a QC who accused it of being “dishonest”, “dysfunctional” and “biased”.

As far as I know, they didn’t, but the mere fact that they said they might, shows that something is amiss in football in the north of the UK.


The art of the football steward and the corridors of world sport. Arsenal 19 Wigan 2

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Victory Through Harmony

By Tony Attwood

In the papers this morning the Lord Coe (he of running, Olympics and the Conservative Party) announced that “it would be very difficult for us to be taken seriously in the corridors of world sport and […]

What is unacceptable comment on this blog and in the ground? Come to that, what is racism?

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By Tony Attwood

It is being reported in the UK this morning that last night on a TV programme an MP was speaking about a new 50 year defence treaty signed by France and the UK. Defending the decision to sign the treaty the MP […]

Hicks and Gillette do it for Arsenal

The new consortium looking at Liverpool could back out if the court action currently going on allows Hicks and Gillette to stay in control. The banks would then take action to put Liverpool in admiistration, and that would result in the club losing nine points. It is now said that the American buyers would then […]

Heysel May 29

Heysel – the Belgian perspective. By Walter Broeckx

The history of the Heysel stadium goes back to 1927. In those days the city of Brussels decided to build a brand new stadium which was meant to become the home for all kind of sporting events in the Belgian capital. It was finished in 1930, thus […]

Lansbury is the big surprise as Arsenal win 16-1

16-1, I should explain, was the number of shots for each side.

And there isn’t too much point in doing any analysis of a match like this. We needed to win, and Fulham were thinking of the Europa League, and we did what was necessary. Most amusingly Tottenham didn’t.

Djourou came back and had a […]

Wolverhampton W. manager, Mick McCarthy, reported to Met Police for incitement

Today’s Sponsor: “Making the Arsenal”. A book utterly unlike any other book ever written about Arsenal FC. If you have ever wanted to know what it is that is so utterly incomprehensibly special and different from every other club, this book will go some way to explain that.


Arsenal 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 0

Welcome […]

Heysel: 25 years on. The view from Belgium

By Walter Broeckx

I remember the day that Belgium had it’s greatest tragedy in football history very well. I know it was a very bright and sunny day. As I worked in the office of an industrial laundry at that time and we had a lot of hotels in Brussels as clients we had a […]

Illegal police activity is destroying football in England

In what was (I think) Leicester’s final season in the EPL we drew 1-1 with them away. Gilberto scored. I got very angry.

I was angry because I found myself being filmed by the police for no reason other than the fact that I was in the Arsenal section of the crowd. My view was […]

Untold’s prediction is utterly perfect: Arsenal 25 Standard 10 Balls 6

Just in case I have lost you a little with that headline let me explain…

Yesterday in a world exclusive Walter and I interviewed the manager of Standard Liege and discussed with him the way in which he thought the game would go.

He predicted that the key to the game would be the issue […]

Arsenal make billions and Olmpy score minus 1

It is interesting that few if any of our so-called journalists are doing a compare and contrast job on Arsenal’s wealth and the abject poverty of football clubs like Liverpool and Manchester U.

It is as if saving money, planning, and making money legitimately (rather than through usury) is now bad news in the UK.


ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES: Arsenal/Celtic score + WHU/Millwall

Ah the joys of football. A year ago, after seeing off the club curiously known as Steve Umbrella and having won 2 and lost 1 in the EPL we were written off. A top four finish was not possible. The end was nigh. Mid-table beckoned. Aston “Hold Your Head” would overtake us.

And you know […]

Ten things we learned at Barnet

1. Out of position. Around half the team in the first half were playing off the position you’d normally find them in. Djourou at right back, Silvestre at left, Arshavin up front… All part of the fun presumably – but I wonder exactly why.

2. Rosicky – captain, smiling, and certainly not pulling out of […]

Did the Lord Wenger really really say that???

There are stories circulating today that the Lord Wenger said after the coin and bottle throwing in Spain yesterday, that UEFA will investigate and make the right decision.

It seems a curious thing to say, and if he did, then for once I shall ask permission (very politely) to disagree with the sainted Lord.

There […]

Police 4 (or more) Arsenal 0

Last time I saw a game at Ninian Park I found the most interesting thing of the afternoon was the police tactics – but I thought that was a one off. This time it was crazier, more bizarre, more insane. Even in the wild days of the 70s it was never quite like this.

As […]

It is time to start fighting back

The problems that arose at the Everton game worried me. Not just the fact that Arsenal supporters (in the most expensive seats it turns out) took it upon themselves to throw stuff on the away support below, but also what appeared to be the inept response of semi-trained stewards who did nothing but attack […]