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April 2021

Arsenal’s Bargain Buys


It’s been a painful season for Gunners fans around the globe, but the start of 2021 has seen a revival in form and the team’s potential is beginning to show. The side are still as temperamental as ever though, and it’s tricky to guess which Arsenal will turn up on any given match day. […]

Football is not coming back any time soon: so what happens to the clubs then?

By Tony Attwood

There is an article in the Guardian which says

“Whether football returns in June or September, or later even than that, it will be a long time before it is played in stadiums packed with crowds of tens of thousands, without players having to undertake complex social distancing measures. Normal isn’t coming […]

Following Uefa’s ruling, Arsenal, not Tottenham enter the Europa League

by Tony Attwood

The key point to note from the latest Uefa rulings on what happens next in relation to football, is first that national leagues will not be banned from European competition if they don’t finish their seasons. That ruling has been overturned.

But more importantly from Arsenal’s point of view is that this […]

Slowly football is changing, but unfortunately not everyone is following the plot

By Tony Attwood

You might not know if from reading the English blogs and newspapers but yes, decisions are being made, and proposals are being put on the table.

OK these things have not worked out well in Scotland, where, as we noted last time around, a certain local difficulty has been encountered. But elsewhere […]

Will footballers actually want to come to England in future?

By Christophe Jost and Tony Attwood

As you may have heard, the UK in general and England in particular has gone its own way in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

And inevitably that has meant a certain amount of uncertainty and worry about what Britain is doing, and what effect it will have.

Now that […]

Is Premier League refereeing very different from other major European leagues? YES!!!

By Tony Attwood

This article continues from the findings in the previous piece: Why do Liverpool keep getting the same referees?

Here is a simple chart showing refereeing statistics from the five major football leagues in Europe

Country Teams in league Referees used Max game per ref England 20 21 25 Germany 18 25 […]

What will Sky / BT / clubs do when the PL sells itself direct to fans?

By Tony Attwood

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There is no doubt that the technology is available. The Premier League could easily set up its own streaming service along the lines of Netflix and make all its matches available to view to anyone who wants […]

Why football journalists should learn from their political colleagues and start asking questions

by Tony Attwood

Untold Updates videos

We’re back with our videos – do take a look


It is rare for journalists to be banned by football clubs.

It has happened in a few cases in the old days when local newspapers held sway in provincial towns, and could often have sports sections that […]

Is Burnley v Arsenal fixed even before kick off? Here’s the evidence.

by Bulldog Drummond

If you want a game that highlights everything that is wrong with English refereeing in the Premier League, and indeed everything that is wrong with the PL and its referees, here you have it.

Burnley have committed 270 fouls this season, Arsenal 259. Not that much in it. Burnley the slightly dirtier […]

Don’t shoot the messenger but we’re in a funk

By Blacksheep

Those that know me (not that many of course) or that have read things I’ve written before (a few more perhaps) will [hopefully] be aware that I’m quite a positive person when it comes to most things including Arsenal. I’m pleased to contribute to this blog because it supports the club, the team […]

Liverpool – Arsenal Preview | Rickety Scaffolding and Siege Towers

D. Sanchez-Cabello

I am confident that we will beat Liverpool, though that could be because in recent times Anfield has been a cheerful place. Not since the Crouch hat trick of 2007 have we lost there. How relevant that is, who knows? But it is comforting going to a place I don’t associate with angst […]

A Champions League debut, statistics, food and Carroll

By Phil Gregory

Unfortunately it was not “that” kind of Arsenal Champions League debut, but I was lucky enough to be at the Emirates for my first Champions League game on Wednesday night. Having only been living in London for a matter of weeks, my previous experience of live Arsenal games was either weekend games […]

Top of the table predictions – the gameweek 0 edition

By Phil Gregory

Right, so, to follow up on my articles over the summer looking at the various teams competing against the mighty Arsenal at the top of the table, it seems reasonable to put it all together and see where my guess is of the final table. Without further ado…

First up, United are […]

Back to business – The EPL 2011/2012 Season Visualised!

Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

By DogFace

After last night’s brave show of spirit I thought it was about time to regain some focus and get back to the business at hand, and that is, of course, the Champions League… or more to the point – the qualification thereof […]