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Comparing points and goals with this moment last season

By Walter Broeckx

As we have nothing else to do for the moment apart from checking every now and then to see if by any chance we still buy someone I thought it would be nice to have a look at how we and the rest of the teams that are fighting for the […]

A game of slips and bounces

By Walter Broeckx

Slip sliding away sang the singer a few years ago. And that is exactly what Sagna did in the first minutes of the game. Any sensible person who has seen this goal can only say that if Sagna doesn’t slip nothing happens at all. We can moan all day and all night […]

Arsenal ticket prices; a response from the fans

By Tony Attwood

As you may know I am a committee member of AISA – the Arsenal Independent Supporters Association.

AISA has put out the following statement about Arsenal’s announcement on ticket prices, which I would like to share with Untold readers who are not AISA members.

We are pleased that Arsenal have made an […]

Arsenal v the Royal Borough. Plus Billy Fury, Mr Bergkamp and King John.

Arsenal v Liverpool

By Billy the dog McGraw

Liverpool is a far off diminutive principality of little importance. It was founded by the most incompetent king in English history, King John, in 1207, who made it a Royal Borough and over the next 350 years grew at such a rate that by 1550 it had […]

English football enters last chance saloon as Parliament issues final deadline for reform

By Tony Attwood

There’s no Ministry of Football in Britain, but there is a Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport and it has been running a Select Committee. That Committee has clearly had enough of the Football Association (endlessly tainted by its own incompetence and its association with Fifa), and the Premier League (endlessly […]

Arsenal – Liverpool : what can we expect from the ref?

By Walter Broeckx

So here we are again with another article that gives a preview of what could be our biggest opponent in our next game. And allow me to say that it always is nice when the hard work our ref reviewers have done over the years come together with the reality out there.


Mr Usmanov makes a mistake, and gives us a chuckle

By Tony Attwood

Alisher Usmanov always says that his interest is in making Arsenal a competition winning club. He also says that Thierry Henry has urged him to take over Arsenal – and on this I can’t give an opinion. It would be nice to see a piece by Thierry in which he confirms […]

Giroud: from flop to not that bad at all?

By Walter Broeckx

I think we all know the fickle world outside Untold. That world of people who have their idea on a player ready after just one game or just one event. One bad pass and he is rubbish and another of those cheap buys from the French and so the manager has to […]

Liverpool, QPR, Tottenham, Norwich out, Chelsea draw, Arsenal/Blackburn and remembering G Graham at Millwall

By Tony Attwood

Context is important. Something that appears trivial at one level might appear monumental at another. Everything always depends on context.

So let us consider the context of the FA Cup this Sunday night.

Oldham 3 Liverpool 2 Leeds Untidy 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1 Brentford 2 Chelsea 2 Queens Park Harry 2 MK […]



Don McMahon

I’m getting very bored over this January transfer window and have decided that a laconic, barely legible piece about a rumour I fear is circulating in the Albania media, would be appropriate for this festive season. So here goes.

It is understood by the Albanian terrorists, from sources […]

Brighton -Arsenal: A difficult game, a good win and who will we play next?

By Walter Broeckx

As I am one of the lucky persons who could see the game live on my TV I want to start with my favourite moment of the game. It was a moment before a ball was kicked. It was a moment that showed images of the crowd before the game started. And […]

Brighton Hove and Albion – Arsenal What can we expect of the ref?

By Walter Broeckx

As Tony said it earlier today we will write what we think we should write. So for those not liking, sorry. But here is another whining,…er….article about the ref we have today.

Of course this is a cup game and in cup games there are different rules. Well not in the laws […]

A note on freedom of expression. (And Jack as captain) (And Hazard, and Carragher)

By Tony Attwood

To begin at the end. Arsène Wenger has given an interview in which he has said Jack Wilshere can become Arsenal and England captain.

So with Thomas Vermaelen injured and Arteta still out maybe our Jack could become Arsenal’s youngest-ever captain today. Tony Adams’ is the youngest ever captain thus far at […]

Brighton and Hove v Arsenal. Brady, Clough, Fascism, Duck ponds

by Billy the Dog McGraw

Everyone wants to be there. Ian was trying to take his sons and meet up with the south coast part of his family. Stefan had the idea that he might be able to turn up at the ground and procure a ticket. Tony fancied it because the Brighton ground is […]

What would a members poll at Arsenal show?

By Tony Attwood

Apparently around 60% of Real Madrid’s members believe Jose Mourinho has a negative impact on the club’s image. That is a according to a survey in Marca – a sports daily.

They asked about 700 members either on the phone or at the game, and overall the members gave his performance as […]

Arsenal WHU: catering, early leaving, predictions, possession

By Tony Attwood

When we are good, we are really good. We ended the game against West Ham with 69% of the possession, and 24 goal attempts, with 10 on target. For 12 minutes we were unbeatable. Any suggestion of anything else was a mere trick of the floodlights.

As for West Ham’s opening […]

Hazard kicking ball boy, FA also at fault?

By Walter Broeckx

I would have loved to start with writing an article about the game from last night where we won in rather pleasant way.

Alas, alas, alas… I had to watch the game on a not that good internet stream. I could see most of it but missed the Podolski goal live as […]

Arsenal – West Ham, the preview

By Walter Broeckx

Ok here I sit.

Tony has been snowed in I think and I even don’t know if he will be able to free himself to get to the game.

Billy the Dog McGraw has disapeared when the tried to reach the allotment of Dennis Bergkamp so he also is not here. Which […]

Arsenal – West Ham : what can we expect from the ref?

By Walter Broeckx

As a few people were interested in my comments on the refs in previous games when we talked about the refs (and they did gave us plenty to talk about) I will try to add my referee part to the reviews if I can find the time.

Otherwise they say I talk […]

Who wants to work for Chelsea, who would want to come to Arsenal?

By Tony Attwood

Pep Guardiola as we all know, fooled most people by choosing Germany for his next job. But even with Pep out of the way I suspect Rafael Benítez still doesn’t anticipate staying at Chelsea beyond the end of the season. So Mr Abramovich perhaps is looking for another manager. I wonder […]

Arsenal and others will go to court to get Financial Fair Play

By Tony Attwood

A small group of top clubs is willing to take legal action if nothing is done to stop Chelsea, Man City and possibly others evading Uefa’s financial fair play system.

Having put their concerns in writing to the League, Arsenal, Liverpool, Man U and Tottenham, are now openly stating that the […]

Arsenal loyalty through locality and history

By Adam Brogden

Arsenal loyalty through locality and history

We seem to be taking a hammering from the media and more disappointingly from ex-players, also fans wanting “like for like” replacements bought in or rather our best players not allowed to leave in the first place.

Most of the above has been covered on Untold […]

Uefa reaches insanity as it contemplates the problem of banners on economic matters

By Tony Attwood

It seems there is a fight going on between football authorities and fans, over the use of banners in grounds. Many groups have seen this as a simple fight between fans who want to express their views, and authorities who don’t want these views expressed. It is, although there are side issues […]

Would change of manager, change anything?

By Walter Broeckx

So let us suppose the board give in to the pressure from some part of the Arsenal fan base and sack the manager today.

What is the main criticism I read about Wenger:

– He knows nothing about tactics

– He will not buy players we need

The first one is something […]

Chelsea v Arsenal and how Arsenal helped Chelsea overcome Tottenham and enter the League.

By Billy the Dog McGraw

Celebrations of Herbert Chapman day yesterday went on way into the early hours so we are very late with the Chelsea v Arsenal article, but here it is finally.

The allotment at Enfield is under 16 feet of snow, and Dennis B is sitting in the potting shed looking […]