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February 2013

Fitting new players in the system, a case study

By Walter Broeckx

Yesterday someone pointed me at a question that was put up on the social network twitter by a certain noisy person who is always slagging off the club. I don’t follow that person myself but let me say he is the somewhat self declared spokesman of you, me and every other gooner […]

Buying clubs in other leagues. Why it is happening, and where if leaves FFP.

By Tony Attwood

I have been pondering on this site for a little while exactly how Manchester City are going to comply with Financial Fair Play. As we might expect, as FFP gets closer and closer so it seems that Manchester City are working on the problem to, and now we are getting the first […]

Where are we now, where might we have been

By Tony Attwood

The idea is simple: let’s make up someone who can be Mr Incompetent, and lets laugh at him a lot. Oh I know. Mr Wenger. The one man in the Premier League who never ducks a question, never refuses to talk to the media, always graces even the most stupid journalistic question […]

Transfer spend and league position; Arsenal, Aston Villa and Chelsea.

By Tony Attwood

Since moving to the Emirates, Arsenal have made something in the order of £5.5m per season profit on player transfers.

Chelsea on the other hand have spent around £50m per season on transfers under this regime. Liverpool have spent around £31m a season under the current ownership. Clearly the amount spent doesn’t […]

Arsenal, seen from planet Zorch or worst team ever only 2 points behind 3rd place

By Walter Broeckx

A quick look at the league table this morning is rather interesting. I think if a person coming from planet Zorch were to fed with what the big media are feeding their audience about Arsenal would run to the bookmaker to make a bet that Arsenal is in last place in the […]

What actually happened at “that” press conference?

By Kenneth Widmerpool, with additional material from Tony Attwood I’ve just been having a look at an uncut version of the “notorious” Wenger press conference prior to the Bayern game. As the sensational/hyperbolic news broke about this, I had a look over the various sites and also thought that Arsene was uncharacteristically agitated, although (as […]

Cazorla the Spanish agent who moves the bus

By Walter Broeckx

I think this was a game that was a great summary of our football club in this season. Being the best team, being on top for most of the game but still have to work incredibly hard to get a victory.

Let us start with the bad things. Again we had enough […]

Arsenal v Aston V. Dennis Bergkamp reports from his allotment.

By Billy the dog McGraw

As per my normal I met Dennis Bergkamp this morning at the Enfield Allotment on which we both have potato patches to chew the fat on the crisis club.

“I won’t ask you to describe Aston Villa,” says I when we took a breather in the potting shed. “You’ll […]

Arsenal – Aston Villa: the ref preview, and the strange goings on in the PGMOL!

By Walter Broeckx

In our now weekly preview in what we can expect from the ref we see that for the next game of the season we will welcome as the ref Mr. Martin Atkinson

He is 41 years old and comes from Bradford. He has been a PL ref since 2004 and he is […]

Young supporter charged at Bradford game. Witnesses needed

Eye Witnesses needed for event at Bradford.

The Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) has been approached for assistance by a young Gooner who has been stuck on for a Section 5 public order offence (using insulting words or behaviour) after being arrested at the game whilst in the away stand in sections N & T by […]

22 February 2013: one of the most important anniversaries of Arsenal FC

By Tony Attwood

Today is one of the biggest anniversaries of Arsenal FC. For today, 100 years ago, it was finally revealed that Woolwich Arsenal FC would be moving to Gillespie Road in Highbury, north London.

In the weeks leading up to this date, reporters had been guessing where Arsenal might go – but this […]

Disturbances at the Emirates Stadium

By Tony Attwood

During the match between Arsenal and Bayern Munich there were two separate disturbances that I noticed from my seat in block 99. I haven’t seen anything in the way of commentary on these – although obviously I don’t get to see all the media, so someone else may have picked up on […]

The Arsenal Blueprint: how to improve as a team

By Walter Broeckx

As I was reading the article from Fishpie and the reasoned comments from most of the wise people who visit Untold I got struck by one comment from Swissgooner.

Sometimes you get this “you took the words right out of my mouth” feelings. This was such a one. I think his comment […]

Match Review: Chris Foy – Arsenal Vs Stoke City (1 – 0) [02/02/2013]

Match Review: Chris Foy – Arsenal Vs Stoke City (1 – 0) [02/02/2013]

If you are new to this site and this is your first visit then please: Read this to fully understand our reviews.

Today’s referee is Chris Foy

MATCH REVIEW DETAILS – Chris Foy (2013-02-02) Period 1 Min Type From On C/NC Reviewer […]

Arsenal’s past is no blue print for its future.

Arsenal’s past is no blue print for its future.

By Fishpie

Like many of you, I am not in a good place with Arsenal at the moment and I guess I haven’t been for 3 to 4 years now.

During this time, I have posted comments on a number of Arsenal blogs and have done […]

Do miracles still happen these days?

By Walter Broeckx

Apart from a miracle I think we can say that the CL is over for Arsenal. We can be optimistic and we can believe in miracles but scoring 3 goals in Munich and not letting in a goal is as good as impossible. Only a total off day of Bayern Munich could […]

A view on Bayern Munich and some words about the referee tonight

By Walter Broeckx

We play Bayern Munich tonight in the CL. Anyone who follows football a bit knows that Bayern Munich is the biggest team in the Bundesliga. They are the most successful team in Germany. And also in Europe they have won lots of cups. And they sit on top of the Bundesliga with […]

Did Stewart Robson con the BBC or were they in collusion over his rant today?

By Tony Attwood

This morning ex-Arsenal player Stewart Robson made a very strong attack on Arsene Wenger on BBC Radio 5 Live’s breakfast show. His point was that all the problems at Arsenal were down to the manager who had completely lost the plot.

Unfortunately I was driving at the time the broadcast came on […]

Just like against Milan, just like against Barcelona.

By Walter Broeckx

Of course it was a big disappointment last Saturday. But this is what football is all about. You can be the better team in the whole 90 minutes and still lose a game.

Some say this is the beauty of football. If you end up on the winning side it is great. […]

How Tottenham and Arsenal have both tried to save football from itself

By Tony Attwood

There was a commentary posted on the Arsenal History blog this weekend which ended with the author saying something along the lines of, “I don’t know what’s happened to Arsenal but it is not the Arsenal I recognise.”

It is a comment often heard, the most common formulation of it being “Give […]

If you can’t take the ups and downs don’t bother with Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

I spent much of the journey home after the Blackburn game pondering what to write about the game. And given that I live about 80 miles north of the Emirates Stadium the journey takes quite a while – a walk up Holloway Road (and it really is a literal “up” in case […]

Kean was the key man this time, not Dean

By Walter Broeckx

In a cup game where winning is the only important thing we didn’t achieve what we deserved. I think apart from those who support Blackburn and those who hate Arsenal there will be no really neutral football lovers out there who think that Blackburn deserved to win. But they scored and we […]

Arsenal v Blackburn Rovers: we know the result, so not really worth going.

By Billy the Dog McGraw

This is a match that really doesn’t need a review, since it is obvious that the referee has decided on the game before we start. The only hope we have is that the growing audience on Untold means that Mr Dean might think that after we have predicted what he […]

Arsenal – Blackburn Rovers: we can expect the worst. The very worst.

We’ve just found the first ever Arsenal song!

By Walter Broeckx

So what can we expect from the referee in our cup game when the Blackburn Rovers come to the Emirates? I try to give you an answer to that later.

First I want to start by saying that since last Monday my head has […]

Misunderstanding Arsenal: misunderstanding football. Who has got it most wrong?

Recently the Financial Times published an article by Simon Kuper who is a regular FT columnist and also co-author of ‘Soccernomics’.

The article is called Arsène’s austerity: Has football’s economist got it wrong when it comes to the game’s finances?

The question asked was rhetorical – for the answer was an resounding “Yes: […]