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February 2014

Does getting kicked unpunished results in more injuries? Untold shows the numbers

By Walter Broeckx


In my previous articles where I looked at injuries in general and then linked it up with the referee reviews I promised to have a further look at the possible link between what we could call being fouled a lot and injuries and making lots of fouls and injuries.


Now […]

How is Pat Rice doing?

By Walter Broeckx

That is one of the questions that suddenly arose when I visited Arsenal last weekend.

Pat Rice is one of those people who’s name will always be fondly remembered by all who love Arsenal. Well not all. As I hate to bring it up but the non-existing part of our fans have […]

Stoke v Arsenal 01 March 2014 – The Match Officials

Referee – Mike Jones

Assistants – M Scholes and A Holmes

Fourth Official – A Taylor


Well here’s a surprise, Mike Jones as referee, his seventh game of the season at this level and a first timer for Arsenal this year. Not completely new to Arsenal though as we had him at the Emirates […]

Injuries and referee reviews and where they come together

By Walter Broeckx

In an earlier article I pointed at the insane injury league table. I included the most important teams and to make things easier for you I will put the little table up so you can have a look at it without having to leave this page. Here it is again


What A Difference a year makes!

By Sammy The Snake and Walter Broeckx


We all know the saga behind the transfer of RVP from Arsenal to ManU.


One moment we were cheering for him and saying “Who needs Batman when we have Robin?” (I always thought that was really clever!). He was our “Get Out Of Jail” card, he […]

Fighting adversity: this group of players is just amazing

By Walter Broeckx

Arsenal sitting one point behind the league leaders at this time of the season is somewhat what no pundit really expected. They have been waiting for weeks and months for the moment we would drop away. But here we are with 11 games to and the league table is what it is.


Hello Joel, as media turn on the Man U and Chelsea

By Tony Attwood

I am not sure if it is just my perception that is changing, but it seems to me that of late the media has lost a bit of interest in endlessly knocking Arsenal.

I guess the idea started to develop on reading the Daily Mail piece which I reported yesterday – it […]

Daily Mail take a very silly line over Bergkamp

By Tony Attwood

Sometimes newspapers publish articles just to get an audience. Sometimes just to annoy. Sometimes to fill up a bit of space.

There’s a typical “get an audience” piece from today’s Daily Mail (a right wing, English “get Britain out of the EU” newspaper that recently led the attack on the father of […]

In the end football is always a question of money. Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea, Rangers

By Tony Attwood

Everyone knows the Arsenal money stories. How the club did everything to reduce its stadium debt – from building houses on the Highbury pitch through to front loading sponsorship deals and using the money to reduce the borrowings.

If you know your Arsenal history you’ll know that when Lt Col Sir […]

The real lazy people; the real laziness


By Don

Since the Bayern game there has been a deluge of shite media hypocrites and AAA morons screaming out for Mesut Ozil’s head and begging all and sundry to bench the sod, whose value, in their eyes is a big zero…..based on what concrete evidence I cannot fathom.

Their favourite definer is the […]

Trips to the Emirates always full of unexpected things

By Walter Broeckx

As someone said in the comment section under my pre trip musings he hoped for a safe journey and that I wouldn’t have any troubles as he remembered some things not going to plan in the past. Someone with a good memory I must say as he recalled the bird against the […]

Arsenal – Sunderland, a view from the North Bank

By Walter Broeckx

I’m stating the obvious here, but a match in the stadium is completely different from watching a match on TV. In the stadium you can see the whole pitch and you can see at a different thing than where the ball is because some interesting move is happening far from the ball […]

Who Lifted Arsenal More in Their First Season: Ozil or Cazorla?

Who Lifted Arsenal More in Their First Season: Ozil or Cazorla?


By Bootoomee

This is a very polarising topic and one that I have really struggled to write. This is particularly difficult for me because I am against pitting Arsenal players against each other. I am a socialistic supporter: the team wins because all […]

Unveiling the Dennis Bergkamp statue: full transcript of the speeches by the Untold reporter

By Walter Broeckx

As I had written in my pre-match article I was extra thrilled to be able to get to the Emirates for this match as the unveiling of the statue of Dennis Bergkamp would take place in my present.

The first thing I did when I got to the Emirates was to check […]

AFC v Sunderland raises the question: Giroud or Henry?

By Tony Attwood (standing in for Walter, who is on a train under the water).

I remember a time in 1987 when, having won nothing for 8 years, Arsenal got to the League Cup final by beating Tottenham in the semis on March 4. (You may recall the era – the time of “1-0 down, […]

Sunderland At Home Preview

I’ll keep it brief today; as I’ve just heard I have an 11 a side game in a few hours. Apparently the rain hasn’t made the pitch unplayable – legally unplayable that is, it will of course be impossible to play football on. But that never bothered anyone. It bothers me though, as I walk […]

Because it matters: the excitement of a matchday

By Walter Broeckx

A few days Tony wrote an article about some pundit who was passing on his negativity and didn’t realise how he was hurting the fans of a club. And he said that the pundits apparently don’t understand how much some things matter for us, the supporters.

Wise words as usual from Tony […]

In Jose Mourinho’s case it is all about him


I was never fooled for once that Jose Mourinho actually believed Arsene Wenger is a specialist in failure. The self-acclaimed Special One is a master of mind games and is a specialist in going over the top to destabilise his opponents.

Wenger’s response too was apt, and Jose then did […]

Arsenal v Sunderland 22/2/14 – The Match Officials. Expect 70% accuracy and no home bias

Arsenal v Sunderland 22 February 2014 – The Match Officials

Andrew Crawshaw

Referee – Andre Marriner Assistants – M Perry, P Bankes Fourth Official – P Dowd

Second time this year for Mr Marriner, he was in charge of our home game v Hull on 4th December which we won two nil. Mr Perry is […]

Özil… is he a lazy player?

By Walter Broeckx

The scapegoat after our defeat on Wednesday will probably be Özil.

He missed a penalty. And yes it was an appalling penalty. I think Özil is a great player but I think he lacks the finishing cool a good penalty taker has.

In fact many good penalty takers over the years weren’t […]

Everton object to reduced ticket allocation for FA Cup match

By Tony Attwood

I must admit that when I wrote my piece about the danger of flares and smoke bombs in football matches, I didn’t expect much interest. But we did get an above average number of readers.

I did however hope that my final paragraph would suggest to anyone who did read the article […]

Who is facing the hardest run in?

By Walter Broeckx

One of our readers came up with a nice summary of the possible matches a team could have to play till the end of the season.

Because from this moment on going further in many competitions might cause for more fatigue to creep in on a team. Or more injuries. And as […]

How Uefa officials get a buzz out of punishing managers

By Tony Attwood

Manuel Pellegrini said a load of stuff about Jonas Eriksson the referee of the Man City match wherein they were defeated by Barce.

Now the almighty Uefa is looking into the situation, and there is a fair chance that there will be a charge brought against him. If there is and […]

10 men Arsenal forced to repeat history in a few weeks

By Walter Broeckx

How cruel football can be at times. When you play what is described to be the best team in the world you need to take your chances and you need some luck. Both things were lacking today.

Arsenal came out strong and apart from a shot from Kroos well saved by Szczesny […]

Munich At Home| Heynckes, Pep, Redknapp…


Apparently Harry Redknapp has allowed Bayern to use QPR’s facilities. Not an exceptional story, as apparently many teams visiting London have used Loftus Road over the years. It did strike me as amusing though. You can just imagine Harry loitering around, ready to sell a few ‘bargains’.

‘Accidentally’ he might bump-into Arjen Robben:

“Ello […]