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Arsenal sign Swedish midfielder. Are you afraid of happiness?

By Dr Billy “The Dog” McGraw

University Hospital of the North Circular Road

So we have got the Swedish international and Frimpong’s gone to Barnsley. It’s coming up to 7pm and I’m going dancing, so if we do sign anyone else you’ll have to talk among yourself.

But meanwhile, unhappiness rules. For the AAA happiness […]

Arsenal v Crystal Palace 2 February 2014 – The Match Officials

Arsenal v Crystal Palace 02 February 2014 – The Match Officials

After correctly calling the situation that emerged at Southampton v Arsenal, can we get it right once again? Find out…

Andrew Crawshaw

Referee – Jonathan Moss Assistants – P Kirkup, M Perry Fourth Official – R East


We last saw Mr Moss on […]

What’s on view through the jolly old transfer window

With every football blog competing with every other by hyping up the whole transfer window thing, and the AAA screaming that we are only in this position (second in the league rather than top, in the Champs League and round 5 of the FA Cup, with the best performance of all teams in the past […]

The transfer window and a demonstration of faith


By Damilare

Finally the opportune time came. On his birthday Herod gave a banquet for his high officials and military commanders and the leading men of Galilee. When the daughter of Herodias came in and danced, she pleased Herod and his dinner guests. The king said to the girl, […]

Looking back: Tactical analysis of Aston Villa v Arsenal


This game was our Monday night kickoff against Aston Villa. I’m going to try and keep up with our games and get these out as soon as I can after the games. Here goes.


Sagna’s crossing has massively improved this season. He again puts 2 great balls in towards Giroud in the first […]

Proposals for better refereeing in football part 1

By Walter Broeckx

A few weeks ago someone in the comment section had a few proposals that could improve football. As can happen in comment sections the great comment gets lost amongst other comments and the idea doesn’t get the attention it deserved.

So after weeks not having the time I found the time to […]

An Executive day at the Arsenal

An Executive day at the Arsenal

Jon Preston,

It definitely had me curious. A chance of a seat in an emirates executive box doesn’t come around often and when the phone rang late on Friday night and the offer was made I jumped at it.

Never mind it was my wife’s birthday, which I […]

Efficient Arsenal. How the stats show that Arsenal’s position is justified

Efficient Arsenal (More Numbers!)

By Pete

At the start of the season I wrote an article attempting to tie our improved form to our increasingly impressive defence I am pleased to note that this trend has continued through this season so thought it opportune to compare again the frequencies of goals scored and conceded to […]

Gazidis words : Doing it the right way, the Arsenal way

By Walter Broeckx

With the announcement that Puma will be our new kit dealer for the next five years it is clear that some 10 years after having started to build the Emirates stadium the club is entering the final phase of the transition of the club.

A transition period that has been long and […]

Bouncing back is as important as anything else

By Walter Broeckx and Tony Attwood

After the short distraction of the FA cup we were back last night with PL football. But the FA cup will have a big impact on the PL it seems. And this will be the same for all teams currently in the top 4. Because, as you will have […]

Southampton 2 – Arsenal 2 – Mason as predicted yet again

By Walter Broeckx

There is no excuse for starting as slow as we did. Southampton did a great job. They were all over us all over the pitch. We didn’t get the chance to start our passing and at the end the players ran and ran with the ball until they lost it and Southampton […]

Southampton Preview | The Fake Moustache Business


A couple of months ago, this might have been a more daunting fixture. Since a remarkable start, their form has faltered, an influential chairman has departed and the players have begun head-butting each other.

If I were part of an ambitious lower league club, I’d be studying the Southampton model intently – to the […]

Liverpool tickets cheaper, Wenger signs, Big commercial deal finally arrives

By Tony Attwood

I’m not a natural Daily Telegraph reader, but I have to admit they seem to be ahead of the game at the moment.

While I am not sure about their certainty for the Draxler move, they seem to be revealing stories faster than most outlets – and were certainly the first to […]

Arsenal win through in the under 21 league cup

By Tony Attwood

We are used to seeing Arsenal reserves and youth teams doing well in their leagues – but not this season. Here’s the league table for the under 21s. It is a 22 team league, and here’s the top 12.







Southampton v Arsenal. It’s penalty area fever againicials

Southampton v Arsenal 28 January 2014 – The Match Officials

Andrew Crawshaw

Referee – Lee Mason Assistants – J Collin, S Long Fourth Official – I Williamson


Second time this year for Mr Mason to be in charge for Southampton and third time for Arsenal. He was at Southampton for Southampton’s 1-1 draw with […]

The (Bad) Luck of the Draw

The (Bad) Luck of the Draw

By Pete

I have not seen anyone remark on this before but, while we have had to overcome dubious refereeing (again), the usual severe injuries (leading the Injury League by a mile. Again) we have also had the most appalling record with cup draws.


League Cup

3rd Round […]

41% of players have joined their club in the last year

By Tony Attwood

A recent report gives concern to the fact that a record number of transfers took place in 2013 with players recruited in Europe in the year 2013 making up just over 41% of all squads. That makes it about 10 signings per club.

Now that is silly, because a turnover of players […]

Arsenal v Liverpool. Who needs the FA Cup?

By Tony Attwood

So we play Liverpool, once more at home. Will it be Friday, Saturday or Sunday? Who knows.

What we do know is that us season ticket holders now have to pay to go and watch the much more important and exciting Arsenal v Bayern because we only get six Cup tickets in […]

Untold is not the only one to see the light

By Walter Broeckx and Tony Attwood

It is no secret that this side has always supported our manager. Of course we didn’t make much of a fuss about it in the easy days when we won things and didn’t have the stadium debt hanging round our neck. At such a moment supporting Wenger was easy. […]

The Telegraph says Julian Draxler is on his way

By our man in the cupboard . A couple of years back The Times newspaper (a name which despite its slide from grace is still known across the world) ran the story that Masal Bugduv, who plays for Olimpia Balti in Moldova was signing for Arsenal and was going to be Very Big. . Untold […]

Why you don’t need a top scorer to win the league

By Sammy The Snake

My last article explored the required characteristics for a team to be crowned champions (you can read it here, if you already haven’t done so). We saw that the best way to win the EPL was to collect more points than everyone else, that goals scored/conceded or goal difference […]

Fussball Club Arsenal London – Coventry : Vier – Null (Translation follows)

By Walter Broeckx

Where are the days that Arsenal won the world cup. At least that was the title in one paper when France beat Brazil in the final of the world cup and they used a few Arsenal players to achieve that. But times have changed since then and now more and more we […]

Coventry Preview | ‘The Cult of Steve Bould’

DSC – Your man in the car park.

This evening we meet Coventry in a game that I expect to be highly forgettable.

In a way that might not be a bad thing as it’ll give us a rest – a nice emotionally detached Friday night, some beers, and hopefully a watchable game. I say […]

Why Arsenal fans are supporting Coventry City tonight

By Tony Attwood

Coventry City FC is in a total, awful mess and the history of that mess reveals much of what is wrong with football and the way it is run in England.

But I am really pleased to say that Arsenal Independent Supporters’ Association, of which I am a committee member, is […]

How the Deloittes Rich List tells us something vital that everyone seems to miss.

By Tony Attwood

A couple of years back I had the temerity to question the financial blogger’s Swiss Ramble’s insight into one aspect of football finance. The level of abuse I received in return was astonishing – it was a sort of journalistic equivalent of “not fit to wear the shirt”.

So each time I […]