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Liverpool’s owner might be an expert liar, but he can’t do the maths

By Tony Attwood

When you start boasting about your ability to tell lies it is not a bad idea to make sure there is nothing lurking around the corner with the ability to kick you in the teeth.

That’s not exactly one of the basic rules in public relations – for the […]

Trophy hunting or supporting a club – the choice is yours

By Walter Broeckx

Only some 14 days ago I wrote an article in which I said that some supporters were shifting their way of looking at things.

I said that some of the non-existing part of our fans firmly said that they were not trophy hunters at all. That they just wanted us to be […]

An Absolute Scandal: When Arsenal’s penalty fortunes suddenly changed

An Absolute Scandal: Penalties awarded to/conceded by Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd and Tottenham during recent seasons.

By Pete

After Stoke‚Äôs ludicrous penalty on Saturday (has anyone seen a penalty given this season for a handball at similar or closer range?) I decided to research the ratio of penalties given for and against […]