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The Untold Injury records: every Premier League injury since 2002 analysed.

By Walter Broeckx

I think the fact that Arsenal has a lot of injuries is something that has various effects. And these effects not only include the obvious hampering Arsenal in a way that the club might end up short of players, and thus might be forced to overplay players to the extent that they […]

Bending the laws of the game

By Walter Broeckx

The laws of the game and the interpretation of the laws of the game are two totally different things. And certainly the interpretation given by the pundits. Anyone who thinks that pundits know the rules are people who believe in Santa Claus, the fairy tooth even when they have gotten to an […]

Tabloid Sports journalism? It belittles, it crushes the spirit and it does so out of pique

By Blacksheep

In 1886 William Stead (the campaigning editor of the Pall Mall Gazette – one of the very first ‘tabloid’ style newspapers) declared that:

“Nothing can ever get itself accomplished nowadays without sensationalism. In politics, social reform, it is indispensable”

What Stead realised was that the press (the only media available in late Victorian […]