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April 2014

Want a new coach? Well, not that many!

By Tony Attwood

Man U want a new manager, and that means Louis van Gaal according to the pundits. But it seems he wants to bring five specialist staff with him and Man U don’t like that because they brought in a whole team of new people with whatever the guy’s name is – […]

Arsenal, ruling North London. What does it mean?

By Walter Broeckx

As a non local Londoner I am different from local Gooners. Not in my support for Arsenal but in the way I look at the rivalry with the fans in white.

I do admit that when talking with other fans from other clubs you get a general feeling about the club in […]

A 25 point discount for the start next season? Of course. Roll up.

By Tony Attwood

This is a site which considers football from the point of view of supporters who support Arsenal – the club, the manager, the board, the team, the history, the style.

So why do we bother with stories concerning the likes of Portsmouth, Birmingham, Aston Villa, Leeds United, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Rangers?

Because […]

Suarez fails against the top clubs; Chelsea win the mini league

By Walter Broeckx

With only one win needed in our last two games and even that is not really necessary if Manchester City win at Everton next Saturday we might say that the teams in the top 4 will be those that are there now.

The order between the first 3 is not yet set […]

19 years above Tottenham, 17 years in the Champs league, and a lot of fun and laughter.

By Tony Attwood

So, what was it actually like, actually being there, at the Emirates, watching a game like Arsenal v Newcastle?

It is, as it is most of the time with Arsenal, amusing, jolly, funny, friendly, interesting, warming…. It is in fact exactly the opposite of what you might imagine if you ever […]

Natural order restored

By Walter Broeckx

First thing first: Happy St. Totteringhamsday to all you Gooners out there!

We will be back to comment on this fact in later articles of course. But now we will start with the match and the natural order in that.

Apart from one time in the second half when Goufran could escape […]

Newcastle Preview | Danny Dyer and Depressed Sloths.

Mourinho wasted 180 minutes of our lives and got called a genius for it.


Lately, Newcastle have displayed about as much motivation as a depressed sloth – which is understandable considering they hit the 40 point mark sometime back in January. Incidentally, around the time Cabaye left and Pardieu started fighting people. Since […]

Arsenal v Newcastle – 28 April 2014 – The most biased ref of all.

Arsenal v Newcastle – 28 April 2014 – The Match Officials

By Andrew Crawshaw

Referee – Neil Swarbrick Assistants – L Betts & I Hussin Fourth Official – C Pawson


A second time this year for Mr Swarbrick, we had him in our away game to Villa in January which we won 2 – […]

A very important match against Newcastle; looking for St Totteridge.

By Walter Broeckx

A few weeks ago I wrote that the FA/PL/PGMOL would do all they could to make it a 3 horse race as long as possible. I think even Steven Gerrard fell for this scenario yesterday. We are not going to let this slip he said a few games ago I have been […]

Wenger or what?

WENGER or WHAT? By Don McMahon


Our witless whiners and moody moaners (otherwise known as the AAA) and even some rational denizens of the Arsenal Republic have been and still are crying for Wenger to be replaced with anyone who isn’t available….so what’s new? There are a number of reasons why a new manager […]

Coaching in the Premier League is unstable and unsustainable; and why England won’t ever win the world cup again


By Tony Attwood


One of the original pieces of research that Untold has broken over the years was that which revealed the key to international success in football. The story has since become commonplace, and has oft been repeated in newspapers and on TV, but I’m still proud that it was this […]

Cesc to Arsenal this summer. Well, there’s a chance…

By Walter Broeckx


Usually Untold is not the place to find the daily big transfer rumours that are posted around the internet. And when we do it we usually get it wrong completely. That might be one reason to stay clear of it as much as possible. Even though it would invite clicks and […]

Wenger stays, worries about Sagna and Vermaelen, Untold at the Final

. By Tony Attwood .

According to comments circulating Friday and Saturday, Arsène Wenger has told Arsenal he will sign a new deal to stay on as manager.

After 18 seasons in charge and with the challenge for Champions League spot still on, we now find Arsenal as the only rival […]

What will happen over FFP? Looks like we got it right.

By Tony Attwood

With Untold appearing and disappearing like a thing that appears and disappears quite a lot, it is possible that you might have missed one or two of our great insights in recent weeks.

As far as I can tell all the articles that should be there, are there, so you can […]

If we did need a striker, who would it be?

By Tony Attwood

Five strikers to solve Arsenal’s supposed problems.

As you may know, if you have followed Untold through our difficult times of late, I’m not at all convinced we need another striker. But the fact is that we did make a title charge, once the focus of a flurry of online betting at […]

How Tottenham tried to prevent Arsenal from signing Ozil

By Tony Attwood It is a view propagated by lazy journalists that transfers are just things that clubs do. Dead simple. Arsenal need a new player in the certain position, so they identify the best player out there, and buy him. . It is an interesting and rather amusing approach based on the notion that […]

Watch out Mourinho, Dean is not one to mess with

By Walter Broeckx


Note: Because of serious cyberattacks on our site we have been off line for a few days. Slowly we are back on track and we will publish articles again. This one is slightly out of date but still very interesting to see what will happen in the future.



Are we back in business? Untold Arsenal fights back

By Walter Broeckx

While typing this with hesitating fingers it looks as if the site is back in our hands. Finally.

I hope it will continue for a longer period this time.

In short what happened to us over the last weeks was that we suddenly got under a major attack. Attacks flying in from […]

Why Arsenal should avoid the pressure to drop Fabianski for the FA Cup Final

By Tony Attwood

Lukasz Fabianski will leave Arsenal in the summer, to pursue the first team football that his recent Arsenal performances deserve. It’s a shame, but that’s how it goes. No team manages to keep two top keepers long-term.

He’ll be one of many players to have left in recent years for a wide […]

Cup final thoughts: do smoke bombs damage your mental stability?

By Walter Broeckx

As Untold Arsenal is a site that talks about football in general and not only about Arsenal I would like to talk about the cup final in Holland. And there are a few links with Arsenal in this. And with articles written on Untold in the last months. And the Hull – […]

How the press let us all down, by failing to expose the Football Association for what it is.

By Tony Attwood

If you are a regular reader of my ramblings on Untold you might recall that a while back I reported that Sport England had decided to cut funding to the FA by £1.6 million a year after participation levels among adult males in England dropped.

Now our national press did its regular […]

Chelsea suffer from not taking ref reviews seriously; Telegraph ignores history and reality.

By Tony Attwood

Doing research and taking note of the information that is available to you, is part of the job if you are going to comment. Whether you are a manager, a blogger, a pundit or a journalist, knowing a little bit about the game is helpful. As is reading the research that others […]

What are they smoking at FA headquarters?

By Walter Broeckx

When looking at the way Arsenal filled up Wembley for a very big part I really couldn’t understand the decision from the FA to only give some 25.000 ticket to Arsenal. I don’t know how many tickets will be given to Hull but I can imagine that this will be the same […]

Hull, advertising boards, Poldi brace, Özil back, and some nice football

By Walter Broeckx

The starting line up had a few changes compared to the West Ham United match. Vermaelen had to be withdrawn as he got a hamstring injury shortly before the match. Monreal came in at left back. And as he has been criticized a lot lately I just want to say he had […]

Away to The Hull Badgers

It’s Cup final season, so in the spiritual sense every game is a cup final. This one is no different, aside from it being a little different from your classic cup final. What it is though, is a nice chance to size each other up before Wembley.

Hull City are one of the few struggling […]