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Four Signings and a Wedding.

Four Signings and a Wedding.

By Ian Jenkinson


It has been a busy time both for Arsenal and me this summer. While Arsenal has been busy extending their family, I have been busy planning a wedding. I am due to be married this Friday and the excitement is really high in our house as […]

Refereeing the referees: is it a Northern thing or worse?

By Walter Broeckx

On this site we have spend a lot of time debating not only the decisions of the referees in matches but also have done a lot of work in analysing the way the PGMOL works.

And one of the things we have found is that for a rather unknown reason there is […]

Guardian joins BT Sport in the forefront of this anti-Arsenal season

By Tony Attwood

Politically I much prefer the liberal credentials of the Guardian to the right wing approach of the Daily Mail.

But credit where it is due. The Daily Mail has actually done its own analysis of this coming season’s prices and come up with, among other thing, this little gem…

Tottenham’s £1895 season […]

The Invincibles Mark 2? No; more likely The Untouchables.


by Don McMahon


There has been a great deal of speculation, hypothesizing and ruminating about Wenger’s intent in buying so many top class players in such a short time and many of these posts maintain that he wants to recreate the Invincibles of yesteryear.

However I am convinced that anyone thinking […]

The pain of Southampton as Calum Chambers joins Arsenal

By Walter Broeckx

As Arsenal this summer wants to drive us poor bloggers to the limit another signing was announced yesterday. Hardly 36 hours after the last signing of Ospina we now were informed that young defender/midfielder Calum Chambers joined Arsenal coming over from Southampton.

This is not the first time in history that Arsenal […]

Arsenal score multiple own goals at once in their biggest error yet

Arsenal Football Club and BT Sport have today extended their partnership for a further two years.

Yes quite unbelievably that is the headline on at the moment I write this. Of course they might realise just how much this is going to annoy a lot of fans, and […]

Official complaint towards Mr. Wenger, Mr. Gazidis and the board

By Walter Broeckx

Dear Arsène, Dear Ivan and Dear Board members,

I hope you don’t mind that we call you by your first name (this is of course for you Mr. Wenger and Mr. Gazidis). But as we have been very supportive for you all these years you will probably forgive us for taken that […]

Wenger getting some deserved praise

By Walter Broeckx

The other day I found this interview that was published in Sports Illustrated. It was an interview and some interesting words that Gazidis has said. The full interview can be found here and there are other interesting things you can get from it. But I want to highlight just one part of […]

BT Sprout is an Arsenal partner. So why are they on the attack?

By Tony Attwood

On 5 August 2013 Untold ran an article with the heading BT Sport: easily the worst TV sports station of all time

But taking no notice of our concerns Arsenal went ahead and signed a partnership deal with the Sprout in October 2013. It is a deal that allows Sprout to promote […]

David Ospina the untold facts and predictions

By Walter Broeckx

As has been a public secret for a few days now, and has been confirmed by yesterday, David Ospina will join Arsenal and will fight with Szczesny for the number one spot in goal this season.

So who is he? An attempt to fill in the gaps that nobody really fills […]

Calum Chambers spotted on the M3

By Tony Attwood with a pair of binoculars

Calum Chambers, 19, is said by those who seem to know these things, to have agreed personal terms to move to Arsenal and completed a medical on Friday. The BBC are saying he is signing today.

There is nothing about him on But then the […]

Arsenal sign Ospina (again)

According to the BBC (which is not always accurate but is more accurate than any other news organisation I know) Arsenal have now signed Colombia goalkeeper David Ospina.

And that is not according to “sources” and not a “we understand” but according to the BBC it is according […]

The Untold Live blog NYRB-Arsenal

By Walter Broeckx

Good evening dear readers welcome to our live blog where we will bring you in an Untold way some live thoughts about the match between NYRB against Arsenal.

The Arsenal starting line up will be : Szczesny, Jenkinson, Hayden, Monreal, Gibbs, Ramsey, Arteta, Wilshere, Zelalem, Rosicky, Cazorla

And on the beach as […]

Red Bull game on TV, signing Chambers, William Carvalho, Champs league draw…

By Tony Attwood

I know that in running this blog I’m supposed to know stuff, but sometimes I don’t. The only thing about that I can say is that at least I sometimes come out and admit it.

And I am admitting that I don’t know if tonight’s game […]

How do you drink your coffee? Black or with…

By Walter Broeckx

Yesterday there was a story doing the rounds about a practical joke that was perpetrated while Arsenal were travelling in the USA.

The story was that Flamini, Gibbs and Szczesny replaced the cup of coffee that Wenger was going to drink and put a cup of gravy in the place. The story […]

Wenger suggests Henry return. Media get their knives into Arsenal.

By Tony Attwood

For weeks the headlines have been endless. Indeed just to take the headlines that are on web sites this morning, the Independent goes with, “Beautiful goals and beautiful attacks: Van Gaal pleased with start to life at United” while the Telegraph is running ‘Giggs: Van Gaal is the new Sir Alex and […]

New York: the launch of the career of Chuba Akpom

By Tony Attwood

So, as you will have seen, Arsenal have taken about 2,356 midfielders to New York, but only one centre forward: Chuba Akpom.

Actually I think I miscounted on the midfielders, and the number is actually 11. But still it is quite a few for just one game.

Here’s the full list

Goalkeepers: […]

No Barcelona DNA this time?

By Walter Broeckx

There hasn’t been made a big fuss about it but Arsenal have signed another youngster from the famous Barcelona academy.

Georgios Spanoudakis is his name and in Barcelona his is known as Giorgio. His name sounds Greek and that is natural as his father comes from Greece but the boy was born […]

Arsenal remain in the low tier for cheaper seats

By Tony Attwood

Another summer, another survey showing that Arsenal is the most expensive football club to watch.

Except of course it isn’t. It all depends on what you mean by most expensive. If you mean, the highest possible price for a ticket, yes that is the case for Arsenal. But if you start taking […]

All aboard. But who is all?

By Walter Broeckx

So on board the team will go today heading for New York. A few more players started training this week. The players from teams from the world cup that went home after the group phase.

Santi Cazorla posted a picture of himself seemingly in a very happy mood when going back to […]

Arsenal agree the third signing, and the news we have all been waiting for…

By Tony Attwood

OK let’s get the news we have all been waiting for out of the way first. It is in the headline in the The Daily Star today, and I quote verbatim…

Arsenal have NOT bid for Mario Balotelli…

Yep, after five weeks […]

Arsène Wenger finds this year’s young star and ignores/signs Khedira

By Tony Attwood

Arsène Wenger has spoken about the potential of Chris Willock who played in the Boreham Wood game.

Now I must admit, watching the match on the computer, I didn’t really notice the 16 year old that much, so I quickly went back to Walter’s article on the game and found, no, he […]

Where Arsenal will certainly buy

By Walter Broeckx

Don’t worry I will not declare myself an ITK (‘In The Know’) person and tell you the big or smaller transfer targets from Arsenal and Wenger. No, I will try to go over the team we have and then see where we could or should add something.

Let us start with the […]

Is there no end to the stupidity of club owners?

By Tony Attwood

The way football club owners operate never ceases to amaze me. I had my rant about the lack of support for the Arsenal Fanshare scheme from the two largest shareholders, over the weekend (still no formal communication from them unfortunately), and going back to the end of last […]

Roll up roll up. Get your tortured genius.

Will we sign a defensive midfielder? If so which one?

The story is that Arsenal will havve to pay £24 million up front to get Sporting Lisbon midfielder William Carvalho. Arsenal, it is said, have offered exactly that sum of money in two stage payments. And it is said (again) that Carvalho has a […]