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Check? check! check? check! All aboard!

By Walter Broeckx

When I write this I know that in some 24 hours time I will be in my car close to Calais. And when you read this you might well be making your plans perhaps in your car or other means of transport you use on your way to Wembley or to the […]

Understanding Özil: where the armchair supporters get it wrong

By Sam

I do not usually ridicule the comments of “armchair supporters” since I barely attend any live games (simply because I have a young family and cannot afford to spend the time or money to do so). However, I was at Old Trafford for the Arsenal game (incidentally sitting with the “home” […]

The biggest failures in football of 2014/15

By Tony Attwood

It was the Guardian who came up with the Biggest Flop contest. They did carefully ignore their own magnificent failure to see how a change in Swiss law would cause Fifa a trifle of embarrassment, or indeed how the media would universally refuse to acknowledge its own compliance in Fifa’s dominance of […]