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Barca could owe Arsenal £3m, and other funny tales

By Tony Attwood

Now here’s a funny one. Or rather a funny addition to a funny one.

When Thomas Vermaelen played for Arsenal I thought he was a Good Thing (to use the technical term). He played 110 league games for us and everything about him looked good.

But then he got a long […]

Who will Arsenal buy and how will they do it? Two different views.

That’s from today’s Telegraph and refers to an article by Jeremy Wilson in the paper.

And before we go into the detail it is worth asking, was the purchase of Ozil and the purchase of […]

Where have all the managers gone….

By Walter Broeckx

Sometimes the strangest things can lead to a new article for Untold. I was sitting in my chair the other day listening to the radio when the old song “Where have all the flowers gone” originally from Peter Seeger came on. For some inexplicable reason it suddenly sounded in my head the […]