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Arsenal vs Manchester Utd. Expect elbowing and wrestling with impunity.

The Referee Preview

by Andrew Crawshaw

Following Usama and Walter’s review of the Chelsea game Ref Review : Chelsea – Arsenal. How Mike Dean & Co screwed an entire game… here is the updated table of shame

Wrong Important Decisions Favouring Arsenal Favouring Opponents 2nd Yellow Cards 0 7 Red Cards 0 6 Penalties 0 […]

PGMO: how long do we have to put up with this useless organisation?

By Walter Broeckx

Every year, every f*cking year, season after season after season after season Untold Arsenal has been banging the drum about the gross incompetence of the PGMO the organisation that is responsible for delivering the referees for the PL and of course as he is their main man Mike Riley. Mike Riley who […]

Gary Neville the telepathic footballer, and the drive towards evidence based analysis

By Tony Attwood . Gary Neville has written a little piece in the Telegraph about how the only thing that Arsenal need to change in order to win the league is their preparation before a match. . As is the way with the modern Telegraph article it is a piece full of pictures (because […]