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Why big clubs are no longer being bought and sold: re-interpreting the evidence

. By Tony Attwood. . How to be a millionaire – 1. Be a billionaire and start an airline. How to be a millionaire – 2. Be a billionaire and buy a football club. . Same old same old. You’ve almost certainly heard one or probably both of those before. But such comments haven’t stopped […]

The sad rise of the Fantasy Football Manager

By Kev

The sad rise of the Fantasy Football Manager

So Brendan Rogers is the latest casualty. After failed attempts to destabilise Arsenal and manoeuvre Wenger closer to the exit door, the FFM get their other man. But who is the FFM?

Saturated TV coverage, Dream Team Competitions and computer games consoles have created a […]

Arsenal and top matches

By Walter Broeckx

For years we had to hear the same old story: Arsenal cannot win the top matches so they are no good. And each time we drop points this gets repeated by the media and the 5-second brigade.

And even Neville came out with the wrong preparation for top matches last week. I […]