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PGMO ready to recommend that all league referees should be armed during matches.

By Dr Billy “the dog” McGraw (senior weaponry advisor to Professional Game Match Officials Ltd)

The secretive organisation, PGMO, which is believed to control football refereeing at the professional level in England, have long been rumoured to be closely associated with the Italian Mafia, and it seems that the influence of their patrons is spreading.


Nacho Monreal from weaker link to top left back

By Walter Broeckx

As I talked about Francis Coquelin the other day a few of our readers said that for them Monreal was one of the absolute revelations of the last year too. I urge you to not do this, as in a way it takes away the surprise about the new articles I already […]

The masters of failure and ineptitude; but why are supporters having to pay for their errors?

By Tony Attwood.

One of the great consquences that there might be if Fifa falls is that the FA, a big supporter of Fifa, of Jack Warner and of Platini, might fall down into the hole with them.

It doesn’t matter whether it has been the FA’s inability to deal with Richard Scuadmore’s sexist commentary […]