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The strange case of Adebayor, the miracle football and the missing motivation

By Tony Attwood

There is a somewhat strange article on Football365 today under the headline “Sign him: If Adebayor cares, Adebayor scores” by Sarah Winterburn who I think used to work for Sky Sports and now seems to have moved.

She does that thing of listing all the stuff she says everyone else is talking […]

Ref Review : Arsenal – Newcastle

Please note: if you find this or any of the ref reviews spreads over into the right hand column, and is hidden by the data there, on most computers you can click Ctrl – (ie Control minus) and the zoom will reduce by 10%. The reverse process is Ctrl +



Supposing the world reported in the media had nothing at all to do with the actual world around you…

By Tony Attwood

North Korea is apparently a fairly awful place where the populace is reduced to near starvation as the family that runs the show spends money on itself, its army, its propaganda and nuclear weapons.

How do I know this? Because I read it in the papers and I saw it on TV. […]