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When TV, radio and the newspapers invent a football story with no basis in fact, what’s happening?

By Tony Attwood

Over the years I have become very interested in the way that the media do and don’t report certain issues in football. Perhaps the most famous was the Rangers tax case in which one web site constantly hacked away at the story while the Scottish media ignored it totally and the English […]

Destroying the game: how the stand off between Sky and fans over fixture changes can be resolved

By Tony Attwood

I am as appalled as anyone over the way Sky has had the power to change the timing of the Leicester game, not least because I know how much difficulty this has meant for Walter and the members of Arsenal Belgium. And not just because I count these guys as my friends, […]

Death by ankle tap: A most curious moment in the history of Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

I recall during my student days when I was an active member of the students’ union, taking part in one of our regular political debates when one fellow student rose up and commented that what I had just said was in contradiction to something I had said at another meeting a couple […]