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Sky-way robbery? Time to fight back, football fans

by Ché ‘Blacksheep’ Guevara

The moving of the Arsenal v. Leicester City game from Saturday 13 February to lunchtime on the Sunday won’t inconvenience me from a travel perspective but it will give me an awkward decision to make (given its Valentine’s day). I think I know what I will do but at least I […]

How to become an Arsenal legend

Tim Charlesworth

I must confess, I am a little over-excited at the news that Coquelin is ‘back in training’. Of course, it is never quite clear what is meant by this sort of thing. Wenger can be a bit of tease, and it may well be that he is not ready to play for a […]

It’s the bloody TV companies that run and ruin football

By Walter Broeckx

Recently Tony has written a few articles about who is running football. Today I will be writing who is ruining football.

As you may know I am the president of Arsenal Belgium, the official supporters club of Arsenal in Belgium. And when we had a look at the fixture list a few […]