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Leicester fans take the anti-Arsenal as a blueprint rather than a dire warning of how to screw your own club

by Bulldog Drummond

Before we get down to our usual coverage of past matches between the two clubs there is a lovely story in the local Leicester newspaper today

Claudio Ranieri linked with Tottenham in strangest transfer rumour of season

The sub-heading reads

“The former Leicester City boss looks set to leave Nantes this summer […]

Leicester v Arsenal: what the form book tells us – it’s a little more encouraging perhaps

By Bulldog Drummond

So we’re off to Leicester tomorrow for our own personal final farewell to Mr Wenger. And this means looking again at the rather gruesome away record we have.

It really has been a truly horrible away season, and it must be a great relief all round that Arsenal don’t need to get […]

The fixture list is fixed: finally a little bit more of the truth comes out.

By Tony Attwood

In November 2016 we ran the story “Arsenal in November. Exactly how bad are we year after year?”

It was a piece that examined one of the regular adages that had become beloved of lazy football journalists – a simple explanation as to why Arsenal are so awful as a football […]