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So not Arteta after all. It looks like Dick Emery, or maybe that’s just my poor eyesight.

By the Untold Arsenal Managerial Executive Committee & Bif the dog. . And if you don’t get the headline don’t worry. It’s a very English joke that Blacksheep came up with. . Anyway. the man from PSG is apparently coming to Arsenal after Arteta blew his chances by demanding total control of transfers in […]

Mr Abramovich, the new stadium, Wembley, and stuff.

By The Arsenal Speculator

You will of course have heard about Mr Abramovich and his trouble with getting a visa which would allow him to live in England. The general consensus seems to be for the moment that this could be part of a broader process of checking by UK banks to see if they […]

Total control and total dominance can work, but in the end innovation in football suffers

by The Arsenal Philosopher.

When Arsenal invited Arsene Wenger to manage the club, they knew what they were getting – a man who exercised total control over everything in the club, from the menus to the transfers, from the design of the academy to who to give young player contracts to.

And now there is […]