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That question of negative runs: Klopp, Tottenham and who has won what

By Tony Attwood

I was fascinated by a newspaper comment today that read “Klopp who has over-achieved. But he has also now lost six successive finals,” as it took me back to an issue we recently debated.

Wenger in his 22 years at Arsenal lost three League Cup, one FA Cup and Champions League final. […]

Can Arsenal Regain Their Momentum Under Emery?


Accident Claims for Untold Arsenal

Can Arsenal Regain Their Momentum Under Emery?

Arsenal have just had one of their worst seasons for many years ending up in sixth place. Although they made it to the final of the League Cup they missed out on all the domestic trophies apart from the Community Shield […]

Arsenal’s squad for next season, including home grown and under 21 status.

Figures by Andrew Crawshaw. Interpretation and vague meanderings by Tony Attwood

Below is the list of the 28 players currently logged as being in Arsenal’s first team who will count as over 21 for next season.

Because it always brings a bit of debate each summer, the detail of the “over 21” malarkey is […]

Can Unai Emery Reinvigorate Arsenal?


Legal Expert for Untold Arsenal

Can Unai Emery Reinvigorate Arsenal?

There is no denying that Arsenal have had a pretty dismal season with the Community Shield the only silverware they have managed to claim. It’s been a long time since the glory days under Arsene Wenger. Although European triumph has eluded him, under […]

How far do repeated negative appraisals of a team by the media affect players and fans?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

My little job on Untold, as you may have noticed over the past few years, is to write about what the media say about Arsenal. Some people then write to the site saying we have far too much coverage of the media here, and others suggest I am an idiot, but […]