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Five great players, six great reserves and Arsenal win the league

By Tony Attwood

An interesting piece in the Telegraph today includes a review of Granit Xhaka which instead of just joining in the general “he’s rubbish get him out” actually looks, as we tried to do earlier this season, at his figures. Their commentary reads, “Divides opinion, doesn’t always track his runner and is […]

Arsenal are said to be trying to find new defenders. Why age could be an issue.

By Tony Attwood

You can’t read a transfer rumour about Arsenal without the issue of defenders coming up. One is retiring, one is out injured for the rest of the year and one (or is that two?) are useless. So we desperately need defenders by the shed load.

I’m not sure what the general opinion […]

Fifa aims for greater control of football with new summer club competition

by Tony Attwood

It was only a few weeks ago that Arsène Wenger suggested that a European Super League was on the way. In saying that he made the point that one way for the Premier League to respond might be to cut itself to 16 teams.

That would leave Manchester City as champions for […]