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 Just 50 days to go: which clubs are spending, which are selling?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

The last day of buying for PL clubs is August 9 and the last day of selling is August 31 as usual. Which means that there are 50 days to go.

So far the spending of the top six PL clubs from last season, according to figures published by the Guardian, […]

The Arsenal youngsters destined to become household names

By Tony Attwood, with data from Andrew Crawshaw

I suspect most Arsenal fans have a particular affection for players who come up through the club from a young age and make it into the first team. Perhaps doubly so when they are so evidently Arsenal born and bred as Jack Wilshere. Which is what makes […]

In out in out: Arsenal’s 25 starts to take shape; but sadly, Farewell Jack.

By Tony Attwood

So Jack is on the way out, after a long wait before confirming. He leaves in 10 days time.

He is said to have stated that he was leaving because, “playing time would be significantly reduced” under the club’s new manager, Unai Emery. Fit and at his best he was an […]