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The 10 Factors that make PL match fixing more likely next season

By Tony Attwood

If you’ve been around Untold for a while you’ll know we’ve been watching refereeing in the PL for over ten years years, and we’ve taken on a whole range of projects, culminating in analysing the first 160 games of a season and working out how many referee decisions were wrong.

With that […]

Do I really have to pay this much money for censorship, games I won’t watch, and people moaning?

By Tony Attwood

In a year’s time it will cost around £1000 a year to subscribe to the three “outlets” (what a ghastly word) that will divide up Arsenal matches on TV for UK watches: Sky Sprout, BT Moan and now Amazon. I haven’t got a silly alternative name for Amazon Footie yet, but I […]