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We’re predicting Arsenal will finish third this season. So how can it be done?

By Tony Attwood

In recent articles I have been looking at what next season’s Premier League table might look like. In the first article we showed there was a link between how much clubs spent in the transfer window and whether they would go up or down. Then in the second article considered how this […]

Why are two PL managers feeling miffed about the change in transfer window rules?

By Dr Billy “the Dog” McGraw

It is always rather encouraging when one hears managers of other clubs moaning, whinging and whining. Of course much of the time, the moaning is all made up to cover what is happening, but even so, there seems to be a certain level of uncertainty in one or two […]

Where will Arsenal end up next season? What the scientific predicterometer reveals is quite a surprise.

By Tony Attwood

Yesterday we unveiled our new prediction process in the article How much does it cost in transfer fees to take a club up one place in the PL?

It looked at purchases for last season and showed how they resulted to rises or declines in the position in the league table.

In […]

This is the Unai Emery Show

By Chayasai

Unai Emery has not only brought a load of confidence back to the squad after their poor finish – by their own lofty standards – last season , he has also instilled in them a sense of pride in playing in Arsenal Shirts , a heightened sense of […]

How much does it cost in transfer fees to take a club up one place in the PL?

by Tony Attwood

Initially, as the transfer window approached this summer, the story was that Arsenal would have a summer spending limit of £50m. Then a little later that was raised to £70m. So the first question I asked was where did that extra £20,000,000 turn up from.

Of course I’m not privy to the […]

It looks like being a record year for Arsenal transfer rumours as we reach 115

by Sir Hardly Anyone

From the mountains of Rutland in Englandshire, home of the nation’s finances and wealth, I can now give you an indication that this is going to be a record year for rumours of Arsenal transfers.

In the summer of 2016 we reached a grand total of 115 transfer rumours by the […]

Arsenal face conundrum of too many players as media show how to knock a team that won 5-1.

by Tony Attwood

There is no doubt about it: Arsenal have a rare collection of extremely talented young players available for the coming season. While everyone last season would have known about Eddie and Maitland-Niles now we have a plethora of names to add to those giving us a list that looks like this…


Arsenal v PSG: Arsenal lineup confirmed; the game – it’s 5-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the line up for the match, I hope. Different “outlets” are outletting all sorts of strange stories but I think this is the right one

Starting XI:


Bellerin, Sokratis, Mustafi, Kolasinac;

Guendouzi, Elneny;


Mkhitaryan, Iwobi; Aubameyang


That looks rather good […]

Arsenal v PSG: Arsenal lineup updated

By Bulldog Drummond

Update: ESPN are showing

19 Bernd Leno 20 Shkodran Mustafi 5 Sokratis Papastathopoulos 31 Sead Kolasinac 2 Héctor Bellerín 10 Mesut Özil 4 Mohamed Elneny 29 Matteo Guendouzi 14 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 17 Alex Iwobi 7 Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Foot Lond are saying that we “will get to see Mesut Ozil, Alex Iwobi and […]

The Top 10 Arsenal stories of the day and no mistake!

Gathered and preserved by Sir Hardly Anyone and the man behind the bar at the Rutland Pug.

STORY ONE: Guess who?

FootLon that website owned by the Daily Mirror that loves to put forth 40 tales a day has a new tactic with the headline “Arsenal news live: Star ‘shakes hands’ on deal, Gunners […]

Why was Matteo Guendouzi so inexpensive? Is this Gilles Grimandi up to his works again?

by Tony Attwood

Finding out about players who Arsenal have signed and who are not already super starios can be difficult. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of websites with the same headline “Matteo Guendouzi: all you need to know about Arsenal’s new signing” and they don’t tell me anything like I need to know.

Like […]

Arsenal v Atletico Madrid; Ron Manager returns!!!

by Tony Attwood

There used to be a programme on TV in the UK called the Fast Show which featured Ron Manager the TV commentator on football. In case you never came across him here he is

And amazingly Premier Sports 1, which is showing the current pre-season tournament in the UK brought him […]

Pre season friendly : Atletico Madrid – Arsenal 1-1

By Walter Broeckx

The line up fort his first match in the International Champions cup against Atletico Madrid is: Leno, Bellerin, Mustafi, Holding, Kolasinac, Ramsey, Guendouzi, Nelson, Smit Rowe, Aubameyang, Lacazette. So one could say some experience at the back and up front and Ramsey with the kids in the middle.

A really troublesome start […]

Arsenal v Atletico Madrid: all you need to know, the league table, the team and the Tottenham game

By Bulldog Drummond

Ahead of Arsenal’s game which kicks off shortly we now have the first league table to emerge out of the ICC tournament thus far and it reminds us of the special arrangements being made in this competition.

Indeed it makes rather interesting, if occasionally bemusing, reading . For what it brings […]

The 10 biggest Arsenal news stories in the last 12 hours, all on one page.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

So here we are again, with the top ten tales from the “outlets” as they call each other.

And I’m back with Albert Blizzard of the The Buzzard who was bemoaning a complaint from his editor. “He told me,” Albert announced after tucking into his pint and whisky chaser, “that my […]

Let’s stand with Ozil. Here’s how to start…

By Don McMahon

My heart is heavy and my mind in turmoil after having read Mesut Ozil’s scathing attack on racism in German football and in Germany itself.

I lived in Germany for two years and really enjoyed being there, especially for the football. However, after reading his exposé about […]

Next season’s top six: how tactical changes will affect each club’s position for 2018/9

by Tony Attwood

How could changes in tactic lead to each club’s tactics will affect their position in the top six?

As always with analyses of tactics, we need to consider the effect of actions. For example goal kicks or throw ins being intercepted by the opposition are frustrating, and can be called “errors”, but […]

Which teams will make the top four next season, and how will we line up?

By Tony Attwood

Sports Keeda today say, “The Gunners start their campaign on August 12 against reigning champions Manchester City at the Emirates, before making a short trip to London rivals Chelsea a week later. If Wenger was still in charge, most supporters would have expected precisely no points from these two fixtures.”

This is […]

The ghost that wins football awards. Amidst the gibberish, some truth about Mesut.

by Tony Attwood

OK let’s try and weigh this up. My view is that we are not going to buy any more players because

a) the budget was £70m and that has gone.

b) Arsenal have far too many players to fit into the artificial “17” and “25” limits, and so need to sell or […]

The new transfers and the full list of the 110 players coming our way this summer.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It is a most curious coincidence that when a big story (such as Mesut finally having had enough of racism in Germany) breaks, it always happens just at the moment when the transfer tales dry up. I mean it couldn’t be that these fellas down the public house are actually making […]

If we have lowered expectations for the start of the season that can only be good.

By Tony Attwood

Football is instant – players, clubs and managers are only as good as their last result – or for those with a long term memory, the last three results.

Which has been rather damaging to Arsenal across the last ten years if we look at the results.

Season W D L Pos […]

Mesut Özil takes the right step: but international football will always be racist

By Tony Attwood

And so Mesut Özil has removed himself from international football. I’m glad he has and can only wish he had done it earlier.

Mesut is one of those players who not only has a choice of which team to play for, but also which country to play for and he chose the […]

When Arsenal signed a cup winner for £2m and a lot of “fans” sneered

The Arsenal anniversary series appears daily on the Arsenal History Society web site – except it can’t this weekend as we’ve been upgrading that site from http to https – and something has gone amiss. So until we get that fixed, I’m posting the daily list of anniversaries on Untold.

Hopefully the History Society, both […]

Should Arsenal sell seven players now, or buy? Summer is a-coming in.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

The figures show we need to sell or loan seven before we should be buying any more, but still the pundits urge the club ever more forward with desperate cries for more and more buys. Indeed you know things are desperate when players are not longer spotted at the airport but […]

Translating the current Arsenal rumours into English while going wild.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

As appropriate to one of my name, there are hardly any rumours to report anymore. The media is seems have given up on Arsenal and are now focused on Tottenham, where such mongering of rumours is easier given that they have signed no one as of the last time I looked.