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The big issues facing football, and why no one is addressing them.

by Tony Attwood

Slowly very slowly football clubs in England are starting to realise that there is not going to be a return to the old ways, at least not any time soon. There are too many problems – the current season running past the end of contract date, actually finding time […]

The 10 Transfers that Arsenal are about to make

By Sir Hardly Anyone

A quick peek in through the shuttered windows of the Toppled Bollard (favourite drinking house of football journalists across London) reveals the awful truth. It’s shut.

Which is why the rumour mill has stopped milling – or at least has reduced its normally feverish output to the merest trickle of […]

Why this is the moment to feel good about Arsenal

by Christophe Jost

I feel good.

Yep, that is how a feel about Arsenal. Really. No kidding. No sarcasm. And I am not day-dreaming either, I think.

Let me explain.

The team

As I mentioned the other day, Arsenal have 4 contracts expiring this summer. One is an Arsenal player, Matt Macey. the 3 players […]