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Football’s starting up again. Oh yes it is. Oh no it isn’t. (Reportedly)

By Tony Attwood

Fifpro, the union of professional footballers which is established across the world (although rivalled in England by the PFA) conducted a survey of some 1,600 footballers (1,134 men and 468 women) from England, France, Switzerland, South Africa and the United States from March 22 to April 14.

According to his results, “22% […]

What the press won’t talk about in relation to football

By Tony Attwood

On 17 April Untold Arsenal ran the headline, “Football is being taken over by those fighting their own wars. Can Arsenal survive?” In the subsequent article we set out the battle that was now being fought between Arabic countries with football as the battle ground. Here’s the simple table we ran…

Club […]

The six new players Arsenal are being tipped to sign this week

by Sir Hardly Anyone

It is extraordinary that in a time when we don’t actually know when football might begin again, let alone how much money clubs will have, at a time when players are being asked to give up their salaries, and clubs are starting to talk about not being able to continue […]