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Red bull II

By Tony Attwood

Here is an interesting situation. A lot of smaller clubs are now in financial difficulty. Some of the Premier League clubs are sitting on significant cash reserves. Two giant groups have established themselves in terms of buying up clubs to create a worldwide network: The City Group centred on Manchester City and […]

There are two organisations buying multiple clubs. Will there be more?

by Tony Attwood

We have got used to thinking about the resourceless acquisition of football clubs by the City Football Group which includes Manchester City, New York City, Melbourne City, Yokohama F. Marinos, Montevideo City Torque, Girona, Sichuan Jiuniu (China), Mumbai City FC and Lommel SK (Belgium).

But it is always worth […]

The 82 players tipped to come to Arsenal this summer

By Sir Hardly Anyone

I have a nasty feeling that some of our esteemed journalistic colleagues do little than work through the list of players in the world in alphabetical order, tipping them to come to Arsenal. For how else do we account for the fact five of the seven new names in this […]

How come we’re still arguing while Germany is up and running?

By Tony Attwood

It is interesting that, although it is not full steam ahead for football in Germany, France, Switzerland and multiple other countries, there is a clear pathway being set out in relation to the future of football. Even League Two in England has managed to see its way forward.

But the Premier League? […]

10 more players who are coming to (or staying at) Arsenal, according to reports

By Sir Hardly Anyone (and a friend)

Part 1: Aubua is leaving home but Jovic may be coming.

“Arsenal fans are convinced that one of their stars is about to sign a new contract” says Caught Offside this week, although the Express says exactly the opposite.

But there is another twist as Sempre […]

The problems with restart

by Tony Attwood

According to a report in the Telegraph, “Premier League clubs have been left stunned after being told that they could have to repay £350 million to the broadcasters – even if the season is completed behind closed doors.”

Apparently this scenario was set out in a presentation given by the Premier […]

Who spends the most on transfers in Europe and League financial support

by Tony Attwood

Professional football clubs in Switzerland have been offered loans to help see them through the current crisis. But there is an interesting caveat. The clubs which take the loan will not only have to repay it but lower their payroll by 20% within three years.

It is an extraordinarily imaginative scheme, because […]

A spot of morality creeps under the door, restart nostart, and Arsenal’s signing

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Does Untold have an impact? OK we seem to have persuaded a few journalists to lay off the use of “reportedly” since we told them the real meaning of the word. But really?

“Reportedly” was, of course, a trivial matter, but an amusing one. But what about noticing the total lack […]

Germany restarts, or perhaps not. Is the PGMO involved in the “Go to work” message?

by Christophe Jost and our on the spot secret agent, plus the Prime Minsiter.

The Bundesliga (1st and 2nd divisions) resume their games next weekend. After a period of planning, political lobbying, medical research, and financial negotiations a plan has been laid out and approved by the German government.

And it is interesting to see […]

What foreign journalists think of the missing ethics of their English counterparts

By Tony Attwood

Some years ago we analysed the way the English newspapers reported Arsenal and found the most amazing bias in those reports. Our report with its analysis is still online here.

There was also a long period in which English journalists ran the story every week that because of Mr Wenger’s training methods […]

The 77 players tipped to be joining Arsenal this summer – the full list

by Sir Hardly Anyone

We have now got another seven players being linked with Arsenal plus a second group the details of whose transfers have been updated just of late.

I really didn’t think we were going to get any fantasy stories at all during the corona-pause but they continue to roll in. The only […]

Saudi Arabian questions as we have been celebrating liberation

by Tony Attwood

Somehow, somewhere there has to be a hierarchy of priorities. Because just in the nature of things, certain aspects of life are more important than others.

And so it is in football. But unfortunately the hierarchy is upside down.

Consider this: what is the more important – the total abolition of human […]

City Group’s expansion is starting to run into legal complexities

By Tony Attwood

If it goes on like this there really won’t be any need for Leagues, broadcasters, the PGMO, and anyone else else, because everything will be done by the City Group. Except that there is a problem with the continual growth of Citygroup, which is called Eurojust.

To give the background…

City Football […]

Football in England and Scotland reveals exactly how an organisation should not be run.

By Tony Attwood

As I have said many times, football in England doesn’t do leadership. Nor, perhaps coincidentally, does football in Scotland.

England’s Premier League clubs are about to have a day of discussion about what happens next and certainly, at this moment it is not clear where this is going to go. […]

Premier League football approaches the cliff edge, but no one seems to mind

by Tony Attwood

An opinion poll by Opinium shows that 60% of the UK population disapprove of the way the government has handled testing for Covid-19.

The survey also shows that more people think the UK has done worse in handling the pandemic than France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Sweden, China, Australia, South Korea and […]

Seven players newly tipped for transfer to Arsenal, in the past four days

By Sir Hardly Anyone

There is no football, the clubs are arguing about how it can be brought back, many players are worried about the arrangement, TV stations are putting the pressure on, the ghost game concept has been questioned in terms of crowds gathering… Meanwhile away from football crowds have been gathering for picnics […]

The outside forces that could turn football upside down

by Tony Attwood

In the post earlier today (Restart is floundering as clubs, players, medics and league argue) I suggested that one factor that might cause a problem with the re-start of football is the incessant arguing that is combined by an element of bullying, as the various interested parties debate what to do about […]

Restart is floundering as clubs, players, medics and league argue

by Tony Attwood

There could have been a swift and simple agreement early on through playing the remaining league games on neutral territory such as in Cyprus, but once that idea broke down, it has indeed been downhill all the way.

After that the idea of playing on a set of neutral venues nominated around […]

Arsenal dominate world list for top teenagers

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It has been many a long year since the broadcasters, blogs and newspapers had a big positive story about Arsenal, but today there is one.

Which is why they have studiously ignored it.

But I have to thank for pointing me to Football Talent Scout – on this occasion and […]

There is something very odd and obscure in Scottish football’s accounts

By Tony Attwood

Under UK law organisations that handle money have to have accounts, and those accounts have to be tied up once a year, and passed to Revenue and Customs, who, if they feel a bit uppity, can ask all sorts of questions.

If everything is felt to be fine, then either tax is […]

When the Arsenal background is far more revealing than the shouting up front

By Tony Attwood

Last night an Arsenal event happened. Not one that you will read about from journalists with their endless tittle and tattle; it was far more important than that. Also not one with shouting about why Arsenal are not buying players, how they’ve got everything wrong financially, where the money has gone or […]

So it’s German football on TV – and its 1-0 to BT Sprout

by Sir Hardly Anyone.

The German League is up and running again, and so is the Sprout which has the rights to show their games. The current deal says BT can show five games a week, but it seems likely that they will negotiate a change to that, as the ghost games come […]

How does stress affect sports performance?

It is not something that we read about very often but the issue of stress is one that is at the heart of playing football at a professional level. Just as actors, musicians, TV presenters and others may or may not feel nerves upon getting up on the stage or in front of the […]

Paedophile case comes back to haunt Man City and Crewe Alex but papers won’t report it

By Tony Attwood

It was almost four years ago that I wrote on this blog that “we have just been told that Manchester City has launched an investigation into links between [the paedophile Barry] Bennell and the club. Meanwhile Crewe Alexandra’s most famous employee, ex-manager and director of football, Dario Gradi, denied any knowledge […]

In a year, football could be unrecognisable

v By Christophe Jost

Football has a fundamental problem of leadership for one very simple reason: all of its “leaders” have vested interests, which are very clearly defined. And yet at the same time, each of the different entities that is trying to have a say in the future of football, knows that they are […]