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Not a very good first half. Thank goodness for Leno – it could have been worse

The starting line up was as below but we made two changes during the first half…


Bellerin Mustafi Mari Tierney

Xhaka Guendouzi


Abuameyang Nketiah Saka


No one predicted that!

So with Now TV not giving me what they tell me I have […]

Team Predictions for Man City v Arsenal, recent form and a Newcastle bid

By Bulldog Drummond

Additional note:

Thought I would watch it on Now TV with a day pass. £9.99. Clicked on the link on their site, credit card at the ready, and what do I get?

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Glad to […]

Manchester City v Arsenal. Looking for a 0-3 victory.

By Bulldog Drummond

If the feeling in Europe is right and that home advantage doesn’t really work any more then, the historic home and away form analysis that Untold has run before matches for years, will be of little interest.

But I’d like to see a couple of games in the Premier League before agreeing […]

Man City v Arsenal: let the press negativity and referee bias recommence

By Bulldog Drummond

In a piece yesterday the New York Times revealed that “Since the German league resumed on May 16, there have been only 11 home wins — or 20% — and 28 away wins (50.9%) from 55 games. Home wins accounted for more than 40% of results in the Bundesliga before the break.”