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Who is suing whom over the Newcastle / Saudi affair? Answer: everyone

By Tony Attwood

A story which has appeared in the New York Times, and many other publications is saying that a trusted adviser to the owner of Manchester City is a key person in discussions relating to the take over of Newcastle United by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.

Now Manchester City is involved […]

The transfer paradox: how expert knowledge in football became worthless

By Tony Attwood

It is strange how the discussions that go on in the media in Europe can be so very different from those in England.

For example, at the moment there is a discussion going on about the morality of asking players to have their salaries cut during the current crisis. Into this debate […]

Just how wasteful has Arsenal’s transfer policy been? Here’s the answer.

By Tony Attwood

Last night I saw a comment saying that Arsenal would not get anywhere under the Kroenke ownership because the Kroenke’s would not spend any money.

My immediate reaction to this was that it was quite untrue, and that the current owners had in fact exceeded expectations (or certainly my expectations) in terms […]