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Arsenal v Man C – when the bookies wouldn’t take bets, and team predictions

by Bulldog Drummond

Since lockdown ended its been a funny ol’ set of results

Date Game Res Score Competition 17 June Manchester City v Arsenal L 3-0 Premier League 20 June Brighton and Hove Albion v Arsenal L 2-1 Premier League 25 June Southampton v Arsenal W 0-2 Premier League 28 June Sheffield United v […]

Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final: where do we stand?

By Bulldog Drummond

Arsenal are playing in their 30th FA Cup semi-final – no side has ever played in more. They’ve reached the Final on 20 occasions, which is also a joint record (level with Manchester United for both). But where Arsenal stand alone is in the number of times the club has won the […]

8 new players coming to Arsenal to give us 122 transfer rumours this summer

By Sir Hardly Anyone

One of the new games in town is for sites to set up headlines and then have articles that have no information on the story in the headline. Take for example “Brighton and Hove Albion star confirms departure as Arsenal ‘lodge’ bid for prime Everton target with free agent deal in […]

Human rights abuses: has our little campaign had unexpected support?

By Tony Attwood

Tony Attwood is a member of Arsenal Independent Supporters’ Association and runs the AISA Arsenal History Society.


According to a report in the Telegraph, “A group of cross-party MPs have launched an 11th hour bid to torpedo the Saudi Arabia takeover at Newcastle United, by telling the Premier League any deal […]

What do they think in Germany about Manchester City and Uefa

By Tony Attwood

Does it matter what the media in Germany think about Manchester City and its fight with Uefa? After all the Bundesliga does its thing, and the Premier League goes its own way, and Uefa waddles about getting itself in a tangle. Why should anyone in England care about the rest of Europe?


Some questions asked, not many answered. Arsenal, Liverpool, FFP

By Tony Attwood

It has been an interesting few days. Guardiola attacked the media – which was expected but still interesting, for it will be illuminating to see how the media respond. Will they bow down and worship him, as they have consistently done since he arrived in the UK, or after an attack like […]

Arsenal v Liverpool. The team and the injuries

By Bulldog Drummond

Arsenal remain pretty much at the top of the injury tree.

Newcastle United: 8 Arsenal: 7 Bournemouth: 6 Everton: 6 Leicester City: 6 Aston Villa: 5 Burnley: 5 Tottenham Hotspur: 5

Bottom of the table is Manchester City with one player injured.

Here’s the list

Player Reason Further Detail Potential Return Status […]

Arsenal v Liverpool: worryingly Arteta asks for more of what we’ve just been doing

By Bulldog Drummond

Playing the champions elect brings with it some concerns that we might be badly beaten (given our recent results) and some hope that they will not play well (given their recent results).

The takeover of the club’s decision making by the “Fourth is not a trophy” gang has led to a very […]

What will Uefa and the clubs that obey FFP do now that FFP has been wrecked?

Of course we have not yet had the full details of the CAS ruling in the Manchester City case, but CAS has been overturning Uefa rulings for so long (typically cutting punishments in half) it seems unlikely that Uefa will have much of a mind to let things carry on […]

After the removal of Mr Wenger and the victory of Man City, what now for Arsenal?

By Tony Attwood

They worked very hard to get rid of Mr Wenger, some of those people who used to write in here complaining that “fourth is not a trophy” and demanding the removal of the most successful manager Arsenal ever had.

And in the end their got their way – although of course it […]

And so, mega-expenditure is not deemed to be a problem

By Tony Attwood

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the case, the prosecution, the defence, and the threats of bringing down Uefa, the net result is that Manchester City’s actions in relation to the money they have spent, is deemed worthy of a fine (which given the context of the case is not likely to […]

The solution to Arsenal’s problems

by Tony Attwood

Two years ago an unholy alliance of journalists and card carrying fans supported by the Arsenal Supporters Trust (who had previously claimed that the directors were setting money aside for their own use rather than making it available for transfers) pushed the club into getting rid of Mr Wenger and his staff, […]

Tottenham v Arsenal. Injuries, team selections and weird statistics.

by Bulldog Drummond

Here’s a good headline from the BBC:

No Premier League fixture has seen more penalties scored than the north London derby – 19 have been netted in total.

So that sets the scene for a game of leg breaking. Here are the men already injured…

Calum Chambers Left knee. Ruptured anterior cruciate […]

“The Doldrums Derby” How the media is denigrating Tottenham v Arsenal

By Bulldog Drummond

I am not sure that calling Tottenham v Arsenal the “Doldrums Derby” as the Mail did was valid. Did they label any Chelsea game like that when they sank to 10th, or any Liverpool match when they were in the lower reaches and spending 30 years without a League title? No, of […]

Why not qualifying for Europe would be a great blessing

by Bulldog Drummond

It’s not an Untold original, but “Doldrum Derby” did strike us as rather a funny way of announce the weekend’s Tottenham v Arsenal game.

But it raised the more serious question, “Are Arsenal really in the doldrums?” We’d argue not, given that a season out of Europe all together could work wonders […]

10 Arsenal transfer tales currently doing the rounds.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

These days the central core of football journalism is “is it cheap?” A story that requires detailed analysis is of course expensive to put together because it takes up time. A story that requires original research is even more time consuming and thus even more expensive and thus even more disliked.


Arsenal are just five goals from being top four.

We are so close. Don’t let the journalists and bloggers spoil it.

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal, we have been told of late have been awful. They have a terrible defence and a sloppy attack. Even the return of Santi Cazorla would have taken us shooting up the league we are told.

But in fact just […]

Ticket arrangements for the new season: is Big Brother watching the fans?

by Tony Attwood

As you may have guessed I am not actually a season ticket holder at Tottenham Hotspur, but rather I lend my support to a club playing at the other end of Seven Sisters Road.

And it has been interesting to see just what Arsenal are saying in relation to tickets and next […]

Is Santi Cazorla now outperforming EVERY Arsenal player except Aubameyang?

By Tony Attwood

That is the claim from the remorselessly Arsenal-hating TalkSport as seen in their headline “STUNNING” followed by

Santi Cazorla: Two more goals for ex-Gunner who is now outperforming EVERY Arsenal player except Aubameyang this season

It was written by Billy Hawkins and published on 8th July 2020 – although it is […]

Yet more law changes for football next season, but one rule stays

By Tony Attwood

It used to be that the laws governing football would change once in a blue moon, and then only if the moon was the right shade of blue and San Marino didn’t appeal.. But now it seems tinkering is the order of the day.

For the talk is that the rule allowing […]

Arsenal are currently the dirtiest team in the League. Does it matter?

By Tony Attwood

Leicester have now been awarded over twice as many penalties as Arsenal this season, a factor that has clearly helped them cling on to a position in the upper part of the league.

Mind you, they are not the most extraordinary team in this regard. Manchester United have been awarded four times […]

Arsenal v Leicester: City pull back from hyper-tackles now the tactic is exposed

By Bulldog Drummond


Arsenal v Leicester, Leicester’s declining tackles, Arteta confirms tactic Arsenal v Leicester: the yellow card kings against the tackle champions

In the previous articles we have considered the extraordinary way in which Leicester were committing more tackles than any other club, but getting far fewer yellow cards and giving Liverpool a […]

Arsenal v Leicester: the yellow card kings against the tackle champions

by Bulldog Drummond

Arsenal get a yellow card for every seven tackles. Leicester get a yellow card for every 17 tackles.

This article continues from Arsenal v Leicester, Leicester’s declining tackles, Arteta confirms tactic

Looking at our results across the games since resumption we can see the obvious improvement in Arsenal – plus the increase […]

Arsenal v Leicester, Leicester’s declining tackles, Arteta confirms tactic

By Bulldog Drummond

Both the Mail and Telegraph have reports on Mikel Arteta saying that Arsenal play better without fans. He’s probably the first Arsenal manager to say something along these lines since Herbert Chapman denounced the “boo boys” back in the 1930s.

The Mail actually has Arteta saying, “When they play in front of […]

New security systems hints at threat to serious journalism after Man C case

By Tony Attwood

“The attempt to damage the club’s reputation is organized and clear.”

With that one simple statement from Manchester City, the world of football changed, as did the world of football journalism. The ramifications for the club, Uefa, and for independent journalism are still reverberating. And they might well reverberate even […]