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The Women’s Champions League – Arsenal’s squad

by Andrew Crawshaw

As usual at the end of last season there was a significant turnover of players from the squad. Most Women’s contracts seem to run for two years and clubs rarely pay transfer fees so to see a number of players leave is nothing unusual.

There were eight players who left at the […]

After City Group and Red Bull now a third group: it’s the future of football

by Tony Attwood

Once upon a time football clubs were independent. Then Arsenal had the bright idea of taking over nearly bankrupt Margate, and turning them into a nursery club.

No one had thought of that idea before. People talked of it ruining a part of the town’s heritage (even though crowds were tiny, and […]

Women’s Champions League conclusion 2020 – a preview

Women’s Champions League conclusion 2020 – a preview

By Andrew Crawshaw

It isn’t just the Men’s Champions League and Europa League competitions that are being played to a conclusion this month, The Women’s Champions League kicks off as well at the end of this week. Matches were played up to the quarter final stage before […]

Salary cap plan, legal action, Sanllehi warning, Man C’s money and Philippe Senderos

By Sir Hardly Anyone

These are the days when working as a blogger or football journalist start to get a bit tough. News is so thin that most of it has to be made up (which come to think of it is life as normal) and many bloggers and journos are now reduced to plodding […]

How does the league table part way through a season predict the final position>

By Tony Attwood

OK we are still a little way away from the start of the new season (it is September 12 in case you missed the announcement) and even longer before the transfer window closes with international transfers needing to be done by 11pm on Monday 5 October, and domestic transfers by 5pm on […]

Excellent newspaper article proves ref bias and points to media complicity in hiding it

by Tony Attwood

An article on the Guardian website finally recognises the bias of referees, but yet again refuses to draw the obvious conclusions about PGMO, so that at the end the only question I was left asking was, “What pressure is PGMO putting on the media not to question their utter and absolute authority?” […]

Arsenal’s policy of constant revolution might be working…

By Tony Attwood

In essence, to work, revolutions have to be sold to the people. Either because as in Paris in 1789 the people topple a regime so unpopular it didn’t even like itself, or because a leader convinces everyone that change is needed and this is the way to do it. (One thinks perhaps […]

The man whom Sepp Blatter called a megalomaniac

By Tony Attwood

With the lock down on coverage of the Fifa scandal by the English media pretty much 100% effective, there has been the feeling that we need something really spooky to stir a bit more life into the scandal, while all the sides prepare their notes, questions, explanations and bare-faced lying for the […]

Djourou finishes his legal case against his last club; no news of Alex Song.

By Tony Attwood

“Untold” doesn’t mean “unfinished” and in fact we don’t like unfinished stories. And so much celebration is to be seen in Untold’s basement office as we announce the end of the story we first reported on 30 March concerning our old chum Johann Djourou.

Now I know that four and a […]

Attacking your paymasters is possible for journalists, but not in football

by Tony Attwood

The Daily Telegraph is a newspaper that supports the Conservative Party, wholesale. It could no more recommend its readers to vote Labour than it could suggest that in the next election the Workers Revolutionary Party offers a viable alternative to the current government.

And yet, despite this, the newspaper can and will […]

Where do Arsenal Need to Strengthen Ahead of the 20/21 Season?

By Graham Jones

Arsenal finished the 2019/20 season on a high by winning the FA Cup. They came from a goal behind to defeat Chelsea 2-1 and not only win a trophy for the first time since 2017 but also qualify for Europe. The fans and players would rather have qualified for the Champions League […]

Newspaper launches another fierce (and misleading) attack on Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

It’s another “Knock Arsenal” day in several newspapers. Here’s just one example…

According to the Mail, one of several papers running the story of the Willian transfer, he will earn £220,000 a week at Arsenal. This gives him an cost of £34.32m over three years. There is nothing to pay for the […]

The 128 players tipped to be coming to Arsenal, by a journalist near you.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

The re-opening of the pubs has been good for publicans but bad for those people seeking some real live news of who if anyone Arsenal might sign, because as the pints keep on pouring down the throats so the names just keep on rolling out.

Six more players to join Arsenal […]

Fifa’s corruption in detail and why the English media won’t touch it

by Tony Attwood

This piece follows on from “Fifa in chaos. England is silent but Europe is up in arms”

We ended y esterday with Infantino not only being investigated for corruption in terms of Fifa and using Fifa’s money but also being investigated for incitement to treason. Infantino is meanwhile also trying to convince […]

Fifa in chaos. England is silent but Europe is up in arms

By Tony Attwood

Fifa has just gone into the transfer business. In fact they have just brought in a whole new squad. A squad of new lawyers who claim that there is no suspicion of Gianni Infantino having done anything wrong, but rather that, for the good of Fifa, he needs defending against a rampant […]

PL refs make almost 3 times as many errors per game as Swiss refs. Why?

By Tony Attwood

This article originally included a quote of the number of VAR events per game in the PL, with the wrong figure quoted. The error (totally mine – I blame sticky hands on the calculator) doesn’t affect the key argument that the PL games there is a much higher level of VAR corrections […]

Federal court rejects challenges filed by Fifa secretary Jérôme Valcke.

by Tony Attwood

Jérôme Valcke is the former Secretary General of FIFA who was fired on 13 January 2016 as a result of allegations arising from the ongoing 2015 Fifa corruption case.

Now I know it is difficult to keep up with all the various Fifa corruption cases, because there are so many but in […]

Ten Arsenal transfer stories that may tell us more than we expected

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Some days, being a glutton for punishment, I stare at myself in the mirror.

And I ask why? Why do I bother to catalogue the doings of the inhabitants of the Toppled Bollard public house, home of the football journalist elite. I have below my ten stories of which the denizens […]

It is time for us to throw out the journalists so football can start making sense

by Tony Attwood

In a recent article I asked a question about “why does no one dare let the image of football slip?”

The point was that football is not about the game of football and the support of the club anymore. It is about selling products to people. Football, in fact, is only about […]

Football finances: the numbers are not making sense anywhere

By Tony Attwood

By now we are getting used to stories of clubs approaching financial collapse, although few of these stories make much overall sense.

Arsenal making their coaching staff redundant as a financial measure means nothing in the overall structure of the club’s finances, but it is presented as a financial solution. Selling Maitland […]

European clubs move towards the salary cap – and clear the legalities en route

by Christophe Jost

For years, each and every time the discussion has addressed the subject of a salary cap, that such system would be totally illegal under EU law and thus the discussions were pretty much dead on arrival or rather dead before the discussions have even arrived..

Indeed now that League One and League […]

The real reason Arsenal is winding up its scouting network.

By Tony Attwood

Following the announcement about the breaking up of their scouting team, the media has been unsurprisingly quiet on the issue of what Arsenal are going to do about recruitment of young players in the future. Unsurprisingly quiet, because working out what Arsenal’s plan is means undertaking a little bit of research […]

Human rights abusers to be excluded from football? One tiny step forward

By Tony Attwood

If you are a regular reader you may have noticed our little campaign for footballers, supporters, club owners and workers to recognise that the stadia to be used in the 2022 world cup has been built by slave labour.

Now since the whole origin of the Black Lives Matter campaign comes with […]

Why Arsenal don’t need their scouts any more: radical approach saves the club £££

By Sir Hardly Anyone

With Arsenal having sacked their entire recruitment staff, the question arises, how are we going to find players any more?

And the answer is that they don’t need to: the journalists and the bloggers will do it for nothing.

When you think about it, it is obvious. The journalists spend all […]

The Big Big Big change to football that is lurking just around the corner

By Tony Attwood

Football clubs, and to some degree football fans, tend to dislike change. I thought of this in writing a recent entry on the Anniversary Files on the Arsenal History Society website which celebrates the first penalty shoot out in England, which took place 50 years ago.

That first penalty shoot out (which […]