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Making up statistics about Arsenal is ok… until someone bothers to check.

By Tony Attwood

With Arsenal holding the inglorious record of most errors leading to goals for quite a few years running…

That was a new one on me, and if you are a regular reader you’ll know Untold likes statistics. After all we’ve been banging on about them all summer. This came from


How the football media face up to the Giant Spaghetti Monster in the sky

By Tony Attwood

Imagine you believed that the universe was controlled by the giant spaghetti monster in the sky.

If you did you wouldn’t be alone, because you’d be accompanied by tens of thousands of followers of the same belief. They are known as the pastafarians and indeed you could, if you wished, become a […]

“Arsenal in chaos” headlines hide another defeat for Manchester City in court

By Tony Attwood

The cancellation of the Arsenal trip to the USA because of a couple of cases of covid has meant that the media has been able to run another set of “Arsenal in chaos” stories while by and large ignoring the latest failures of Manchester City in its eternal battle with the […]