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The 116 players coming to Arsenal this summer part 2 Jules Kounde to Piotr Zielinski

This continues the list of all the players the media are telling us that Arsenal are chasing or who are coming to Arsenal this summer. Does anyone ever tell these newspaper and TV people that we can only take 17 foreign grown players in the squad – and we already have more than that?

No […]

The 116 players coming to Arsenal, part 1: Patrick van Aanholt to Tenu Koopmeiners

By Sir Hardly Anyone

There is a certain extra caution in the air at the moment what with Smith Rowe re-signing for Arsenal, and an increasing edginess that the tales of the amazing Arsenal recovery in the last two thirds of last season are actually true, and there clearly is no intent to replace the […]

Arsenal’s fouls dropped by 22% last season. Did it help?

By Tony Attwood

In general terms the teams that commit the most fouls in the PL are those seeking to avoid relegation, which is not surprising. The teams that commit the fewest fouls are generally the teams that are pushing towards winning the league.

The league winner isn’t always the team with the lowest foul […]

The curious case of how the media treats Man C and how it treats Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

The key issues in the Premier League investigation into expenditure by Manchester City seems to be that Manchester City have resisted handing over documents to the League and to the arbitration panel, on the grounds that the League itself a) had no jurisdiction and b) the arbitration panel not impartial.

If they […]