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A conspiracy against Arsenal? Or a conspiracy against doing some work?

By Tony Attwood

“The writer clearly believes there is a media conspiracy against Arsenal…” That was a comment made recently in relation to the article here which basically summed up the various statistical analyses we have been presenting through the summer.

Issues such as the dramatic decline in yellow cards that Arsenal picked up, […]

How the media got Arsenal quite wrong last season – and will do so again in 2021/2

By Tony Attwood

It is oft said that there are always two sides to every argument. So while Jamie O’Hara in the Mirror has branded Arsenal a “mess” in a virulent attack on Arsenal’s perceived lack of transfers in the article on the summer transfer window I have been criticising the Mirror for its difficulty […]

The illusion that its all about the quality of the players is just an illusion

By Tony Attwood

An article in the blog “You are my Arsenal” appeared recently under the title “Winging It: Willian and the definition of insanity”.

It includes the statement early on, “Willian’s performance in 2020 was more than inconsistent; it was non-existent. His lack of meaningful movement; his awkward attacking and defensive positioning; and careless […]