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10 reasons why are some players apparently reluctant to come to Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

Obviously players, like all of us, get their information from a variety of sources, and when an offer of a transfer to Arsenal is on the table there is sure to be a lot of information bandied around.

But because of the rumour system that runs in England with multiple sites picking […]

Is Arsenal really paying £50m for White, or is it just that he is English?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

So it looks like we are finally buying the Brighton full back Ben White in the coming weeks. The price is widely quoted to be around £50m.

So what impact might Ben White have on the two clubs?

Of the two clubs Arsenal had a better defence through last season as […]

The biggest media disasters in the history of English football

By Tony Attwood

The portrayal of Arsenal this year has been one of the biggest disinformation campaigns of all time in football. And it is a disaster because the media, having launched the campaign (to save them bothering to research any other story) are now struggling to find any way out of it.

But this […]