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  1. Dan

    I cannot wait for the scum to do a more extravaggant plunge than Leeds. Hahahahahahahaahaha…maybe they’d have to move to London so that most of their fans can finally see a game! They better sell Ronaldo before the administrators take a reduced price for him!

  2. Goonerbeall

    Man, you better have a link to that fact or you’ll be doing to Gooner’s reputation what King Herod did to Syrian baby-sitting industry. I dont like manure when they are insolent to us but if this is not true I would not want that to have originated from one of us. Please, give us a link or else you’re talking shite.

  3. Tony Attwood

    Goonerbeall – fear not. The story actually ran in the Guardian and is still there on http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/feedarticle/7646152

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