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  1. Andrew Crawshaw

    Given a sufficiently large improvement in defence virtually every goal could be prevented. To try and extrapolate anything from the opening matches of a season is here lunacy. Despite the club’s efforts during pre-season many players will not have reached full match fitness, particularly with players returning late due to international committments.

    You could equally well have done an article saying that the managers were brilliant as the attackers had scored more goals but that piece would be equally misguided.

    A truer picture may emerge once the league has been running for a few weeks but by then the ‘journalists’ and writers of ‘blogettas’ will all have moved on to newer issues they consider more pressing.

  2. Andrew Crawshaw

    Sorry should have been “sheer lunacy”

  3. Sam Sayyed

    Smashing article Tony! A great read for those of us who actually likes proofs rather than believe “facts” that the journalists conjure out of their backsides!

  4. Goonermikey

    Completely concur with Andrew. One weekend does not a summer make! But even if it did, why interpret more goals as a deterioration in defending? Why not an increase in attacking prowess? So if the rest of the season turns in all 0-0 draws, Wilson will see this as an improvement and beneficial to the fans and the Premier league will he? It’s worse than pathetic.

  5. AGB

    An this opening PL round, 8 out of 20 teams kept a clean sheet…..

  6. jw1

    Nothing wrong with healthy cynicism.
    As I can’t help but recall, that where once there was a derisive statement about writers being ‘paid by-the-word’?
    That Mr Wilson unsurprisingly might be ‘compensated by-the-click’.


  7. Ziontrain

    Well put. “Football journalism” is sloppy as hell these days. Ive read that “inverting the pyramid” thing. It’s a feature article overblown into a book…

  8. Flares

    To be fair to Wilson, his Clough book isn’t half bad, even if the subject matter is so rich and newsworthy an ape could get good copy from him. He still writes for a vile Leftist rag though. Wouldn’t offend my arse by wiping it with the Guardian.

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