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September 2017
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With Arsenal, if everything seems to be going well, you’ve overlooked something

The aaa Arsenal laws……..

by Don McMahon

I recently read the history of Murphy’s laws created in 1950 and found that they resembled a certain mindset we too often see on UA:

Everything that can go wrong will

……No matter what Wenger or the players or the board do, we are doomed to suffer the […]

New Arsenal fake news reveals concerted effort to undermine Arsenal at every turn.

By Tony Attwood

This is an example of how the media is constantly seeking to undermine Arsenal by twisting every scrap of news – even the most positive news – into a tale of chaos and disaster. The whole issue centres on a fairly ordinary, planned, change of support staff within the club, which […]

Arsenal v Bournemouth: the team, the utterly utterly awful referee, and Rooney’s life swap.

By Bulldog Drummond.

It appears that the media, rather than focus on the weekend’s games would sooner continue to take the transfer window to bits. I can’t say “analyse” the window because they don’t do that – but the headlines are amusing: “Crocked Vincent Kompany makes Pep Guardiola’s spending spree look perverse ahead of Liverpool […]

Arsenal v Bournemouth: their supporters, the journalists, AFCB’s in and out,

By Bulldog Drummond

You may have noticed that over the summer we were enjoying ourselves (or being incredibly prattish depending on your perspective) by writing brief commentaries about the supporters of all the clubs in the Premier League. They all appear in the “Watching Supporters” section of the web site.

Here’s what we wrote […]

Arsenal v Bournemouth: Mr Wenger’s commentaries and press speculation ahead of the game

By Bulldog Drummond

According to some in the media Mr Wenger is contemplating changing the formation against Bournemouth, to a back four. There’s no real evidence that he will do this, beyond the fact that in pre-season the manager said that he would keep the players practising both three and four at the back, […]

Arsenal v Bournemouth: home and away prognostications, and injuries

By Bulldog Drummond.

And now back to the real thing, and the first point to look at must be Bournemouth’s activity as an away team. Here’s their performance away from home last season

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts 10 Everton 19 4 6 9 20 28 -8 18 11 Stoke […]

Media re-interpretations of Alexis statement suggests all pretence of balance and evidence has gone

By Tony Attwood

Ian Wright, Martin Keown, Paul Merson, Thierry Henry, Tony Adams and Lee Dixon have, as you may have noticed, all been having a go at Arsenal of late. Which has become rather dull and boring, not least because none of them have been successful club managers, as far as I […]

La Liga awakens to the dangers of City group’s football franchise scheme. But where will they venture next?

by Tony Attwood

It was in 2015 on one of my trips to Australia to see my daughter that I visited Melbourne City FC and was astonished to see how much it was being re-designed to look like Manchester City. It was a surprise because a couple of years before that I had predicted […]

The extremely pesky business of counting the number of players injured

By Dr Billy “the dog” McGraw

If you are a regular reader you will know just how pesky injury numbers can be. Reports can claim that Arsenal have players out injured who were actually injured on loan (and therefore not really an Arsenal player, since if uninjured the player would not be playing for Arsenal […]

What Alexis said about journalists and the hate mob, and what we can do for him this weekend

by Tony Attwood

Here’s the original…


Te cansas que te critiquen con razón y sin razón, te cansas de que te quieran ver derrotado , te cansas de decirte a ti mismo “una vez más me levantare” después de llorar tras una derrota, y te […]

Players wanting to leave and youngsters wanting a chance: same old Arsenal.

by Tony Attwood

Each year for the past eight or so years I have written a booklet on one period of Arsenal’s history, which is published by the Arsenal Independent Supporters Association in the early part of the new season.

This summer the booklet was on the early years of the reign of Bertie […]

Arsenal’s Europa League squad named: 42 players named in all.

By Tony Attwood

As you will of course know we are playing in Group H against …

BATE Borisov Crvena zvezda Köln

The squad has now been announced. Here are the rules…

Clubs can name a maximum of 25 players on their primary list, known as List A. Eight places are reserved for home-grown players. […]

Arsenal’s four teams to cope with seven games in three weeks.

By Andrew Crawshaw

First off, the injured players.

Santi we all know about. Dayan Iliev has been out for two years following knee surgery, I would be very surprised if he makes any first team appearances any time soon. He will almost certainly be in goal for some of the U23 games to build […]

What do the first three league games of the season tell us?

By Tony Attwood

As you will of course be fully aware, we’ve only got three points out of the first three games. And I was pondering, as one does, whether this had happened before in recent years, and if so, what it meant.

So I just doodled away a spare half hour making up a […]

Changing formats and player positions: when has it ever worked?

By Tony Attwood

Two simple answers to that question come from two teams last season going from four to three central defenders: Chelsea and Arsenal. Chelsea had had three defeats in four, including the 3-0 at Arsenal, and then changed. Arsenal had lost eight in 12 when they changed. The only complaint that can be […]

Premier League 2 Player of the Month, plus it wasn’t all England in the transfer window.

by Tony Attwood

The Premier League have now announced the eight players who are in the short list for the August 2017 Premier League 2 Player of the Month.

The eight players shortlisted for this month’s award have been drawn up following PL2 Managers nominating the best individual performance from each of their opposing teams […]

Of course journalists want to keep the transfer window – they don’t want anyone challenging culture of mediocrity

By Sir Hardly Anyone

That headline is based on one that is currently running in the Telegraph: “Of course Arsenal players are keen on Alexis Sanchez going – they don’t want anyone challenging culture of mediocrity”.

It is of course a silly construct – as if the players want the club to be mediocre. […]

Santi Cazorla dropped from Arsenal’s 25 players list; Man City only have 18, Spurs just 20

By Andrew Crawshaw and Tony Attwood

We recently published our complete database of players associated with Arsenal – which is of course awash with numbers and data. So to round the whole thing off, we prepared a simplified list as a reference point for the future. And then we found a problem. The headline above […]

If it is in the media and about Arsenal there is a 98% chance it is untrue.


You might also like the Latest in “Watching Supporters” : West Ham United fans and their link with Napoleon.



By Sir Hardly Anyone

And so the transfer window failed to live up to last year’s level when around 114 players were tipped as coming to Arsenal. This year 92 were tipped and […]

Arsenal: the complete squad, the 25, the loans, the leavers, the homegrowns

By Andrew Crawshaw and Tony Attwood

This appears to us to be the list of players that Arsenal now have on their books and below that the list of players who left us this transfer window.

In the status column Y – first team player, T= Transfer, Sch = scholar.

In the status column players […]

Finally the transfer window is over: how does it make you feel?

By Walter Broeckx

Sometimes when looking at football I don’t know if I have to laugh or smile. The end of the transfer window… in fact the whole transfer window it looks like a contest of who can piss the furthest. Or as the expression in my mother language goes: who has the biggest d*ck?


In the end we got a few laughs as transfer window remains open but action is needed

By Sir Hardly Anyone

At times the transfer window almost read like one of my columns containing as it did the notion that there might be something there in that makes sense, but for the moment it is hard to see what it is. No one new was signed, and the Arsenal directors and owner […]

Arsenal, Lemar, Di Maria, Mbappe, Draxler, Alexis. The tangled web is about to unfold. Are you ready?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

This really is a perfect message for people who argue that Wenger is an idiot, Arsenal are slow, and any and every other manager this side of Sirius B could complete the deals that Arsenal need.

Here we go.

Arsenal have agreed a deal with Monaco for Lemar for £92m


The tale of the sale of the ox, and how Arsenal played the market

By Tony Attwood

Apparently the Ox has signed for Liverpool, and that takes me back to a comment that several writers sent in yesterday following our regular update on the transfer rumours

Who cares about how many players the press thinks are leaving or joining arsenal. More importantly, have you actually got anything to say […]

Today’s theme of the day: Arsenal feeds fans lies! We have proof!! Shock Horror!!!

By Tony Attwood

When these little themes emerge they tend to flourish like wildfire. Here’s one from “Suburban Gooners”, a blogetta. Sorry about the odd punctuation, I’ve copied it exactly.

I support Arsenal: I have been lied to

Hello. How are you doing? Hopefully you are holding up ok? Given the […]