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November 2017
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Why Alexis won’t move to Man C after one Arsenal defeat in the last 9 between the clubs

by Bulldog Drummond

While all the newspapers and their lapdogs in the bloggettas are predicting that Arsenal will sell Alexis in January, Arsène Wenger has said that he doesn’t think that will happen and that he anticipates Alexis Sánchez will stay at least til the summer.

Of course the fake news outlets are all sticking […]

Are Arsenal really utterly appalling against other “top clubs”?

By Tony Attwood

Certainly if you read many of the web sites on offer at the moment the notion you will get is pretty clear. Arsenal are pretty awful when it comes to playing other top teams in England.

These top teams are generally defined as Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur […]

Santi Cazorla back in January, Mourinho admits the crime, Evra banned, Wenger on City.

by Tony Attwood

Details of the various treatments undergone by Santi Cazorla have started to emerge, and the full extent of the horrific problems he has faced have been revealed – including the possibility of needing an amputation.

But it seems all is over and he really is on the road to recovery. He is […]

Arsenal v Red Star: our kids need playing time but ex Man U players always offer amusement

By Tony Attwood

From what I saw, (and as with the commentary about Swansea supporters, people in the ground can only report what they saw), the Red Star fans were what away fans should be. Very positive, very noisy, no fighting among themselves, no flares. They didn’t exceed their ticket allocation in the number of […]

Arsenal II – Red Star Belgrade : 0-0

By Walter Broeckx

Some early nerves with some of the younger players. Macey with a bad kick on a back pass but Holding rescues by making a great block to stop the forward going to the keeper. Elneny with important block on a cross a bit later as Red Star tries to counter the possession […]

Arsenal v Red Star: the Jack conundrum, injuries, Europa records, teams.

By Bulldog Drummond

So as we get to our final post before the game (given that it will soon be time to jump in the jalopy and gallop off down the M1, what about the jolly old injuries?

Well that website that is having a go at challenging our regular reports on injuries, […]

Arsenal v Red Star: Lemar, Mahrez, the atmosphere, and the teams first time we met.

By Bulldog Drummond

Supposing someone could read your mind. More than that, could read what you will be thinking in a few moments time. Would that be spooky?

If you think so it is it might well be a good idea to lay off the bloggettas for the moment because one […]

Jose Mourinho in court on Friday, Lacazette leaving.

By Tony Attwood

All the latest bits and pieces of the day include the rather exciting news that Jose Mourinho is due to be in court on Friday over the issue of tax fraud in Spain. It relates fairly obviously to his time at Real Madrid. The state claims that he owes them just under […]

Arsenal v Red Star: a record at the Emirates approaches.

By Bulldog Drummond

As pointed out by a couple of correspondents very quickly the table below includes the Manchester City game played at Wembley. Sorry that slipped through in the cut and paste job of listing the games. I think that even without that game, there is still a record in the offing – but […]

Europa game 4. Early thoughts on the team and comparing with Man U’s approach

By Bulldog Drummond

Arsene Wenger has suggested Mathieu Debuchy could stay at Arsenal and play at centre back, which is a position he will probably take up again this Thursday.

Given how much playing time he had missed and the fact that he is a full back not a centre back the performance in the […]

Olivier Giroud: dancer and academic

By Tony Attwood

Olivier Giroud is known in France for all sorts of things. For example, everyone in the country who follows football will agree it was his goals that were fundamental in getting totally unfancied Montpellier to become French champions for the first time in their history. They were also the launch pad for […]

How much does it cost to buy a trophy these days?

By Tony Attwood

Each year I tell myself that I am not going to do another analysis of how much the top clubs in the PL spent on transfers and what they have got out of it – mostly because it seems to prove the same thing each year.

And then something comes along and […]

Football is facing an existential crisis created by its greed and its insistance on controlling debate


By Sir Hardly Anyone

We’re not going to publish it but some of the abuse received by Untold following our various commentaries on the match against Swansea was really a little extraordinary and over the top. I mean, we’re used to getting it from some quarters but this was a little out of the […]

Arsenal v Swansea: the alternative review.

by Croxley Rebel

A game that will certainly not live long in anyone’s memory. The Swans parked the bus and that was Ki to their strategy.

After 15 minutes of solid Arsenal pressure, it didn’t Clucas though the Welsh side would pose any sort of threat to the Arsenal goal, but up popped their ginger […]

What does Arsenal have to do to improve the club’s present position?

By Tony Attwood

There is a bloggetta headline this morning that says, “Arsenal are now unlikely to finish in the top four and must prioritise Europa League – study”. I’ve read the “study” thing through but really can’t quite see how it is much of a study – it is in fact a […]

Arsenal v Swansea retrospective. Awful crowd violence

By Tony Attwood

The violence that occurred in the crowd during the Arsenal Swansea match was shocking. It must have been particularly frightening for anyone close by who was not minded to be involved, and is always disturbing to see.

But is it news? Obviously not for the BBC coverage and various press reporters in […]

Arsenal finally get tough and sack their manager

by Andrew Crawshaw

This is a headline I didn’t think I would be able to use and mean it seriously but this week it came true for the Manager of the Women’s team who has left the club with immediate effect.

Pedro Martinez Losa joined the club in September 2014 and was released from his […]

Arsenal v Swansea: The injuries, the horrible negative approach, the form, the teams

By Bulldog Drummond


And so to the final part of the match preview… and in case you missed the story thus far here it is

Arsenal v Swansea. Mr Wenger on saints, billionaires and celebrity. Arsenal v Swansea City Saturday October 28 – The Match officials – a ref who makes a fool […]

Arsenal v Swansea. Mr Wenger on saints, billionaires and celebrity.

By Bulldog Drummond

To start with the serious stuff – you might recall that at the start of the season we did a review of the supporters and location of virtually every club in the PL and published it day by day on our Facebook page. The whole list is still on this site, […]

Arsenal v Swansea City Saturday October 28 – The Match officials – a ref who makes a fool of himself

by Andrew Crawshaw

Referee – Lee Mason age 45 from Lancashire Assistant Referee 1 – Harry Lennard from East Sussex Assistant Referee 2 – Derek Eaton from Gloucestershire Fourth Official – Lee Probert age 44 from Wiltshire and FIFA accredited

This week marks the quarter way point in the League season and so far so […]

Arsenal I v Swansea. Should Xhaka be dropped because of misdirected passes?

by Bulldog Drummond

“There remains a sense of gloom around the Emirates but the Gunners have lost just once in their last 11 matches in all competitions and beat Norwich 2-1 in the Carabao Cup on Tuesday night.”

So says the Metro picking up on our bit of maths as it gives us the latest […]

Arsenal play West Ham in the league cup and Ivan Gazidis draws the fire rather well.

By Tony Attwood

First, the draw very much delayed through sheer, absolute, and total incompetence…

Chelsea v Bournemouth Arsenal v West Ham United Leicester City v Manchester City Bristol City v Manchester United

And so on to the AGM.

I have had a couple of meetings with Ivan Gazidis and exchanged emails with him very […]

Xhaka and uselessness. It turns out it wasn’t him at all, but can you guess who was useless?

By Tony Attwood

As we know, football journalists hunt in packs. The one thing they don’t like doing is stepping outside the norm, and coming up with an idea that is different from anything their rivals are saying. If that ever does happen they immediately slap the word EXCLUSIVE on their report, which is a […]

The Rebirth of Arsenal Football Club. 27 August 2017 and the launchpad for Alexis and Ozil to stay.


By Chayasai


27th August , 2017, Anfield , Liverpool v Arsenal. Liverpool 4 Arsenal 0.

That day and date will be remembered for a very, very long time as one of the most important of days in the history of Arsenal F C.

That was the day when they played at their worst; […]

9 wins in 11 for Arsenal and never forget, we are not as ill-informed as journalists.

By Tony Attwood

Of course not the greatest win of all time, but anyone with even the gnarled up remains of what used to be a heart, or a micro litre of emotion would surely celebrate what Eddie did last night.

Wouldn’t they? Here are a few headlines […]