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June 2018
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Arsenal Academy Update: who’s who in the Academy set up for 2018/19

by Andrew Crawshaw

With the latest appointments and lists of retained players we now have a reasonable idea of the way the academy is currently heading. The picture certainly isn’t yet complete and there are quite a few gaps to be filled but the basic framework of the overall jigsaw is there. Here is my […]

How the starting line up for next season is coming along at Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

The fiasco of Liverpool signing Fekir but not signing Fekir despite all the papers being certain that he had been signed, has ended with little blame being assigned to Liverpool, reminding me (if no one else) of the lack of balance that there is in the way clubs are treated.

However […]

Football should be an art: Mr Gazidis knows it, even when the TV interviewer stumbles

by Tony Attwood

BeIn Sports recently did an interview with Ivan Gazidis. Nothing special about that given the changes that are happening to the club this summer, but interestingly at 6 minutes and 38 seconds the interviewer attempts to quote our banner at the stadium, and indeed the slogan we still have on this site:


Continuing the contrasting styles of reporting Arsenal and other clubs. Today: Liverpool

By Sir Hardly Anyone

We’ve had a look recently at how the media deal with transfers relating to Tottenham and Manchester United to see if there is a difference in style and tone from the way they report possible transfers relating to Arsenal.

This isn’t meant to be a definitive approach; […]

The 10 Factors that make PL match fixing more likely next season

By Tony Attwood

If you’ve been around Untold for a while you’ll know we’ve been watching refereeing in the PL for over ten years years, and we’ve taken on a whole range of projects, culminating in analysing the first 160 games of a season and working out how many referee decisions were wrong.

With that […]

Do I really have to pay this much money for censorship, games I won’t watch, and people moaning?

By Tony Attwood

In a year’s time it will cost around £1000 a year to subscribe to the three “outlets” (what a ghastly word) that will divide up Arsenal matches on TV for UK watches: Sky Sprout, BT Moan and now Amazon. I haven’t got a silly alternative name for Amazon Footie yet, but I […]

Where does Arsenal stand financially in relation to the other top clubs?

By Tony Attwood

As I noted in my last article, for the financial year 2016-17, we have one club that hasn’t filed its accounts and has been threatened with a winding up order (Crystal Palace), two clubs that made a loss (Chelsea and Sunderland) and 17 that made a profit.

Clubs don’t have to report […]

It’s Eddie Nkehtiah’s day, Villa won’t pay, Palace won’t say, Chelsea lose their way

By Tony Attwood

It is a total tragedy that the bloggettas and the rest of the media largely ignored last night’s under 21 game between England and Scotland, or else if reporting it hardly registered Eddie Nkehtiah’s contribution of two goals and a perfect assist. The game was life and free on TV in […]

Scotland v England live on TV and free. Now. (Eddie is playing)

By Tony Attwood

Eddie is playing and it is on live TV, and better still free.

There’s a channel called Free Sports (it is available to Sky customers whether you subscribe to Sky Sprouts or not) and they are starting to pick up some interesting bits and pieces including the Toulon Tournament. The semi-final is […]

He’s number 1 on our list of 85 player we’re signing, and he’s just signed

By Tony Attwood

Yes indeed, he was on the list at number one (largely because the list is by and large in alphabetical order and his surname is Adli) and we have signed him. Making it two players signed. If anything is going to encourage the rumour makers to keep going it is a couple […]

The 85 players Arsenal are said by the “experts” to be signing this summer

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Yes we have ten new players added to the list of those coming to Arsenal according to the creators of these tales and three players updated.

It takes us up to 85 players, with the target being around 110 players by the time the window “slams shut” as Sky and the […]

Does Lichtsteiner’s arrival mean Bellerin is leaving – or is there a deeper more cunning plan?

By Tony Attwood

Yesterday afternoon Blacksheep and spent a while in the British Library, during which we discussed (not for the first time) the fact that the British media, when contemplating football, is generally desperate to avoid any questions starting with the word “Why?”

Yet it often seems to me the most interesting question […]

Current rumours reveal Arsenal’s audacious plan: and it might just work.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Not everyone has gone bonkers over the story that Arsenal are going to sign Fellaini on a free, but there is quite a bit of that coverage around with agents in discussion, a medical happening and so forth. Maybe by the time you read this the transfer will have happened. […]

This could be the most difficult transfer window yet for Premier League clubs.

By Tony Attwood

Liverpool are not just leading the way in this transfer window, in terms of serious business they are completely out on their own.

Of course they have the advantage of what might be called managerial non-movement, and so their arrangements were undoubtedly known and planned well in advance. But whether doing the […]

Confusion reigns as a new list of all Arsenal transfers for this summer appears

By Sir Hardly Anyone

It had to happen in the end. Another website has picked up on the idea of recording a list of players who are said to be on their to Arsenal. So naturally I have taken a look with interest.

And at first site it is interesting because this commentary incorporates the […]

Real Madrid 2 Arsenal 1 full time: great Sunday evening fun, but only in the UK

by Tony Attwood

This game was, (presumably for some sort of copyright region), only available in the UK. So not even visible in the Channels Isles it seems, and I’m really sorry that not everyone was able to see the game, as it was great fun.

The skill that these older players retain really is […]

Real Madrid v Arsenal 2-1 at half time

by Tony Attwood

I must admit that I have not seen a legends game before, and so am in the process of watching this one simply because it is free to view on

And 100% applause to for doing this; it really is fun.

Obviously it is not a total commitment, heavy tackling […]

How do Man U get treated by the media compared to Arsenal?

By Tony Attwood

I wrote a little piece yesterday taking a snapshot of how Tottenham Hotspur are treated by the media in relation to Arsenal, and it raised a little amount of interest so I thought I would have another go today with Manchester United.

This piece of course as with the Tottenham jottings is […]

How do the media treat Arsenal and Tottenham? A simple one day comparison.

by Tony Attwood

There’s an article on “Just Arsenal” which rails against the criticism that players like Bellerin, Xhaka and Ozil get from a small selection of Arsenal fans. To that one could add Mustafi and Cech who have also come in for continual abuse in the past year. Indeed just as I write this, […]

Why does football always have to be in a state of constant turmoil?

By Tony Attwood

Some businesses I’ve come across are indeed in the aforementioned state of turmoil, while others just seem to stumble around a lot and some sail on serenely never troubled by the choppy waters on which they sail.

So I wondered, in football is it just Arsenal that is in a state of […]

Arsenal lagging behind in the transfer race as others rush forward. Here’s the full list thus far.

The eight biggest transfer stories of the moment

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Since the issue has been raised about Arsenal being slow off the mark, in a moment I shall take us through all the players thus far signed by a Premier League club and you will be shocked, I can promise you that. […]

It’s all gone quite quiet over there. A few little local footballing difficulties

Because I don’t have any real interest in international football except in watching out for dreadful injuries to Arsenal […]

Chelsea abandon stadium project; ZZ leaves Real Madrid, Mr Abramovich withdraws visa request

By Tony Attwood

And so the world moves on. ZZ is leaving Real Madrid at a moment when they are perhaps going to struggle to get exactly the right person to take the club forward. And Chelsea have (at least for a while) abandoned the project of rebuilding Stamford Bridge.

It was only a few […]

The 75 players (yes really, 75) we are buying with at least 3 NOW (or so I’m told)

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Now the distraction of getting a new manager is over the fantasists (or “football correspondents as they like to be called) are back in operation throughout the public houses of central London and docklands. Below is a list of players were are apparently signing so far, including some interesting recent additions […]

Changes to the Women’s game for 2018/19


by Andrew Crawshaw

For next season the top flight of Women’s football will comprise of 11 fully professional teams. It will be called the Women’s Super League.

The teams and their grounds will be:-

Arsenal – Borehamwood FC Meadow Park ground Birmingham City Ladies – Solihull Moors FC Solihull Brighton and Hove […]