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Betting Myths to Get Rid of about Football

Betting Myths to Get Rid of about Football

Year after year, there are certain betting myths that simply refuse to die, leading to many fortune-seeking individuals with half-true information and a lot of confusion. These types of myths are often taken completely at face value just because they sound fairly logical, but can cause you […]

What could make your worst Arsenal nightmare worse?

By Tony Attwood

There are, we know, some people around who want Arsenal to lose matches so that the board are forced to refrain from offering Mr Wenger a new job.

But it struck me the other day that even for the most hardened anti-Wengerian pro-aaa pro-AAA person there must be a limit somewhere. Someone […]

The 18 players already ear marked to be coming to Arsenal this summer.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

The Great Transfer Index is a listing of all the players that the English media suggest that Arsenal are about to sign. The great joke is that last summer it only had an accuracy rating of under three percent. In short around 107 players nominated to be coming to Arsenal last […]

Substantial supportive evidence that Sky Sports is utterly and hopelessly in the pocket of PGMO

by Tony Attwood

There was an incident in the first half last night in which a Middlesbrough player grabbed hold of Oliver Giroud in a rugby styled tackle in the penalty area and held on to him for several seconds, stopping him getting to the ball.

It was clearly shown on the live footage, so […]