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February 2018
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Thursday night’s team: no one told the Armenians not to believe what they read in the papers

By Bulldog Drummond

In a sense I rather relish the notion of all attention being turned away from Arsenal, with the focus being on the goings on at Wigan, Sergio Agüero considering pressing charges (although I am not quite sure against whom that might be) and West Ham being charged over breaches of anti-doping rules. […]

Now fake transfer news takes a new thoroughly nasty twist

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Up until now, the nonsense transfer news churned out by the national press and their camp followers has been a bit of a laugh. A case of us recording all the gibberish, putting it in a chart and then showing the results. Results such as that we found last season when […]

Arsenal stars risk being solid, and other oddities of football lingo

By Tony Attwood

For some people an examination of the way language is used in reporting football is a matter of supreme tedium. I know this cos I get lots of emails telling me so.

But I stay with the topic because I do completely believe that anyone who wants to manipulate thought and opinion […]

What do you know about Henry Norris? And how do you know it’s true?

By Tony Attwood

If you have been reading the twice (occasionally thrice) weekly adventures of Henry Norris on the Arsenal History Society website you will of course know the answer to the question above.

If not, and yif our answer is that he was a guy who owned Arsenal at one time and was a […]

The very strange case of the secret deals involving English football rights on TV.

By Tony Attwood

If you have a loooooong memory and you tend to read my ramblings on the subject of corruption and finance in sport you might recall my rant about a tiny company in a tiny Swiss town that gained the broadcasting rights to World Cup matches across a […]

Bonkers insults, semi-skimmed headlines and the 10 players Arsenal are going to sign.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

So let us start with the silliest insult of the day. There are of course many to choose from but having had a look through a mindblowing selection I give the award today for “Under Wenger, Arsenal have become boring”. A bit of an odd statement really having had Alexis […]

Arsenal v Millwall FA Cup Sunday 18 February 2018

By Andrew Crawshaw

With the men no longer in the FA Cup this year it is up to our Women to take over the mantle on Sunday afternoon when they have a last 16 tie against Millwall Lionesses. The Women’s version of the Cup is known (this season) as the SSE Cup Final after the […]

What Bellerin said, Toddler Brain Habits and making money from criticising Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

On the most general level, if one sees something that one feels is wrong in any way (be it corruption, deliberate lies, something that harms some people, criminal acts or anything else) one has a choice. To turn away and do nothing, to do something once and then let it pass […]

When he recovers Alexandre Lacazette still desperately needs an injection of confidence

By Brian Strachan

Since his £53 million transfer from Lyon, Alexandre Lacazette has netted just nine times. He got off to the perfect start, netting against Leicester on debut but the goals have since dried up and the Frenchman has found himself playing second fiddle to January signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Source: Dan Critchlow via […]

How football on Italian TV is revolutionary, leaving Sky and BT Sprout way behind

By Tony Attwood

As you may have read Sky and BT paid less this time round for their TV coverage, but still charge their customers the same. But one would hardly expect anything else.

However given that they appear to have an insatiable desire to charge more and more for less and less I wondered […]

Arsenal, a millennial’s sense of perspective, and my friend’s father’s Mercedes


By Sifarzone

After reading on Untold Arsenal Tony’s “It may not be something you are encouraged to try, but a sense of perspective can help” and AKH’s “Another ‘old codger’s’ sense of perspective”, I thought a millennial’s perspective would complete the set articles, given that the issues of viewing football with perspective has […]

3 players left off the plane, problem with wheelbarrows, and finally the final line up. Maybe.

By Bulldog Drummond

As is becoming the norm now, by lunchtime before an Arsenal evening match there is no preview in the mainstream media, rather more articles looking back to previous games. So up to us to come up with something other than the story doing the rounds that Jack Wilshere is off to Juventus.


Is our record in Europe that bad? Is playing in the Europa such a climb down? Is it cold?

By Tony Attwood

Much has been made about the fact that after reaching the second highest consecutive run of entries into the Champions League in the history of the competition, we are now out and playing in the Europa League.

But it is worth pondering what that achievement meant, both positively and negatively. If we […]

Sweden match uncertain as temporal anomaly hits Arsenal plane and entire squad replaced.

By Tony Attwood

I am not sure if it is a deliberate ploy and I don’t recall seeing it before, but under the headline “Three ways Arsenal could line up v Ostersunds FK after Alexandre Lacazette injury blow” we have this wonderful illustration of an Arsenal lineup… But I should add those of a delicate […]

Arsenal buying 21 players, 7 are leaving and we are getting 3 new managers

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

The latest invention from the Telegraph’s Charlie Eccleshare is the alliterative phrase “Tedious Trophy Talk”. By this they mean the chatter from certain ne’er do wells that Tottenham cannot be called a team of significance until they win significant stuff, and in […]

Arsenal in Sweden: dealing with injuries in a meaningful and sensible way

By Bulldog Drummond

Whatever one’s attitude and style, reality can always be a problem. If one tries to write for a blog based on analysis, logic and statistics, there is always the chance that there simply aren’t any new analyses one can do in order to bring light on a situation. If one […]

Arsenal U18s February Update – 13 Matches Unbeaten

by Andrew Crawshaw

On Saturday our Under 18s extended their unbeaten record to 13 matches with a 6 – 2 win away to Reading despite six members of the usual squad being away on England U17 duty. Here is the story of this run.

Ref Game Result Competition Goalscorers 1 Reading v Arsenal 2 – […]

Another ‘old codger’s’ sense of perspective  

by AKH

September 1957, the month of my 8th birthday and a birthday treat. My very first Arsenal football match at Highbury. Arsenal v Everton.

I have little memory of the game itself, (I think arsenal lost ) but this was the beginning of my support for the team and club. Like Tony Atwood, […]

Football history is (more or less) bunk as long as you ignore the bits you don’t like

By Tony Attwood

My thesis, if you have had the staying power to follow my rambles through its tortuous evolution, is that most of the football related “information” we are given day by day through the mass media, the blogs and the bloggettas (those tiny blogs that have two lines of unverified information sandwiched between […]

How football telepaths embarrass themselves while one Guardian reporter speaks the truth

By Tony Attwood

There is a lovely article in the Guardian in relation to American football which begins, “Sports forecasts aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.”

Well yes, I think many of us will go with that. And when it comes to, “The problem with predictions in this space is that they are comically […]

Östersund away: the squad and the weather forecast: it might be worth wrapping up.

by Bulldog Drummond

The weather forecast for Östersund this Thursday evening is currently showing -5 degrees centigrade but taking into account wind speeds and humidity this is going to feel like -12°C. Or put another way about 10.5°F. Or put another way bloody cold.

Östersund’s last match before the winter freeze was on 7 December […]

The most hilarious Arsenal story of the week, transfers and what is “Bellering”

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

So here we have it: the Laugh of the Week…

Arsenal suffer massive injury blow as top four hopes take battering

Yes that’s the horror headline from the bloggetta IB Times which appeared on many of the news accumultor sites. Click on it, and in HUGE bold letters it really looks […]

Arsenal Under 23s: the extremely encouraging update

by Andrew Crawshaw

As Tony pointed out in his brief report on our U23s latest win on Monday Night we are really doing rather well this year. We had a 4-0 win over last year’s league winners Everton, with a hat-trick of goals from Eddie Nketiah and assists for Joe Willock.

Our matches since the […]

It may not be something you are encouraged to try, but a sense of perspective can help

By Tony Attwood

I am sure there will be many who will agree with a headline in the Daily Telegraph that reads “Arsenal are still exhibiting all their old failings with expensive new personnel” and another in the same paper today, “Harry Kane goal confirms power shift in North London”. Or in the Independent “Derby […]

Tottenham v Arsenal, the injuries, the teams

By Bulldog Drummond

In case you have not seen it there is a wonderful comment following Andrew’s review of the referee, in which the reader goes on quite a little rant complaining that the piece was a waste of time, and that for our analysis to make any sense it should have contained a review […]