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August 2021

Untold Ref Review: WBA – Manchester United

Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

By Ref Reviewer 04

Another day, another ref review. This time we took on the first game of the defending champions Manchester United who went away from home to play West Bromwich Albion.

The ref over there was Mike Jones.

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight on
3 OTHER Reid Young C Trip 1 1 1
4 OTHER Welbeck Foster NC Attacking the keeper in the air not punished 0 0 1
6 OTHER Anderson TCHOYJ NC Tchoyj was tugging the shirt but invisible for ref 0 0 1
9 OTHER Young Brunt C Little footcontact. First advantage given then the ref came back to it 1 1 1
12 OTHER WBA3 Vidic C Jump in the back after corner 1 1 1
13 GOAL C Rooney scores. Young looked onside when the pass was played 1 3 3
20 OTHER ? Rooney C Advantage given 1 1 1
20 OTHER ? Fabio C Holding 1 1 1
23 OTHER Fabio Long C Holding 1 1 1
25 OTHER Anderson ? C leaning in to the player 1 1 1
30 Offside Tchoyj C coming back from offside 1 1 1
32 OTHER ? FAbio C Advantage given 1 1 1
33 OTHER ? Cleverly C Advantage given 1 1 1
37 GOAL C Nothing wrong with the goal. Except spending 20M for this keeper? He didn’t look good 1 3 3
38 OTHER Reid Young C Stupid sliding tackle from Reid punished 1 1 1
38 YELLOW Reid C Reid came sliding in from far and could only go through Young to get the ball. 1 2 2
39 OTHER Fabio TCHOYJ NC Fabio is holding the arm of the WBA player so he cant get away. Ref signals no advantage 0 0 1
41 OTHER Rooney Scharner C Push 1 1 1
42 OTHER Muamba Nani C Kick from behind 1 1 1
46 PENALTY C A WBA player misses the ball it bounces around and he falls on his back. The ball touches his hand but he clearly was trying to avoid any contact with his hands. The ref makes the negative signal. 1 3 3
Half time 17 24 27
CORRECT 85,00% 88,89%
YELLOW 1 1 100,00
RED 0 0
PENALTY 1 1 100,00
GOAL 2 2 100,00
OTHER 1 1 100,00
5 5 100,00
OFFSIDE 1 1 100,00
Second half
48 OTHER Welbeck Foster C Blocking the keeper at a corner 1 1 1
51 OTHER Vidic Muamba NC Vidic lashes out with his arm to keep the WBA at distance and hits him on the chest 0 0 1
53 OTHER Taylor 30? Young C Obstruction 1 1 1
55 OTHER Ferdinand Long NC Jumping in the back nothing given 0 0 1
56 OTHER Young Long C Tackle on the ankle 1 1 1
56 YELLOW Young C Breacking up a possible counter 1 2 2
57 OTHER Muamba WELBECKK C Trip 1 1 1
58 OTHER WBA7 Cleverly C Trip 1 1 1
61 OTHER Mulumbu? Young C Push in the back 1 1 1
63 OTHER Brunt Young C Pushing 1 1 1
67 OTHER Young Reid NC Young pulling the defender by the arm 0 0 1
69 OTHER Evans Long NC Evans pushing Long in the back nothing given 0 0 1
69 OTHER Long Evans C A little push in the back of the defender foul is correct 1 1 1
71 OTHER Tchoyj C Handball 1 1 1
73 OTHER Nani C Handball 1 1 1
76 OTHER Cleverly Long C Obstruction 1 1 1
78 OTHER WBA11 De Gea NC Keeper attacked while in the air not given 0 0 1
79 OTHER Long De Gea C Keeper attacked while in the air 1 1 1
80 OTHER Morison Anderson C Little push in the back at full speed 1 1 1
82 GOAL Young C Lucky but not against the rules 1 3 3
86 OTHER Long Evans C Wild kick 1 1 1
86 OTHER Scharner Rooney C Late kick 1 1 1
86 YELLOW Scharner C Late kick is a yellow card 1 2 2
87 OTHER Long Anderson C Pull on the arm 1 1 1
90 OTHER Cleverly Muamba C Trip 1 1 1
90 YELLOW Anderson C I could not see for what so we hae to agree with what the ref said 1 2 2
90 OTHER MU4 Cox NC MU defender sticks out his leg, Cox goes past him and falls. There was contact. The attacker maybe could have avoided the leg but if a defender stretches his leg that far you don’t need to avoid it 0 0 1
90 YELLOW Cox NC Cox gets a yellow card. But there was contact so it cannot be called a dive. So the card was not right 0 0 2
90 OTHER Berbatov ? C Push 1 1 1
2nd half score
TOTAL 22 27 35
% CORRECT 75,86% 77,14%
YELLOW 3 4 75,00
RED 0 0
GOAL 1 1 100,00
OTHER 3 4 75,00
7 9 77,78
TOTAL 39 51 62
% CORRECT 79,59% 82,26%
YELLOW 4 5 80,00
RED 0 0
PENALTY 1 1 100,00
GOAL 3 3 100,00
OTHER 4 5 80,00
12 14 85,71
OFFSIDE 1 1 100,00
Correct calls For MU 20 57,14%
For WBA 15 42,86%
Total correct calls 35
Wrong calls Against MU 2 20,00%
Againt WBA 8 80,00%
Total 10

So a very good first half and a slightly lesser second half from the ref. But all in all he had a good game and a high score at the end of the day.

He did miss some things during the game. And the misses mostly favoured United. Not really big things in fact. But as some of you know from the past the wrong and not given fouls can have their influence on the game.

If all goes well you can also expect a ref review of the Manchester City – Swansea game in the next days. And of course we will be covering each Arsenal game as it comes along the way of the buys Untold Ref Reviewers.

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12 comments to Untold Ref Review: WBA – Manchester United

  • Mahesh

    80% wrong calls against WBA in second half! What is it that I smell? 😉

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    A referee demonstrating a clear bias, against the home team? If you’d anonym-ised the teams & players I would have put money on the away team being ManU.

  • Johnny Deigh

    Has anyone ever noticed that when Shrek gets fouled the opposing player gets booked quite often?

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    That’ll be because he’s the saviour, the white Pele, the shining beacon of hope for In-ger-lund at international level, despite being piss poor at the World cups in 2006 and 2010…

  • rkl

    I would like to know, do you decide what the decision should have been after watching replays or decide at instant like referees. Not criticizing, just curious how you collect all those details.

  • WalterBroeckx


    We work as the ref assessors do in my country. They take the images of the game and review the whole game from all the possible and different angles. And then they just check: was the decision correct or not.

    Unfortunately we are not able to decide the angles to look at things and are depending on the angles shown on TV.

    If there is doubt we back the decision that the ref made on the field. A bit like in American football: the ruling on the field stands unless there is proof it was wrong.

  • Abhishek Kumar

    Heyy Walter

    Will we get to read the match review of all the top 6 teams this year (Last years top 4 teams, spurs and pool)…

    And will you cover the league only or will the other matches be also covered..

  • WalterBroeckx


    The 5th ref review of last weekend games will be published later this afternoon. So we had Newcastle-Arsenal, WBA-MU, City – Swansea, Stoke-chelsea and Liverpool- Sunderland on the site.

    The CL game was also published. Just look in the index to find them.

    And more to come about refs in the EPL in other articles. Just watch this site going 🙂

  • bob

    There are never post-match press conferences or published PGMOL official reviews, so your doing the review allows people for the first time to ask questions of the referee. So many thanks in advance! Here are some of my questions:
    (1) Was there no extra time in the second half? and no calls?
    (2) Was the non-call against MU4 in the 90th minute not a big deal? Please explain how that could be, in context, at the end of a 2-1 game? Wasn’t the WBA home crowd incensed? I read there was outrage in the Guardian in-game blog. So please clarify.
    (3) Like Woolwich Peripatetic (above) I ask if, in retrospect, you find anything odd about 8 of 10 wrong calls going against the home team? And did the cumulative effect of this have any impact on the match, or the course of the final outcome? Why would that be?

  • WalterBroeckx

    Bob, I can answer you the questions if you don’t mind as I have also seen the game.

    1) There was 4 minutes extra time if I remember correct. This was fair I think.
    2) The non call was in fact in extra time. I will ask my reviewers to make sure this is visible in the future. And I must say that I can understand the outrage. It was just outside the penalty area a bit left to the goal so could have been a chance of getting a goal or at least a goal chance.
    3) Yes I think it is. And I will show this in another article in the next days if you compare this with the other games we had covered this week and where I show the wrong calls.

    4) why? WHY???? If only we could know the answer to this question

    And Bob we will try to show other statistical things we could/can see about the refs in more articles. Like I said: just watch this site in the next days/weeks/months…

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    United away, leading by one goal and with a reasonable penalty appeal turned down, do you honestly think any ref is going to risk adding on injury time?
    Even if he’s not as bent as a Mandelbrot set the outcry would be phenomenal.