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  1. Kentetsu

    Wow, in the first half only one out of the ten big decisions adjudged correctly. Reading the ref review, I can understand Dalglish’s frustration with the ref, for this match at least. Two valid penalty claims not given, and one dive from Stoke awarded with a penalty, although they in fact did miss out on a penalty earlier on as well.
    I have actually looked through the previous Liverpool ref reviews after Dalglish’s comments and based on those reviews it does not look like Liverpool is unfairly treated by the refs.

  2. Gary

    I have just watched the Walters penalty incident again and must say it is more of a penalty than the one given against us when Eboue “bumped over” Lucas. When Wenger complained Kenny told him to piss off – so I don’t have much sympathy for them this time round.

    Dalgleish is busy with a PR campaign as a pre-emptive move and the media is happy to support him, unlike what happens when Arsene has something to say about decisions.

  3. Stevie E

    I’ll put my hands up and admit to being dumb, but if all the pen decisions were correct and (for the sake of argument) scored, what would the final result have been? Also, if Mark Clattenburg was reffing the 1st half, who came out for the 2nd. This is a total reversal of what we saw last season (not bad 1st half, shocking 2nd)…

  4. Stuart

    Interesting to see how both teams have roughly the same percentage of correc calls for and wrong calls against on this one, quite a balanced ref it seems.

  5. Reviewer

    @ Stevie E

    I was so surprised by the second half performace i watched it twice. I concluded that the difference was the way Stoke played. The game was largely in their half, all they did was get bodies behind the ball, give nothing away, and watch Liverpool become frustrated. It was very professional, and just how a 1-0 should be defended. George Graham esque.

    If you look from 67 to 79 minutes no incidents, only throw ins and corners, that shows just how disciplined Stoke were, and how clean they can play if they choose to.

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