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You f*cking, lying cheats and stupid parrots. (What Cesc really said)

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By Walter Broeckx

I was not going to write another article about Cesc Fabregas I promised myself after he went away to Barcelona. But such promises are only made to be broken I guess. Because after yesterday I must write about him. Well not just about him. But about something we have been talking about on Untold and certainly our Untold media watchers have done great research in this matter and maybe they will dig a bit deeper to find out who started what.

I usually don’t go to many other Arsenal websites. I know where I can read good Arsenal stuff and, well,on Untold I get more than enough articles each day coming on line.  But every now and then I do check out the headlines on Goonernews a few times a day. Last night I did this and it was amazing.

I counted over a dozen articles about Cesc who had given an interview and who had said that Arsenal would win nothing for many many years. It was something one could imagine some players could say after leaving Arsenal. We have had enough classless players leaving us and saying some bad things. Hell yes, we have enough former players who for some reason like to say all about Arsenal as long as it is negative.

Now our people from the Untold Media Watch have been able to show how the media likes to turn and twists things about Arsenal. How they have a go at Wenger every day of their live. And how they like to have a go at every Arsenal player. Even former Arsenal players who have left us are still linked with Arsenal if they have a bad day.

But now Cesc saying that Arsenal will never win anything again in the next years, well it made me wonder a bit. Of course one media comes up with the quotes and like lemmings the other media stumble over each other to rewrite the quotes and to produce headlines about Arsenal in decline and crisis.

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And of course a lot of our Arsenal blogs had to put some money in the already filled bag themselves. A lot of them came out with the same news and at the end of the day all of the blogs had done their part of the job in spreading Cesc’s words.  Untold being one of the few exceptions.

But with our media watch most of us at Untold are very suspicious when it comes to quotes from Cesc and what appears in the Spanish media. And look what happened last night.

I can imagine Cesc coming home from a nice dinner with some friends or relatives and opening his computer and looking at nothing but headlines telling that he has said something. But we can sometimes curse some things that the internet brought us. We can shake our head from all the facebooks, linkedin or twitter we have these days. But my god twitter is a gift from the gods at times.

Because after Cesc read about what he supposedly had said he started tweeting like made and this are his messages to the world and to his followers. And I am still one of them despite promising myself to unfollow him if he would leave us. Another broken promise I guess.

And this is what Cesc had to say and I think one can see the anger in his words a bit. So I give you his words (including some grammatical mistakes):

I’d never speak 1 bad work abt AFC, here there’s once more prove that so many people put in newspaper wtv they want and its not professional.

I want Arsenal to be successful as much as every single fan. That’s not why i left, it was never in my mind. AFC made me who i am today.

And nobody will ever change that. I never gave any interview away since my press conference at my presentation and there i just said…

…The truth and what came out of my heart. Great words abt this great football club cause that just what they deserve: success and trophies.

People can h8 me 4 leaving or remember that i gave my all for the club. But me talking 1 bad word or saying smthng against AFC will not seen”

So here it is plain and in the open. Cesc is being rather friendly for saying that journalists are not professional. In fact he could have said: you cheating bunch of liars. That would have been closer to the truth and more direct. But maybe from his point of view it wouldn’t be a smart move to say it like that. Maybe he is too much a gentleman to say it like that. But I have the feeling that is what he was thinking about them. (Just my thoughts on his thoughts of course so not a fact). And I think I would said it like that.

So if we see reports in the media about Cesc having a go at Arsenal we should be very very careful. I do think it is part of the whole campaign we have seen in the last months and on which our media watchers have been pointing at.

And my plea for all those people who are writing blogs about Arsenal I can only hope that they would think for a few minutes before making sensational headlines about something Cesc would have said about Arsenal especially when it is something negative.  So why are you jumping on the bandwagon and try to create this negativity along with the more serious press and media? Why don’t we watch ourselves and think twice before adding to it?

So today I hope to see even more headlines from all those blogs and media saying: oh sorry guys we have been fooled by the media and we apologise and the media are just plain liars. Will they?

Well let me do it for you : “Media is lying about Cesc and Arsenal  once again”. “Media launch another attack at Arsenal using Cesc”.

I hope to see those titles on Goonernews a lot today. They can use my proposed titles, hell they can even use this article, what do I care. The only thing I hope is that more people will be aware of what is going on behind the scenes. Arsenal is under attack from the media for whatever reason and they are prepared to play it dirty. They are prepared to use lies. Disgusting.

And finally I come back to what Cesc twittered yesterday evening: “People can h8 me 4 leaving or remember that i gave my all for the club”. Cesc to be honest I don’t hate you for leaving. You just broke my he-art a bit, but it will heal as it always does when one of your favourite players leave. I can understand why you went, even though it hurts. But I will not hate you for it. In fact seeing those twitters brought back a little bit the warm feelings I had for you.

I appreciate the fact that you came out and defended not only your honour but also defended our and still your club. So I thank you for that. And most of all I thank you for being a member of Untold Media Watch. Because after all how many times do you get the chance of exposing the media as liars and cheats and this with the help of our former captain himself.

So thanks Cesc. Oh and do come back some day as a player if you want. I will welcome you. After all you were my favourite player in the last 8 years or so.

PS: Did anyone notice Benayoun also using his twitter for denying some of the headlines about “snubbing” other clubs? Journalists? Whorenalists that’s what some of them are.

Untold Media Watch

Arsène’s Mood Takes Down the Western Economy

Evidence, who needs evidence?  The Guardian knows that Wenger is ill but insists on doing all transfer deals himself!

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31 comments to You f*cking, lying cheats and stupid parrots. (What Cesc really said)

  • @Walter those Morons can not survive a single day with out the Arsenal.
    Lets hit B/B for dead and they will swallow their bolz, let us get a draw and they will predict our End. Hopefully that man in the middle keeps his cards on his butt for he has been our chief executioner as of late.
    Lets go GUNNERS

  • It’s not surprising that Cesc came out openly to debunk what the press claimed he has said, because while still in Arsenal colours some 2 seasons ago he declared Arsenal is been hated by all. The questions are many as to why are they doing all these to Arsenal, and what are they out to gain? Well, my opinion is that Cesc himself contributed to this by not having his full heart playing for the club; (considering what he’s doing in Barca today) helping them win trophies that could have silenced the Arsenal detractors. My only prayer now is that God backs us (Arsenal) this season to land a trophy so that all these can stop once and for all. Gunners for life!

  • davi

    This is partly why I wish he’d stayed to win the title and prove that we can overcome all this crap. I swear it has a big effect on the way refs and other teams respond to us in games. There’s no pressure for refs to make big calls in our favour because if we end up losing: who cares – we were going to lose anyway!?
    Other sides are scared out of their wits playing against Utd, even though they were average last year for the most part. When we were playing much better than them, which was the majority of the season, they were getting the breaks they needed, and we were getting the opposite.
    It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy when they in the media are continually saying that arsenal will fail.

  • Greencard USA

    This vulgar piece of trash (I decline to call it journalism) seems to have appeared first in the Guardian. I used to consider the Guardian a respectable paper, but in its sports section it is a vile cesspool. Even if it claims it got the story from elsewhere, unlike any other petty, mindless blogger the Guardian has better resources to check out a story before helping to circulate it. It seems any ‘news’ is okay, so long it brings in the ‘kicks’. We ought to circulate a list of names of such benders of truth so the general public can avoid reading those authors and sites. I for one stopped reading the Guardian a long while ago when it became clear it had an axe raised at Arsenal.

  • Sulaigooner

    It’s all about hatred 4 my club, and i so much beleive that they will gain nothing but shame themselves ny the time we start winning trophies. God help us 4rm the EVIL GENIUS, amen.

  • cyberian

    The thursday september 15 issue of the print copy of The New York Times contained a rather unflattering portrayal of Arsenal: Worst of Times by Jere Longman. It is sad to see this kind of shoddy journalism.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Having looked around, seems some of the AAA sites are inferring Cesc actually said that and his denial was a lie – based on what exactly I do not know. It is obvious Cesc has moved home but still loves this club, and its manager.
    Strange , this all comes out at a time of much other news on Arsenal. The media cannot really have a go over Dortmund, as most of their darling favorites had similar results in Europe this week. There is also a clear impression that Wenger has had it with the UK media and gives them the bare minimum save apocalyptic financial predictions! I also happen to think Wenger is skillfully using the media to dampen silly expectations and take pressure off a team who do not compete on a level playing field.
    We have debated the various reasons the media may have it in for Arsenal, however one of the main factors being that since the CC, we have lets face it been an easy target for some.
    Lets hope that the day after the Blackburn game, we read very little about the manager or the team, that Wright and Merson have nothing to chirp about, such things only happen when Arsenal win at the moment.
    It is not only all things Arsenal though, witness the non story about Englands rugby captain at the start of the World Cup at the hands of the gutter press. Apparently England have banned the newsboys from the press conferences and are only letting in proper acredited rugby journalists – sounds like a plan Arsene / Ivan?

  • Paul- Canada

    I have stopped reading any other Arsenal sites apart from Untold. Even our own “supporters” write lies and rubbish about the club so what else should we expect from people who hate us? I watched the Madrid v’s Celtic last night and even the commentor had to mention how long it’s been since we have won anything just because Reyes once played for us. I just don’t get the negativity which seems to come from every direction these days?
    Have they really nothing else to talk about?
    Like every other season I have supported Arsenal. I have started off this one full of optimism. We’ve been to Manure and lost. Been there before many times before and lost. Our season hasn’t ended just yet. So let’s all get behind the team and roar them to more success.
    I’ll be up tomorrow morning at 5am for the Blackburn game and I do believe after the Dortmund game we go into it full of confidence.

  • TefLon_88

    Jux hate the media and the press, specially the english media who keep bluffn and sayn real shit bout arsenal. They say all this to destabilize our team spirit. Hate former and other ex_players who tynk they better than mr. Wenger in the likes of ian wright, frank mclintock,paul merson. Imagine alan shitearer sayn our problems ain’t solve yet cuz we didn’t sign quality << he jux need to STFU and keep supportn loosn teams lyk blackburn n nucastle. Y'all haters << shhh << keep ya mouth shut. #GoGunners

  • steww

    I don’t pretend to understand all of your comment TefLon_88 but I suspect we are in broad agreement. The players read the papers. Jack Wilshere watches SSN (I know this as he tweets about it often) for example. So the vacuous, snide and spiteful scumbags from the great British free press know indeed that they have a chance to destabilise our team spirit.
    I long ago stopped using anything other than two blogs and Twitter. No radio or TV news and definitely no newspapers. Liars do not deserve my time.

  • The rumour is helped greatly by the negative bunch called ‘Le grove’ who think because he isn’t suing he must have said it…..I clicked on the link by mistake as myself and over a 1,000 of our Arsenal support group do not read le grove!!! We have enough negativity in our daily life to have another maniac posing as a Arsenal fan spreading more with probably a 100 depressives who are always reading their posts!!

    Untold does a fantastic job!! hats off to you guys.

  • bob

    The Cesc story was presented as a Press Association dispatch (Press Association is a legit UK press agency organization like the AP, UP, AFC) which Guardian was then fast to turn into a story. I too read it and they are clearly competing with the gutter red-tops to be first and fastest in football news. imo, it’s one part of Guardian’s shameless attempt to enlist gutter football to help finance an otherwise world-class newspaper that will need financial help in the near future. Which is not to deny that several of their writers, if not sports editors, have additional or ulterior motives to bring down Arsene and cripple AFC.

  • bob

    Stevie E, Neal,
    Perhaps you’ve got something to add to Neal’s views on LeGrovel’s coverage/multiplying of the Cesc story. Is it’s Cesc report showing up in yesterday’s or today’s Metro, for one example? Anyway, just a thought to expand our awareness of their machinations.

  • Mandy dodd

    There are some other blogs out there for the more discerning arsenal supported, not going to go overboard on using this forum to big them up but always found arseblog usually have a good perspective. Le grove can be negative but I have seen worse!

  • dy

    we can just go on our business and play the game we know best. Give a fight even if ahead, behind or under siege, then shut them up by our action rather than words. This is the way to silence all the negative comments generated without any truth.

  • critic

    Whatever he said doesn’t change the fact that he forced his move to barca. He never came out openly about arsenal but he did hurt arsenal financially. Crippling arsenal en-route to barcelona.

    That’s the bottomline. If arsenal fans hate nasri and call him cunt then fabregase is no different.

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Who really cares what the Guardian or any other news-rag tabloid or website writes or blogs. It is a compliment to be so hated by the press, the media and some of our own fanboys. It means that we are a threat and an easy target for those losers, but being underdogs, we can make them eat shite by performing like we did at Dortmund and in Italy.
    Give us a few games more and we’ll show them who the real Arsenal are!

  • Bob,
    Should a legit news media carry an unconfirmed news report or story? Still would like to read your thoughts on why all these anti Wenger/AFC stuff keeps coming out. In my view this Cesc fabricaton is another nail meant to seal AFC’s coffin in top flight football. The morale sapping campaign will not stop unless the club itself also starts to do something about it. Surely, AFC is not a helpless cripple in this matter, or is it?

  • Shard

    Cesc might not have said that. But I disagree Walter. This is not his club anymore. He left us in the lurch. He basically endorsed Barca’s behaviour towards us, both on and off the field, and because of that Arsenal got nowhere near enough to even buy a direct replacement. It really doesn’t matter whether he talks well of Arsenal. He left us just when we needed him most, despite his long term contract, which we got no return on. Wenger and Cesc have both said that Arsenal reduced his price to let him go. I can think of only one reason Arsenal would do that. If Cesc wasn’t committed.

    P.S. I know that the gist of your article was that the media are expleting expletives, but we knew that already.

  • Pete

    The Sport freebie in London today featured what they claimed to be an exclusive interview with him. It certainly “felt” authentic…

  • The Press hate Arsenal…
    Why does any Arsenal fan buy a newspaper…?

  • bob

    Not being a Londoner (except in spirit and friends), let me ask if the freebie you mention is called “Sport,” or does it go by another name? Does it have an online website? Does it name its editors, etc.? Cheers.

  • Talk Sport hate Arsenal…
    Why does any Arsenal fan listen to that crap radio station…???

  • bob

    Hello Bobome,
    Surely, as you know, the media “shouldn’t” carry anything uncomfirmed (as a matter of journalistic ethics); but journalism and ethics don’t fit in the same sentence with respect to Arsenal, and no media outlet will risk being beat to “the story” (in case the rumor is true) by a competitor. Also, they will make up any story – especially a Cesc story, and especially this vicious a Cesc story – because it’s worth a lot of money (readers, clicks, purchases) just to have it in print and they never seem to get sued for their chronic lying — even as Arsene becomes a national cartoon figure. This story is a way to keep the anti-Arsene/Arsenal campaign at full boil at this slower time when we are re-starting and re-stabilizing. The media campaign is surely meant to destabilise us. (You may have seen that Arsene has recently used the word “destabilise” in a different player-related context, so I guess (as this is not a commonplace, everyday word) that this matter is somewhere on his mind. As for the big “why?” the Arsenal-bashing continues without a pause, the short answer, of course, is “follow the money” (not that this is easy either). But in my view, the longer, more adequate answer – one that pulls the different threads together – requires a few more events to occur for proof of concept. First let’s see if Arsenal gels and strings some wins together; and, if so, how that gets treated in the media and what happens in its wake – both on the pitch, and in the sphere of football politics. That’s my immediate focus. Right now there are surely variables at play which will help us interested people to answers as they play out. I don’t have “the” answer that you and I both are looking for right now; but there’s been several interesting and encouraging analyses here on UA/UM over the last two months (even in the past few days), which are pieces of a puzzle that’s coming together.

  • M.V

    I was thinking I was getting paranoid about stuff in the press…but when I saw THAT story in THE GUARDIAN…Well…it really makes you kinda wonder…?!

  • Byo

    When I saw the rubbish article- I immediately thought “another anti-Arsenal hit piece”.

    @Eyitayo-I cannot for the life of me understand how you bring “God” into football. As much as we love our club, it is just still a game. What with drought, famine, wars, piracy etc that “God” should worry about and fix!

  • goonergerry

    The media is not interested in the truth or reality-just like the vast majority of blogs. For me their value is entertainment and an opinion nothing more. I am not usually interested in endless diatribes from Liverpool or Man U supporters so I now watch anything on the football media with the sound turned down.The English media have always been attracted to opinionated unintelligent idiots-former players who often express un or poorly evidenced opinion as fact.
    When you get an intelligent person like Cesc making a fair and balanced point-the media twist it around to make it opinionated.
    Arsenal have become stereotyped by the hacks as being on a downward spiral-and if a team is measured by the number of 20m plus value players it has that could end up being the case-especially if the media junkie players themselves believe that.
    But then it is difficult to predict just where this team will end up by the end of the season-because this team has not trained or played enough games together to really assess our trajectory. But you will never hear that from the media.

  • me

    Walter you’re learning English slang

  • Gooner S

    It’s not about hating Arsenal, it’s about money. Journalists write what they do to get a reaction. Invariably its the direction the editor wants. A reaction makes you buy a newspaper, read a blog or read a newspaper website. In Talksport’s case it’s about attracting listeners long enough to listen to the adverts. Other blogs find a niche, say being overly negative all of the time, because there is an audience for that. They then play to the gallery. That’s it. Some journalists are better than others and some are even Arsenal fans! Aren’t John Cross (The Sun) and Darren Lewis (The Mirror)Arsenal fans?

    And yes, despite knowing this I still get caught up in it:-)

  • bob

    Gooner S,
    Yes, it’s what the editor (Sports) tells the jorno (Sports); but who tells the editor who tells the jorno; and who sets the policy that is carried out by the talking points that are given to the editor to give to the jorno? You are captured by the small cash register’s kerching, where we all feel comfortable, but you write-off or miss (not sure which, yet) the bigger picture which we/you are trained not to think about. No, this anti-Arsene/Arsenal campaign is bigger than that lesser cash register (whatever the little-man jorno is told be is only a bit bigger editor) and, while you don’t have the time of day for it, there’s something greater afoot – like removing Arsenal as a significant factor in the EPL competition. That’s what the UM writers have been working at documenting and getting across. Have a look at some of the past pieces in the Untold Media section of the homepage plus the amazing comments that come forward and you’ll get a whiff of the type of media education that they don’t give us in school. Cheers.

  • Rhys Jaggar

    Lessons I have learned about people, and the media, in life:

    1. If you say ‘I’ve never felt a homosexual urging in my life, but I’ve never been to San Fransicso’, those who have it in their heads that you are a closet gay will say that this is the ultimate proof. The fact that the person concerned was about 5 stone overweight has absolutely nothing to do it!!

    2. If you say: ‘I think that Arsenal should buy Scott Parker’, merely expressing an opinion as a fan, the media will immediately run stories saying that Scott Parker will go to Spurs. I use Scott Parker’s name as an example. I don’t bother writing things on media blogs any more as this scenario happened 15 times over the past 4 years.

    3. If you say ‘I think Mrs Thatcher was a bit confrontational’, the media immediately assume that you are a raving loony leftie, when my politics sit rather close to the centre of the spectrum.

    4. If you write a football song about erstwhile Prime Minister Blair, whose first name happens to be Tony, woe betide if there are any football managers sharing the same christian name resident in the area of the country where Tony Blair was a sitting MP…….

    5. If you write a skit on the BBC series ‘Allo, allo!’, you may note with wry humour that a football result in the Bundesliga last weekend was 2-1 to an away side, with the home side scoring a consolation goal in the 88th minute…….

    6. If you write a skit on your personal PC, share it with no-one, you may be somewhat surprised to find Arsene Wenger commenting on the prospects of Real Madrid for the following season within 24 hours……….

    Not to put too fine a point on it, it is a useful rule of thumb to assume the following:

    1. The media have decided on their line of attack and they will use anything you say or write to justify it.
    2. It might be prudent to assume that members of the media will consider bugging your PC, your mobile and/or your landline if they think your opinions to be of interest.
    3. No matter how unoriginal, destructive and generally psychologically maladjusted certain journalists are, their views are worthy and yours are not.