The Untold ref Review: Arsenal 2 – Olympiacos 1

By Ref Reviewer 04

In the Champions League we had a ref from Spain. Ref Carlos Velasco Carballo was the name. But how was his game?

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
6 OFFSIDE Mirallas C 1 1
7 OTHER Torisids Rosicky C Flying tackle from behind 1 1
8 GOAL Chamberlain C Correct goal 1 3
10 OTHER Santos Fuster C Obstruction 1 1
13 OTHER Song Mirallas NC Blocked the attacker 0 0
20 GOAL Santos C Correct goal – Santos was twice on side when th ball came to him 1 3
22 OFFSIDE Arshavin NC Arshavin was levelso not offside and was alone in on goal 0 0
25 OFFSIDE Fuster C 1 1
26 OTHER Rosicky Orbaiz C High foot 1 1
27 GOAL Fuster C Correct goal 1 3
28 OTHER Orbaiz Arteta C Came in a bit late 1 1
28 OTHER Rosicky Djebour C Frontal tackle. Rarely given in the EPL but it is a foul 1 1
29 OTHER Mirallas Sagna NC Trips him in the Arsenal back area 0 0
30 OTHER Holebas Sagna C Little kick against the ankle when Sagna joined in attack 1 1
31 OTHER Arteta Mirallas C Little trip in the Olympiacos penalty area 1 1
34 OTHER Rosicky Mirallas C Tripped him just before entering the penalty area 1 1
34 YELLOW Rosicky C A possible promising attack broken up. Correct card 1 2
35 OFFSIDE Fejsa C 1 1
35 OFFSIDE Fejsa C 1 1
37 OFFSIDE Arshavin C 1 1
38 OTHER Olympiacos? Arshavin NC Obstruction not given 0 0
40 OTHER Frimpong Mirallas C Trip 1 1
42 OTHER Torisids C Handball 1 1
42 OTHER Frimpong Mirallas NC Little push in the back at high speed but not seen by the ref. Was on his blind side 0 0
Half time 19 26
CORRECT 79,17% 83,87%
YELLOW 1 1 100,00
RED 0 0
GOAL 3 3 100,00
OTHER 1 1 100,00
5 5 100,00
OFFSIDE 5 6 83,33
Second half
46 OTHER Frimpong C Handball 1 1
47 OTHER Frimpong Torisidis C Trip 1 1
48 OTHER Holebas Chamberlain C Sliding tackle from behind 1 1
48 YELLOW Holebas C Dangerous tackle. Correct yellow card 1 2
48 OTHER Orbaiz Arteta NC Another dangerous sliding tackle from behind. Ref gives advantage which leads to a chance later on but should have stopped the game 0 0
48 YELLOW Orbaiz NC And he should have given the player a yellow card for this tackel 0 0
49 OTHER Frimpong C Handball 1 1
51 OTHER Santos Fuster C Trip 1 1
55 OTHER Assistant NC Cross from Arshavin falls on the crossbarr. Assistant signals that the ball has gone out of play. The camera on the goal line shows that the ball did not cross the goal line. 0 0
58 OTHER Holebas Chamberlain NC Push in the back at full speed 0 0
58 YELLOW Holebas NC Could have got a yellow for this. Would have been his second 0 0
59 OTHER Djebbour Santos C Trip 1 1
59 OTHER Mirallas Sagna C Trip 1 1
60 OTHER Mertesacker Mirallas NC Push in the back 0 0
63 OTHER Chamakh Mellberg C Push 1 1
64 PENALTY Chamberlain C The Greek appeal for handball but Chamberlain controlled the ball with this chest. The ref was standing 6 meters away with nobody between them and indicated it was the chest 1 3
68 OFFSIDE Chamakh C 1 1
70 OTHER Fuster Arshavin C He shoved the little Russian to the ground 1 1
70 YELLOW Fuster C Preventing a possible promising attack 1 2
72 OTHER Mirallas Sagna C Little trip 1 1
73 OTHER Song Djebbour NC Holding him 0 0
74 OTHER Arteta Fuster C Trip 1 1
76 OTHER Song Djebbour NC Push in the back 0 0
76 OTHER Mellberg RVP C Push in the back 1 1
77 OTHER Arteta Djebbour C Trip 1 1
77 YELLOW Arteta C Correct card, not his first foul in the last minutes 1 2
81 OTHER Mellberg RVP C Stuck out his arm when going for the ball 1 1
82 OTHER Frimpong Abdoun C Held him off with his arm 1 1
84 OTHER Djebbour Arteta C Tackle from behind and late 1 1
84 YELLOW Djebbour C Late and from behind. Correct decision 1 2
88 OTHER Abdoun Santos NC Push in the back 0 0
89 OTHER Djebbour Arteta C Trip 1 1
89 OTHER Marcano Rosicky C Push 1 1
92 OTHER Abdoun Song C Push in the back 1 1
2nd half score
TOTAL 25 31
% CORRECT 73,53% 73,81%
YELLOW 4 6 66,67
RED 0 0
PENALTY 1 1 100,00
GOAL 2 2 100,00
OTHER 4 7 57,14
11 16 68,75
OFFSIDE 1 1 100,00
TOTAL 44 57
% CORRECT 75,86% 78,08%
YELLOW 5 7 71,43
RED 0 0
PENALTY 1 1 100,00
GOAL 5 5 100,00
OTHER 5 8 62,50
16 21 76,19
OFFSIDE 6 7 85,71
Correct calls For Arsenal 25 56,82%
For Olympiacos 19 43,18%
Total correct calls 44
Wrong calls Against Arsenal 9 64,29%
Against Olympiacos 5 35,71%
Total 14

In his article earlier today Tony said that he felt the ref had lost it.  And I can but agree with him. The first half the ref was good with the important decisions. Which is important of course. But even then he managed to get quite a few things wrong. An assistant signalled that Arshavin was offside when he clearly was still level and he was through on goal on his own after that.

But it became even worse in the second half. The ref then also messed up a few important decisions like letting go a bad tackle from behind on Arteta and not giving a yellow card for this tackle. He even didn’t call the foul…

He sure wasn’t a home ref and I don’t need home refs as long as we also get them when we are away from home.

Another incident worth mentioning was the incident where a cross from Arshavin hit the crossbar. The assistant said the ball had gone out. But the camera positioned right on the goal line showed that the ball had not gone out at all. Now surely this is something that one should be able to fix with some electronic device somehow.

A very up and down performance from the ref I thought and certainly (well I hope so anyway) not his best performance.


Important notice: All referee reviews on Untold Arsenal are written on the basis of television coverage.  It should be noted that from time to time some TV channels choose not to show an incident involving the referee (preferring for example to show a replay instead).   This can lead to our reviewer missing something that would have been spotted by the crowd.  We’re sorry this happens, but really can’t find any way around this at present.

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7 Replies to “The Untold ref Review: Arsenal 2 – Olympiacos 1”

  1. I saw the arshavin cross bar and was thinking was there a foul? Its funny how the tackle on arteta the camera panned away quite quickly after no card or foul given I was like what? 16 against 11 again?

  2. Nice one Walter, you got it when you said you(we) don’t need a home ref.

    I wonder what we have to do to escape these scandalous officiating? I find it hard to believe all these happen by chance and not a carefully planned agenda! And we’ve not even started winning trophies yet!

  3. That isn’t too bad a score actually. While he made errors against both teams, all the big ones seemed to go against Arsenal.
    To be fair to the ref though the offside and the ball on crossbar from Arshavin were both called by the assistant! At the end, a good performance from the lads and onto the derby now!!

  4. It was though an occasion in which the crowd (at least around me) were laughing as one odd decision followed another – or that is how it seemed. Not a good bit of PR for the ref’s trade union!

  5. Reposting:
    These are the ratings for players at Independent:

    Just observe how, even though we won, all our players’ ratings are lower than ManCity’s!! I couldn’t find Independent ratings for ManU match. Seems like they didn’t find their performance ratings worthy!

  6. I was at the game and thought the ref was inconsistent and not very good. I usually prefer UEFA refs to the EPL but not on this occasion. He looked out of his depth to me!!

    Fortunately he did not affect the result

  7. I agree with you Laundryender.
    The fact that he had to make many decisions got him a higher score than I would have expected in the first place when seeing the game.

    Apart from the Busacca-figure once in a while we usually have better refs in Europe than in the EPL. Oh well, there is always the exception to the rule I think.

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